Game Logs

Book One - Sol Ascendant - The Dawn of Civilization ()

Zahara, Rannath, Markuran, and Birds of Trinity -- the Solars who have carved out a southeastern kingdom they call the Sunlands -- are introduced. They have their first encounters with the fae and Deathlords, and meet an enigmatic Solar named Cerin, who joins them -- and becomes entangled with Zahara. Seemingly random events draw the Solars into a conspiracy known as the Order of the Red Lily, led by one Lai Misuna. Cerin meets with Lai -- his secret boss -- who warns him against allowing the Solars to journey to Rathess.
  • Gossamer Flower - The curtain rises to see our heroes attacked by bizzare vegetation and confronted by a strange messenger... (P5, M6, R5, Z6)
    • Marukani Plains - Rannath, Markuran and Birds Of Trinity make battle with the Mask's forces on the Marukani Plains (P1, C1, M1, R1)
  • Deathlord Diplomacy - The Circle receives a disturbing invitation, one of diplomacy from the Mask Of Winters... (P4, C4, M4, Z5)
    • Summoning Lucien - Calling forth Lucien goes more than slightly wrong for Zahara and Markuran... (C1, M1, Z1)
    • Wyld Hunt Fight - Travelling to retrieve a meteorite, the circle is ambushed by a small wyld hunt... (P1, C1, M1, Z1))
  • Underworld Battle - The undead horde attacks! (P4, C4, M4, Z5)
    • Wyld Hunted - After finding a villiage destroyed, Cerin, Marku and Birds set out to track the remains of the Wyld Hunt. (P1, C1, M1 )
  • The Three Lights - Swift and terrible vengance is exercised upon gods who destroyed a villiage. (P5, C5, M6, R5, Z5)
    • Essence Flows - Cerin and Zahara (and Marku) investigate the essence flows in Relovia, to aid in the construction of essence blocking collars. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • The Moon's Test - Cerin, Rannath and Zahara track down a lunar and provoke it to fight, that Cerin might obvserve its essence flows. (C1, R1, Z1)
  • Loose Ends - A break-in at the Labyrinth Cascade is investigated (P4, C5, M4, R4, Z4)
    • Interior Decorating - Marku and Zahara start to plan Cerin's rooms, the Cerin and Zahara go to relax as the Gilmyne dances (C2, M1, R1, Z2)
    • Birds Learns Something New - ...and so does Zahara too. (P2, C2, M2, Z2)
    • Meeting With Lai - Cerin meets with Lai Misuna, and receives instruction about what next to do. (C1)

Book Two - Jupiter Rising - Knocking on Heaven's Door ()

