Public Works

  • Clean-up the path of the Shadowed Unlife Equation (what will this entail?)
  • Heal Shadowlands (any that remain in the Sunlands, City of Dead Flowers, Marama's Fell, etc.)
  • Heal/co-opt Wyld Zones (area around Khryal, area to the immediate west of Whitewall, etc.)
  • Restore Whitewall into Ondar Shambal
  • Restore Chiaroscuro to its First Age splendor
  • Construct Flashfire Rail network in the South
  • Negotiate the Auspicious Streams and Currents Agreement for expediting river travel in the East
  • Locate/repair the Brass Leviathan (and Oliphem?)
  • Complete the World-Uniting Chaos-Canal System
  • Rebuild Gem/build Neo-Gem
  • Build Wasirru into a commercial power

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