The first one to step through the door is one who Imrama's eyes tell him is known as Deathless Embrace: A short figure, wearing an elegantly tailored suit of white, with a blood-red tie; he wears a white mask that covers his face down to just above his mouth, and although the eyeholes are large enough, only tiny red cinders shine out of the darkness where his eyes should be.

He is followed by The Formless: tall, gaunt, skin white like an albino's; no clothing, and features worn down and abstract, like a figure poorly rendered in clay, it moves with an awkward sliding-shuffling gait, and its face speaks of nothing but an immense, inhuman pain.

Then, the one called Inferno's Jester: a man, completely hairless, in a black court outfit, covered with elaborate frills of grey and red. Completely hairless, his skin is bone-white, his eyes bloodshot; but drawn upon his face and hands are marks -- whether tattoos or makeup is impossible to tell -- curvy, abstract marks in red and orange and yellow, depicting burning flames.

There's a pause, during which the Doctor turns with a slightly dismayed expression to look at the door, and then, stumbling in almost as if drunk, is the Abyssal That Which Sees Beyond The Veil: Brownish-red hair, shaggy and unkempt, upon a rounded face, still flush with perhaps almost too much of a reddish hue, its eyes hidden behind burgundy reflective goggles; he wears a variety of rings, of all of the magical materials, and a long buff jacket, sewn together with metallic black thread from numerous unmatched patches of dark leather, which seem to move and flow about of their own accord.

And then, after another long pause, the last arrival: a young girl of about 18, her features unnaturally perfect, long black hair falling down below her shoulders and large brown eyes looking out at the world. A simple black robe, optimized for fighting, covers her body; two scabbarded swords hang from her belt, one at each of her hips.... At her neck is a choker in the shape of a roaring lion's head, and emblazoned on her forehead is an ebon-black sunburst: Thorn of Night, an Abyssal the Solars once knew -- once called sister -- as Kai Buckthorn.


Doctor the Doctor isn't officially the leader but he's kind of tacitly the brains of the outfit

Spring what's kai's relationships to US, for one thing

Doctor Imrama: ok, what info does that get you again?

Spring and how do kai and the other abyssals feel about each other

Doctor Spring: kai's relationship to all of you shows up as "ex-comrades, strained"

Spring haha

Spring bummer

Doctor the other abbys don't really trust her, she seems kind of not entirely used to them yet

Doctor so... basically exactly kai's relationship to the PCs circa book 5

From Understanding the Court:

Imrama Doctor - power dynamics between all parties present: any ways in which they are less that 100% egalitarian concensus-freaks. who answers to who when and why

Doctor so yeah, okay

Doctor doctor is the tacit leader at the moment, though again he doesn't have the official mandate

Doctor Imrama: the Formless is basically pushed around and carefully managed by the others, That Which &c. tends to wander off and do his own thing if someone doesn't keep him in line, the Jester is happy to listen to the Doctor's orders as long as they line up with his broader goals but is watching him carefully

From Their Own Worst Enemy:

Lucent Quin, their VIRTUES and NATURE ^_^

Doctor Lucent: hmmm

Lucent accepts generalities on Virtues, like 'High x, Low x'

Lucent Since I doubt you have their statsheets

Doctor yeah

Lucent But kinda important to know which of them have hiiiigh Conviction, or Valor, or Temperance, or...!

Lucent (And low!)

Doctor Lucent: I'll try to give you a more detailed reading a bit later, but short version is

Jester: low compassion high valor,

doctor: high compassion medium other stuff,

formless: low conviction and valor but high temperance,

That Which: very low temperance, high conviction

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