The Solars journey to the abandoned Dragon-King city of Rathess and uncover that the Red Lily has the tools to allow any God to create Exalts. The existence of the Hundredfold -- ancient races of Primordial, essence-wielding beings -- and their animosity towards humanity is revealed, and Birds and Cerin visit the home of the aalorai, one such race. The Solars discover the existence of a network of teleportation gates spanning creation (and meet Herons, a Sidereal Exalted who claims to own them.) No one seems too upset that Cerin used to work for the Red Lily. A conquest plan by the Mask of Winters backfires and the Solars find themselves ruling one-eighth of Creation. Tomb Raiding in Rathess reveals the Solars' First Age incarnations, raising questions as to Marku's and Cerin's seemingly evil First Age acts. The Solars finally decide to journey to heaven for the Carnival of Meeting, there to learn more of the strange events going on around them.
  • Discovering Rathess - A huge explosion draws the circle to Rathess. (P5, C6, M5, R5, Z5)
    • Meeting With Ssithumi - Cerin meets with Ssithumi to discuss his previous life and other topics. (C1)
    • Garden Conversation - Rannath and Birds talk about subverting the faiths of the world with their own, new faith. (P1, R1)
    • Tomb Raiding - Cerin, Markuran and Zahara learn of the great Necropolis of Rathess and happily go off to desecrate Zahara's tomb. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • A Revelation - Cerin reveals his complicity with Lai Misuna to Zahara. (C1, Z1)
    • I Haven't Died Yet - Cerin, Markuran and Zahara fight against an Abyssal to gather more information and return home with a new guest. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • The Red Dagger - Cerin uses a laboratory in Rathess to investigate the strange weapon given to him by Lai. (C1)
    • Dungeonbound - The Abyssal has beeen captured and now Cerin and Zahara are working on his prison..arrangements. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • When Yeddim Attack - Cerin and Markuran respond to pleas from villagers to hunt down some nasty Yeddim. (C1, M1)
    • Actually Summoning Lucien - Zahara summons Lucien once more, to unearth traitors within the Sunlands. (C1, Z1)
    • Greater Lipid Mass - Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran investigate an Alchemical demesne -- and bargain with its bizarre inhabitants. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • A Romantic Dinner - Cerin and Zahara plot further, over a nice meal of roast yeddim. (C1, Z1)
    • He Has Repented - Cerin and Zahara reveal Bertrand to Rannath, who reacts with rage. (C1, R1, Z1)
  • War With Lookshy - The Mask of Winters uses the oaths sworn by his new ally nations to bring them into war with Lookshy; the Circle seeks to undo the damage. (P6, C6, M6, Z6)
    • A Search for Fellow Lizards - Cerin speaks to Ssithumi again, and she gives him a task. (C1)
    • Meeting With Grala - Cerin speaks to Grala, Mistress of the Hunt, in search of clues. (C1)
    • Island Hopping - Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran examine the gate which Seven Herons Leaping used, and after getting a little lost, learn how to control it. (C2, M2, Z2)
    • Grapes - What didn't happen in this session? rumours, sidereals, new Exalts and a call to duel! (P5, C4, M4, Z4)
    • Rathess Promise - Cerin and Zahara talk with Ssithumi about the Aalorai. Cerin makes a promise. (C1, Z1)
    • Talk At Dawn - Zahara and Cerin speak with Markuran regarding the impending duel with Birds. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • Damsel in Distress - A flashback to their first trip to the Cascade, Zahara, Cerin and Markuran deal with a Lunar who as kidnapped a young woman. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • The Duel at Dawn - Markuran and Birds have it out, but with kindness and understanding! (P1, M1)
    • Exalt Chitchat - Cerin talks with Birds about his theories on the new Exalts (P1, C1)
  • Revelations of Many Kinds - Cerin's background comes to light as the Circle plans to deal with the Aalorai. Markuran gets a new look. No one seems interested about anything. (P4, C5, M4, Z4)
    • Marku and Zahara Craft - Marku and Zahara set to work making weapons of incrediable lethality to all beings who wield essence. ()
    • Rathess Library - Zahara and Cerin go seeking ancient lore, and find it in a library in rathess. (C1, Z1 )
    • Markuran's Tomb - Markuran, Cerin and Zahara explore the tomb of Kiraith the Deceiver. Markuran unleashes a great evil on the world. (C2, M2, Z2)
    • Island of the Aalorai - Birds and Cerin continue their scouting. (C1, Z1)
    • Markuran's Tomb Revisited - Markuran and Zahara return to his tomb, to see what the ..spirit left behind. (M1, Z1)
  • Carnival Fever - The Circle travels to Yu-Shan, for the Carnival of Meeting. (P5, C4, M4, R4, Z4)
    • Lion Wrestling - Markuran and Selonis have their wrestling match and after an embarassing start, the fun ensues! (C1, M1)
    • After the Match - Marku and Selonis enjoy Celestial Wine and other fine dining as they converse about weird and arcane matters. (M1)
    • Iallu the Ten-Faceted - Birds joins Marku as he follows up a suggestion from Selonis. They learn much of the Hundredfold from a freaky-deaky crystal goddess. Birds makes a friend. (P2, M2)
    • Talking With the Pterok - Cerin has a discussion with some of the Heaven-bound Dragon-Kings and gains their help for Rathess. (C1)
    • A Series of Conversations - Cerin talks with Marku, they are joined by Birds. Later, Zahara, Cerin and Marku find Birds face down in the punch. Cerin and Zahara are informed of the deal with Iallu. (P1, C1, M1, Z1)
    • The Tomb of Ymir - Cerin, Zahara and Marku go to find the tomb of Ymir, the bearer of Cerin's spark in the previous age. What they find is ...unusual and somewhat disturbing. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • City Underground - Cerin takes Zahara to a city below the ground, where Cerin once travelled with Lai. Its almost entirely looted, except for one small room... (C1, Z1)

Book Three - Lunar Vespertine - Bark at the Moon ()

The intent of the Red Lily conspiracy -- to invade all of Creation with a vast army of God-Exalts -- is revealed. The Solars gain new allies in Heaven and earth, and Cerin investigates a horrifying undead menace. Marku seeks aid from the Lunars. Faced with the horrors being unleashed on Creation, the Solars seek out numerous new alliances, and resolve an old enmity with a cunning fae.
  • Islands In The Sky - The Lily's plot is revealed and the circle explores the islands of glass... (P5, C6, M5, Z5)
    • Deep City - Continuing their explorations, Cerin and Zahara find another city below... (C1, Z1)
    • Let Your Soul Unwind - In trying to entice the Krala to join the empire, Cerin, Zahara and Marku are informed of the Mysterious Man of the Woods. (C1, M1, Z1)
    • Solar Circle Sorcery - Zahara undergoes the trial and emerges having learned Solar Circle Sorcery. (Z2)
    • Sky Webs - Cerin consults Marku about the possibility of building webs in the dragonlines to capture stray essence for study. (C1, M1)
    • Dreamtime Questions - Cerin approached Zahara in her dreams, to speak with her and ask of some things. (C1, Z1)
    • Dynasty Hunters - Cerin and Mark track down and capture some Dragonblooded (C1, M1)
    • Shadowed Unlife Equation - Cerin investigates the rumours of undead to the south... (C2)
  • Vesathar Valley - The circle calls to visit Staaklon and the pterok. (P5, C4, M5, Z4)
  • Talking About The Shadow - The SUE's threat is discussed. (P4, C4, M4, Z4)
    • Seeking Luna - Marku goes in search of on of Luna's Chosen. (M1)
  • Many Meetings - Rovash arrives, then the Mask of Winters, then Herons. (P4, C5, M4, Z4)
  • The Fairy and the Ghost - Rovash emerges from the white room and calls his lost love. (P6, C6, M7, Z6)
    • Night Time Talks - Cerin explains to Zahara what was revealed to him in heaven. (C1,Z1)
    • Personality Prism - Cerin visits Marku to talk about disguise artifacts. (C1, M1)
    • Talk In The White Room - Cerin talks in the white room with Zahara on things of some import. (C1, Z1)
    • Father of Snakes - Searching for a gem, the lair of the father of snakes is trespassed upon. (C1, M1, Z1)
  • Harborhead - A group of immaculates investigate Harborhead. (P4, C4, M4, Z4)
  • Seeking Allies - The Circle seeks aid in the war that will soon be upon it. Zahara talks to the Xi-Ma-Taxi. (C4, M4, Z5)
    • Grala Agrees - Grala reluctantly agrees to give aid to the Circle at Markuran and Cerin's pressing. (C1,M1)
    • Farewell Gift - Cerin says farewell to Zahara before departing for Juche. (C1, Z1)

