NAMES - The NPC Authority and Major Essentials System

Cerin the Wolf

  • Allies:
    • Grala, Mistress of the Hunt (7) Hunting for Lai Misuna
    • Ahina (3) infiltrating captured lookshy
    • Remaining Gaggle of Ninjas (8) recruiting for Shadows, assisting Ahina
    • Unused (9) use to buy an under-censor
  • Backing:
    • Sunlands, 7 improve police and counter-intel
    • Shadows Resplendent, 5 infiltrating nations around Arcadia
    • The Terrestrial Bureaucracy, 9 reports from everywhere in Creation, general Faith Ecliptic advocacy
  • Resources (7)

Imrama Stormfound

  • Allies:
    • Vanileth (6) Reconstructing the First Age air traffic control system, noticing other powered flight outside his purview
    • Isabel (3) Coordinating Atomnosi military cooperation with the Red Kingdom and the Free Realm
    • Ahlat (8) Honing his Brides and the other military forces of Harborhead into a single tactical force
    • Arathi (3) Going to school, and looking for other Solars, and possibly chatting with leaders from the various Shogunate successor states
    • Jelter (3) Organizing his new nation
    • Unspent (3)
  • Backing (Ishadhi, 6)
  • Followers (Apostolic Church of the Ishadhi, 1) Rooting centuries of prejudice and laying the cultural groundwork to accepting the Jackal Tribes into Harborheadian society
  • Resources (6)

Long-Awaited Spring

  • Allies:
    • Berwyn (4) Keeping tabs on the other Sids, keeping them out of mischief/trouble
    • Belladonna (2) Modernization of Wasirru
    • Innocence (5) Developing her abilities, being full of'satiable curiosity
    • Harel (3) Infiltrating the Lion's forces
    • Unspent (6)
  • Backing:
    • The Agate (3)
    • Wasirru (7)
  • Cult (4)
  • Followers (Squad of Doctors, 1)
  • Resources (3)

Lucent Copper Haze

  • Allies:
    • Crow-Devours-Flame (3) Leading the Lantern
    • Ember of Glory (3) digging around for info on the Maw's origins
    • Sisters of the Empty Sand (3) Building Eden
    • Unspent (11)
  • Backing (Kashaen, 6)
  • Followers (1)
  • Resources (5)

Phoenix of Ashes

  • Allies: (values currently unknown)
    • !Hu
    • Iallu
    • Jek-Kek-Utashi
    • Qiu

Varanim the Last

  • Allies:
    • Piercing Ivory (3) Researching Necromancy, setting up a meeting with Pluto
    • Verbena (3) Sunlands geomancy, mapping Shadowlands for eradication
    • Lytek (7) fetching a Shadeborn shard for Varanim to direct
    • Unspent (7)
  • Followers (6)
  • Resources (3)

Zahara Zhan, Dreambreaker

  • Allies:
    • Bertrand (2) Minister of the Interior
    • Nesula (3) Looking for new Solars
    • Ebon (3) bein in bases, killin d00dz
    • Riordan (3) Teaching fey Charms
    • Unspent (9)
  • Backing (Sunlands, 8)
  • Contacts (fae courts, 2)
  • Cult (Sunlands, 8)
  • Production (Denandsor, 8)
  • Resources (10)


The Production Background

The Production background is used to represent unique or particularly outstanding resources that can be used to generate significant benefits over time, based on investment. Production may be used to temporarily depleat one other background type, in order to generate another. The new background is generally available indefinitely, but it is disposable in a way that backgrounds purchased with experience generally are not.

Examples include:

  • A factory cathedral, which may be used to convert Resource dots into Artifact dots, as basic materials are built into wonders.
  • A stupendously rich mine, which may be used to convert Backing dots into Resources dots, as underlings mine precious materials for sale.
  • An orichalcum Essence-harvester, which may be used to convert Manse dots into Cult dots, as installing the device temporarilly deactivates the Hearthstone but permanently creates a secondary Essence-font directed to the Hearthstone's owner.
  • A miraculous waterfall, which may be used to convert Followers dots into Allies does, as its waters bless mortals with a potent-but-fragile Essence-enlightenment.

The base rating for Production is the maximum out-put it will generate. The basic in-put required is one level greater than the out-put, so a basic Production 3 mine requires Backing 4 to generate at most Resources 3. That rating may be modified as follows:

+* Increase the out-put to in-put ratio by one (from 5->4 to 4->4, for instance) - this benefit may be purchase up to 3 times.

+* Add an additional out-put type - this benefit may be purchased multiple times.

+* Add up to two additional in-put types - this benefit may be purchased multiple times.

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