Book Four - Sol Resplendent - The Unbearable Lightness of Being ()

Everyone gets involved in their own unpleasant business: Cerin looks into his First Age past, Zahara recruits an Abyssal, and Marku learns that the Sun isn't on his side. The Circle comes together to defeat a Malfean unleashed upon the South. An aalorai gets born and becomes Zahara's pet. Kai, a mysterious new Solar -- with a dark sword -- appears, to much suspicion. The Circle's double agent from within the Realm reports that all out civil-war has broken out, supported by the Red Lily -- and that Realm forces are attacking the Sunlands. God-Exalts attack the Solars in their home.

Book Five - Sol Descendant - The Sunset of Our Glory ()

The Solars begin to take the fight to the Lily, raiding a manse and capturing a God to learn of the Exaltation proces. The Solars gather resources necessary to build an army, and, with a recipe now in hand, begin to collect the parts needed to create God-Exalts of their own. The Lily counterattack into the Solars' home, and the invasion of Creation officially begins.
  • Red Lily Manse - The Circle attacks the Red Lily Manse within its borders. (P4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
    • Seeking Mines - Birds and Cerin go hunting after rumours of an Orichalcum Mime. (P1, C1)
    • Rovak Hartrunner - Acting on information from the Rumour Goddess Zahara met in heaven, the circle deals with Rovak. (P4, C4, M4, Z4))
  • The Empty City - The circle ventures to Denandsor, seeking rumours of the Hematite Legion. (P4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
  • The Hematite Legion - Guardians are dealt with, and the General found. (P4, C4, K4, M4, Z4)
    • Meeting With Selonis - Marku meets with Selonis in an Isle of Glass, and comes away with an unformed concept. ()
    • The Sea of Icons - The other Solars return with Marku to the Sea of Icons, where they discuss the Sun and other matters with Selonis.
  • The Silver Pact - Serenal the Lunar returns and the Solars follow her to Lachu Atapis, home of the Silver Pact.
    • Lachu Atapis - While Marku's honor is tested elsewhere, Serenal gives the other Solars a tour of the city.
    • Test of Honor - The Lunar elders send Marku into a strange phantasmagorical world where his honor is tested.
  • The Test Completed - The other Solars discuss matters further with Serenal; then, Marku returns from his test.
    • Regarding Herons - Cerin and Zahara chat about his trip and about Herons' trustworthiness.
    • The Test's Aftermath - Marku tells the other Solars about his test; the Solars return home and begin planning for future action.
    • Serenal's Tattoo - Markuran and Zahara give Serenal her tattoo.
  • Into the Wyld - The Solars journey into the Wyld to gather an ingredient for Exaltation -- and to confront Zahara's nemesis Tevezt.
  • Out From The Wyld - The Solars complete their confrontation with Tevezt and return to safety.
  • Trouble at Home - The Solars begin their journey home from the Wyld. Cerin spies a unit of Lily troops! The forest around the Cascade is burned down! The Cascade's river spirit is gone! Certain personal details emerge about Kai!

Book Six - Starless Night - Life During Wartime ()

An encounter with a demon (who's out for Kai's sword) leaves Zahara temporarily dead. The Solars continue their journey throughout Creation and beyond, encountering new Hundredfold, another circle of Solars, and constant evidence of Red Lily treachery. Everyone discovers that Kai's previous incarnation was the first Deathlord. An unsuccessful attempt is made on a Red Lily God's life. Marku's struggle with his past ends as the spirit he released from his tomb possesses him, just as the Sidereals are massacred and the Solars recruit a Dragon-Blooded general. While foiling further infernal plots, the Solars discover that their First Age incarnations are more connected to the current threat than they believed, and Cerin discovers the first traces of the Thousand-Faced Man. The Solars dig further into the mysteries with the aid of secret goddess Iallu.
  • Into The Fray - Cerin hides inside Selonis' belly in order to be smuggled into Heaven; meanwhile, the others sneak into the Realm, where they're attacked by Hundredfold and Reshina, a demon who's after Kai.
  • A Close Shave - Reshina kills Zahara stone dead. Cerin arrives in the nick of time.
  • Into the West - The Solars grill Kai more about her various secrets, then steal a boat from the Realm and head out into the ocean.
  • The Plains of Elysion - The Solars journey to Elysion, discover new life, and go off to fight a horrific beast.
  • The Lords of Elysion - The Solars defeat the horrible creature, meet the Lords of Elysion, and all is right with the world.
  • An Island Of Danger - The Solars put their boat up to port, only to discover that everyone is gone. Then the Aalorai attack. They meet another circle of strange Solars on the way out.
  • The Uttermost West - The Solars escape from the aalorai. They discover the majesty of the Water Pole (and get a good look at Dana'ad). Then they encounter some Red Lily pirates.
  • Killing Ahlat - The Solars setup their ambush; Ahlat shows up and the fight begins.
  • Pirates, Arr! - The Solars dispose of the pirates, and plunder their booty. They return home only to find their house impolitely invaded again and a nearly-dead Herons dumped in the fountain.
  • Ahlat Escapes - Ahlat escapes. Everyone is disappointed.
  • The Soulfont - The Solars journey to Letheon and discover the true source of all life. It is pretty.
  • The War Room - The Solars formulate a strategy for increasing their war resources.
  • Marku's Rose - Kai and Marku journey with Relovia to meet with the Roseblack. Lily troops attack and Marku is repossessed by the spirit from his tomb. Kai manages to avoid fighting the Roseblack's entire army.
    • Bedside Chat With Herons - Cerin and Zahara find out what they can from Herons, then journey to the Chrysanthemum to search for the missing Orrery of Lights.
  • Aftermath - Zahara and Cerin explore the empty halls of the Chrysanthemum and bump into an ally. Kai lets them know that the Roseblack wants a job.
  • Bread and Visions - After discussing what to do about Marku and coming to some logical -- but brand new -- conclusions about how to deal with Lai, the Solars practice divination, and discover intriguing -- and scary -- things about their First Age lives.

**Log 023? - Kai sleeps on the matter and then comes back with a whole slew of new questions.

  • Return to Nexus - The Circle discusses their latest information regarding the First Age mystery, then journeys to Nexus where a contact from Kai's past provides yet more info.
    • Rathess Library Chats - Kai and Cerin chat with Ssithumi while Zahara digs into the stacks.
    • Journey to Estoc - Cerin talks over some history with the slowly recovering Herons, then follows his intuition through the gate and winds up in Estoc.
  • The Evil Tree - The Solars encounter the Cult of Laerad and defeat their attempt to create a new, more evil pole of Wood.
    • Heart of Darkness - Cerin investigates the Laerad cultists operating in the far East, and explores their hideout.
    • Surprise Tomb Raiding - Birds has a sudden urge and it leads the ladies of the group directly to Alahwi's tomb.
  • Temple of Unfeeling Ice - Journeying to the North, the Solars surprise Iallu but eventually coax her out for an intriguing conversation. 150 logs. xp to here.

Book Seven - Mars Aflame - Princes of the Universe ()

Cerin is kidnapped to receive an infernal offer from the Thousand-Faced Man while the other Solars meet stubborn Solar tactician Thirteen. Shortly after the Solars are also introduced to the boy-like Zenith Luc and the Circle's previously steady group dynamics are thrown for a loop. After some initial trust is established, Thirteen rolls out an elaborate plan to actually strike a deep blow against the Lily, and the Solars begin to put it into motion.
  • A Shuffling of Solars - Cerin disappears on his way through the portal! The irrepressibly difficult Thirteen Flowers Blooming mysteriously arrives, and tensions mount!
  • Enter Luc - Ssithumi introduces Lucent Copper Haze to the Circle; Thirteen and Luc are introduced to Ikara.
  • Fighting Force Friction - Luc and Thirteen get into to a disagreement over the Scorpion Guard. Kai announces the Sabre's formation.
  • Discussions of Blasphemy - Birds returns and the Circle discusses the possibility of marching on the Sun.
  • Planting Trees - Thirteen and Zahara plant a tree together, signifying their trust of each other.

Book Eight - Saturn Retrograde - Dust in the Wind ()

The Solars spring their trap for the Lily, which seems to go fairly well, if not without complications. The Circle detours to Hell to rescue Kai (who's had her evil sword swapped for a good one) and then resumes their plot. In the North the Solars seize the Lily's powerful weapon-city and Kai thoroughly kills her father's murderer. In the South the Solars destroy Gem, meet a ludicrously powerful elemental, and take out another of Lai's co-conspirators. Then there's a shift in goals as the Solars rush to rescue the lost Seals of the Deliberative in the face of the upcoming eclipse, acquiring one in the plane of Xara.

Book Nine - Cauda Draconis - Welcome to the Machine ()

The Circle rethinks its plans and manages to locate another Seal in the plane of Atomnos. There they discover a complex and elaborate society gripped in elaborate civil war. When they reach the bottom of everything they discover that one of the Primordials who had allied with the Incarna in the Primordial War has betrayed them to the Yozi, and that he is the source of the Lily's Exaltation technique. In seeking the meaning of these events, the Circle is confronted with the evidence that Sol Invictus has turned against them utterly and Luc leaves on pilgrimage, needing some time to think things over.
  • The Pie Is Not To Everyone's Liking - Two Seals in hand, the Circle debates on how to move forward with its goals. (C4,L4,Z4,P4,S4)
  • The Five Orientations - Cerin investigates demons, and discovers a fundamental concept of Essence -- as well as the location of another Seal. (C4,L4,Z4,P4,S4)

log putting xp (C2)

Book Ten - Sol Undone - Symphony of Destruction ()

Birds, Thirteen and Cerin head to Rathess where they make some unusual discoveries, as Zahara leaves to seek Third Circle Summoning and instead is captured by the demon Jugartha. The Solars journey to Wasirru where Thirteen discovers the sad state of the Spearfolk. Zahara is shackled without Essence and tortured by cruel Lunar general Akuna and her surprise jailer -- the possessed Markuran. Thirteen journeys towards the Spire to meet the Wasirranu, then chooses to exile the Bone Dagger Kings rather than slay them. Zahara manages to send a message (though she learns it's part of the Lily's plan), and Cerin is separated from the other Solars as he comes to rescue her. When Thirteen arrives late he discovers the Sunlands in peril, and is assisted by newly-arrived solar Imrama; meanwhile, a standoff occurs between Marku, Cerin, and Zahara, and in the end Zahara is freed while Cerin gives in to infernalism.
  • The Parting Of The Ways - Plans are discussed in the normal way: over breakfast. (P4,C4,L4,S4,Z4)
  • Climbing The Great Tree - Thirteen finds homecoming is not all that he hoped. (P4,C4,S4)
    • Dealing With A Demon - Zahara seeks the secret of Third Circle Summoning, but receives a surprise instead. (Z1)
  • Venturing Ever Higher - Thirteen and his compatriots journey upwards, and battle the Bone Dagger Kings for the first time. (P4,C4,S4)
    • Friends, Old And New - Zahara awakens in captivity of Lunar general Akuna Ravdash -- and discovers that Markuran is her jailer. (Z4)
    • A Sun Inside - After a long time, Lucent meets once more with the Dragon of Fire, and is filled with purpose anew. (L4)
    • Haze Around Lucent - Before Wasirru, Zahara and Thirteen discuss their suspicions of Lucent. (S1, Z1)
    • Sesselje Explorations - Akuna visits Zahara again and taunts her for her refusal to submit. (Z1)
  • Ordeal At The Crown - Thirteen and company journey to the Spire of Wasirru, where they battle ashk-alla. (B4,C4,S4)
    • Messenger Of Fire - Zahara summons a fire butterfly to aid her in her escape. (Z4)
    • The Legacy Of Wei-Dan - Thirteen enters the tomb of Wei-Dan and learns of his heritage. (P1,C1,S1)
    • Talk Of Flowers - The Solars interrogate Ikara before deputizing her to rule Xara in their stead. (C1,S1,Z1)
    • The Sun's Long Shadow - Lucent and the Mask of Winters have a long, extremely edifying conversation. (L8)
  • Bone Dagger Kings Removed - Thirteen seeks to destroy the Bone Dagger Kings, but instead relocates them. (P4,C4,S4)
    • A Sighting Of The Bear - Akuna reveals the failure of Zee's plan; Marku shows off his human side. (Z4)
    • Golden Branches Of The Tree - Thirteen learns more of his heritage from the Wasirranu. (S1)
    • Word From Meru - Relovia arrives in Wasirru, bearing a message from Zahara. (P1,C1)
    • Akuna Parts - Akuna tries once more to encourage Zahara to switch sides, before releasing her messenger. (Z1)
  • Void/Flame - After travelling through the black to find Zahara, Cerin finds his fate ends in the flames of sacrifice. (C4, Z4)
  • Flame/Void - Thirteen returns to fire in Solaria, the city under attack. The attack is fought off, before Zahara's return brings darkness. (P4,I4,S4)

Book Eleven - Realignment - A Wolf at the Door ()

Cerin the Wolf falls into Infernalism, while Lucent returns from Thorns with a new understanding of the Malfeans -- to great suspicion from his circlemates. Imrama learns more of the Circle's operations and allies as he seeks his own place in the Sunlands. Zahara reforges herself in a new form. The Circle parlays with Lai Misuna and arranges for a meeting with Cerin and Markuran. The Solars rescue Ssithumi from near-death, and learn the origins of the Primordial conspiracy; at the meeting, the plan to capture Cerin fails, and he kills Markuran and escapes, but leaves an important gift for Zahara. Zee and Imrama quest into the Wyld and learn how Cerin might be saved; in order to do so, Zahara confronts Tevezst and wins back her capacity to care. Birds undergoes her own makeover; the Circle swaps favors with the Western Solars; a funeral is held for the destroyed Solar shards, and final preparations for the eclipse are completed.

Book Twelve - Calibration - Total Eclipse of the Heart ()

In separate groups, Cerin and the Solars journey into the Imperial Manse. Thirteen makes a shady bargain with Siram to gain the knowledge he needs to defeat Lai. Cerin enters the Manse to secure it for his evil masters. The Solar party fractures over trust issues with Lucent, until his plan -- and Cerin's destiny -- come together and deposit everyone in the ancient past. In the First Age, the Solars discover the truth behind Talmuda's murder, while Cerin enjoys a moment of freedom with his previous incarnation. Back in the present, the Solars gather the last shard from the lost city of Rintoko. Zahara uses the Chime of Ages to free Cerin of infernalism, while the others defeat Lai. The Nightblossom reveal themselves to the world, and the Solars flee. After difficult planning, the Solars return and allow Thirteen to die -- creating a distraction so they can destroy the Ebon Dragon forever as he emerges. The Primordial dead, the Solars call upon the Immaculate Dragons and, with their aid, defeat the Nightblossom and usher in the Third Age.

Book Thirteen - New Beginning - Everybody Wants To Rule The World ()

The Solars wrestle to come to terms with the events of the Eclipse. Rule of the Blessed Isle is given to Tepet Ejava, the Viridian Queen, and give Xara to Mnemom. As the Solars plan for the Deliberative, Zahara meets Markuran's reincarnation and goes in disguise amongst her people. A doctrinal dispute amongst the Dragon Kings is resolved. The dark secrets of Saraya the Western Solar are revealed, leading the Solars to "Rannath," actually the Sidereal Fierce Red Star, who had hidden amongst them in secret for years. They learn of the fate of the Incarna Pluto (hidden deep inside Netheos' sun), and encounter the Locust Crusade, Atomnos' invasion force for Meru. Finally, the Solars invite representatives to join them in the newly formed Deliberative.
  • Congratulations On Your Promotion - Zahara and co. grant the Emerald Throne to Ejava, then pay the Mouth of Peace a visit. (I4,S4,Z4)
    • A Warrior At Heart - Zahara tracks down Markuran's reincarnation, but leaves on an uncertain note. (Z1)
    • A Daughter's Ascent - Imrama and Thirteen offer Mnemon a new job -- in Xara. (I1,S1)
  • Plans For a New Season - There's much to do in the world of the Third Age; the Solars discuss a few parts of it. (P4,C4,I4,L4,S4,Z4)
  • Saraya's Secrets - The mysterious leavings of Saraya are examined by the Solars, leading them towards the Orrery -- and Rannath. (P1, C1, I1, S1)
    • Visiting Varex - Cerin visits the floating city he once called home, long ago. (C1)
    • A Changing of Regents - Thirteen and Imrama travel to Xara and exchange Mnemon for Ikara; Rannath's identity is discussed. (I1, S1)
    • The True Path Speaks - Imrama speaks to Anjax regarding the Eledathi Dragon-Kings' needs, and learns of their conflict with Rathess. (I1)
    • I May Have Offended You Also - Luc and Cerin chat, both hoping to make amends. (C1, L1)
    • A Return to Thunders - Imrama calls upon Zahara's expertise and bond with Ssithumi in solving the Dragon-King problem -- once again over tea. (I1, Z1)
  • Flushing Out A Rat - Phoenix and Thirteen work with Ikara to discover Rannath's location. (P4, S4)
  • The Children of Gaia - Imrama and Zahara learn Ssithumi's side of the story, then call out to other Dragon-Kings to join them. (I4, Z4)
    • Who's A Bigger Jerk - Nesula catches up with Zahara once again; they both try to avoid the mistakes of the past. (Z1)
  • A Theological Dispute - The Dragon-King meeting! Secrets are revealed! Wits are battled! Murders are again committed in the past! (P4, I4, S4, Z4)
  • What Happens to Gem - The necrotic energies in Gem's ruins lead onwards to another mystery. (I4, L4, S4)
  • A Fierce Red Star - "Rannath's" identity is revealed, but his answers about his origins only lead to further questions. (P4, C4, I4, S4, Z4)
  • The Corpse of a God - Further investigations in Netheos lead to a horrifying discovery -- the remains of Pluto. (C4, I4, L4, Z4)
  • A Battle Over A Sheep - The Solars address the refugee problem and discover the Mask of Winters' secret weapon. (P4, C4, I4, L4, Z4)
  • Healing the Land - The group discuss the details of the Deliberative, then off to rescue a Shadowland! (C4, I4, L4, Z4)
  • A Plague of Locusts - The Solars find that the Locust Crusade is disinclined towards negotiation. (I4, L4, Z4)
  • Deliberations - Plans for the Deliberative, and the Locust Crusade, are discussed. (I4, L4, Z4)
    • Drinks With A Head - Zahara meets with Ebon Blade, and receives news of an anti-Solar cult. (Z1)
  • Please Present Your Case - The Solars begin the arduous Deliberative interview process -- and a new Solar turns up! (P4, C4, I4, L4, V4, Z4)
  • Who Do You Represent? - The second wave of representatives come about the Deliberative. (P4, I4, L4, V4, Z4)
  • The Final Delegates - The final two visitors arrive, bearing the most momentous news. (P4, C4, I4, L4, Z4)

Book Fourteen - Bone Machine - Death Is Not The End ()

Varanim integrates herself into the circle. Cerin gains authority over the celestial gods after speaking with Sol Invictus. A black sliver appears on the sun, concerning everyone. The Circle visits Tesearah, where all thoughts are revealed, and finds the Orrery of Lights. Nesula introduces Verbena, another new Solar, to the group. Varanim investigates a mystery presence in her Hearthstone. Zahara discovers that her family suffers from an ancient death curse, then finds her frozen ancestor in Tara Zhan Keep. The Second Herald arrives and the Solars eventually defeat it, but Imrama is left near death. Varanim and Luc engage in vigorous debate about the importance of past lives. Thirteen engages in a trip of self-actualization, and is reborn. The Solars accept help from the Doctor to fix Imrama's condition, and agree to journey to Netheos to acquire payment. They resurrect the dead god Pluto, bringing the Shadeborn back into existence.

Book Fifteen - New Dawn Fades - Hell Below Me, Stars Above ()

The Solars visit with several the Shadeborn. Lucent and Varanim grow much closer. Zahara and Lucent journey to the Lapis Court, and return with new fae companions. The ruins of the Chrysanthemum are investigated. Cerin performs maintenance assassinations in An-Teng. The Doctor heals Imrama's injuries, for a price. Varanim builds a manse in the Labyrinth, with a worrisome artifact attached. Spring returns from his quest, and begins -- slowly -- to mend the wounds left in the wake of Thirteen's departure. Fierce Red Star is interrogated further. Spring reveals that in his stomach, Loss of Innocence has become a strange new type of Exalt. Investigating the place where he was frozen in the First Age, Luc finds "his" tomb. The Solars journey to Malfeas and gather Ligier's tears. Varanim reveals the Mask of Summers, she and Lucent break up, and then she flees the Sunlands. Varanim learns Void Necromancy from the Mask of Winters. The Broken Suns strike at Solaria, causing great destruction and loss of life.

Book Sixteen - Waning Sun - Things We Lost In The Fire ()

Reeling from the attack on Solaria, the Solars pursue every possible avenue, seeking after those responsible. They visit the Daimyo of Exaltation in Yu-Shan, and Spring pays Sol Invictus a house call. Lucent strikes a bargain for a secret, accepting the dark fate that awaits him. The Circle returns to Tara Zhan Keep and treats with the now restored Jinnana. They ferret out an island redoubt belonging to Seven-Leaping-Herons, gaining a few answers and many more questions. On a visit to Chiaroscuro, they encounter the Hekhaton Endu deep in the tunnels below the city. A tense meeting is arranged with their opposite numbers in the service of the First and Forsaken Lion. Meanwhile, Phoenix tours the world on a complex errand, bringing her into competition with another circle of mysterious Solars. The source of the Broken Suns Rebellion is finally found and defeated, as Remembrance of Seven Tears' plot in the service of Laerad is foiled, and she is taken prisoner. Fresh on the heels of that victory, the Lion begins a new campaign which the Circle rushes to counter, ending in a battle with the risen Abadis in the foothills of Meru, where Lucent saves the day and disappears.
  • Aftermath: Solaria - The Solars debrief on the attacks on Solaria, and investigate the causes. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Heavenly Pursuits - A visit to Heaven is made, for various ends. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • The Cabinet of Mystery - A visit is made to Lytek, god of Exaltation. (I1, V1, Z1)
    • A Heavy Destiny - Lucent accepts a dark future in order to learn of the Sunlands' assailant. (L1)
    • Not Giving Up - Imrama and Varanim speak to Holbar about their agenda for ghost-kind. (I1, V1)
    • Return to the Basement - Varanim brings Spring in to check out her basement monster. (S1, V1)
  • The Shattering - Lytek reveals a great secret of Yu-Shan's history. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • The Best Sleep Of My Life - Imrama's connection to Remembrance is explored, and the Solars return to Tara Zhan Keep. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • A Hole In Your Mind - The Solars confront Jena and discover the issue is more complex than they expected. (I1, L1, V1, Z1)
    • Without Employing Oranges - Cerin investigates further Innocence's unusual Essence-wielding capabilities. (C1, S1)
    • Any Questions - Spring debriefs his doctors after Operation Sol Shield. (S1)
  • The Flavor of Wine - The Solars discover that Jinanna has been awakened, and share a melancholy conversation with her. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Always a Concern - Spring and Varanim debate the ethical specifics of "killing" a variety of marginally alive beings. (S1, V1)
    • All Hail The Questing Heroes - Lucent proposes a grand task for the young Solars to perform. (L1)
    • A Suffusion of Orange - Spring deepens his study of Innocence's essence-wielding skills. (S1)
    • The Only Way To Live - Varanim and Lucent share their shame at their respective actions during the Broken Suns' assault. (L1, V1)
    • A Seed In The Path - Cerin revisits Hell's garden, and its tender waxes philosophical about her Primordial masters. (C1)
    • A Desert Wind - Lucent and Varanim venture into Jena Roderick's mind in search of answers. (L1, V1)
    • We Have, Ahem, A Problem - Imrama continues his campaign for neighboring nations to join the Sunlands, and discovers one obstacle that has interfered. (I1)
    • Exquisite Coffee - Lucent meets with a Chosen of Battles, in search of knowledge about Herons. (L1)
    • Black and Green - Cerin takes Varanim to Rathess on two distinct errands. (C1, V1)
    • Super-Secret Scavenger Hunt - Phoenix gets an unusual map from Iallu, setting her off on a strange journey. (P4)
    • Ekalavadranata! - Phoenix journeys to Salustren, where the locals hold an ancient secret. (P4)
    • In The Name of the Greater Peace - Zahara finds herself adjudicating the territorial spat between Haslanti and Whitewall. (Z1)
    • A Penetrating Insight - Spring investigates Innocence's skill with martial arts. (S1)
    • A Parting Note, A Gifted Tree - Following up on the tip, Lucent and Imrama visit Herons' hideaway. (I1, L1)
  • That Is... Unhelpful - A return to Herons' isle provides answers -- but even more frustrations. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Plenty of Walls - On Herons' island, Varanim and Zahara discuss history, then Lucent joins them for a swim. (L1, V1, Z1)
    • Friends and Enemies - Spring and Zahara discuss the enemies they have gathered into the Deliberative's midst. (S1, Z1)
    • The Young Nation of Jabal - Imrama encourages Jelter in his nation-building in the Hinterland Corridor. (I1)
    • Old Habits Die Hard - Berwyn and Harel come by for a chat with Spring. (S1)
    • A White Worm - Lucent and Varanim unearth the root problem in Jena's mindscape. (L1, V1)
    • Families - Imrama's familial discovery leads into discussion of reincarnation reform. (I1, V1)
    • That Sounds... Ominous - Swift Falcon presents intelligence on the state of Varang. (C1, I1)
    • An Aerial Coffee - The Empress takes beverage service on Imrama's ship, where they discuss matters of expansion. (I1, Z1)
    • What I Am Promised - Zahara works with Ebon Blade of Vengeance to form a plot to retrieve his Monstrance. (Z1)
    • Not Quite What I Expected - Spring invites a new Deliberator in the process of gaining access to Greyfish's library. (S1)
    • Never Shouldst We Speak That Name - Phoenix learns of the secret the Yul-Adr have guarded. (P1)
    • You Can Unite Us - Lucent and Zahara take a pleasant swim. (L1, Z1)
    • Innocence and Guilt - Zahara and Spring share somewhat different interpretations of Innocence's nature. (S1, Z1)
    • A Rewarding Hunt - Cerin calls upon Grala for a favor. (C1)
    • I Have No Words - Cerin reveals a commissioned painting to Lucent. (C1, L1)
  • The Eleventh Deliberation - A Deliberative session -- vital topics are raised, and a new Deliberator arrives. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Horror Under Glass - The Solars investigate the undercity of Chiaroscuro, and discover an old foe waiting there. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • I'm Just A Tourist - Phoenix visits Ael, and tangles with a mysterious figure who's come to collect another strange item. (P8)
    • Not Quite A Picnic - Varanim and Zahara continue an earlier conversation. (V1, Z1)
    • First Class - Spring begins his introductory curriculum for the young Solars. - INCOMPLETE? (S1)
    • I Have My Eye On You - Riordan has some choice words for Zahara on his perception of her. (Z1)
  • A War In The Dark - The Solars battle the warped Endu in the tunnels of Hezed. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Looking In The Mirror - The Solars and the Abyssal circle meet in Netheos to exchange information -- and an old friend joins them. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • It's All The Same Now - After the meeting, some of the Solars discuss the implications. (L1, S1, V1, Z1)
    • Our Answer Has Flown Away - Phoenix learns of the Aeliar's vision of the future. (P8)
    • The Birth of Eden - Lucent carves a new nation out of the Southern desert -- with the assistance of his friends. (L1, V1, Z1)
    • Why Start Now - Varanim and Lucent take a moment in the middle of the meeting to collect themselves. ()
    • Humanity is Overrated - On Herons' island, the Solars discuss the stories of their lives. (I1, L1, Z1)
    • Of The Water - Zahara comes with Spring to meet the new spirit of the Cascade's river. (S1, Z1)
    • This is a Place of Life - Their works finished, Lucent and Varanim talk about jealousy. (L1, V1)
    • The Person You Were - Cerin takes Innocence on a field trip to a brightland, and Spring joins them to raise some philosophical questions. (C1, S1)
    • It May Be A Heavy Burden - Lucent is summoned by Jupiter and told more about his shocking destiny. (L1)
    • To Build a Brighter Future - Lucent speaks to those who have gathered to journey to Eden, and learns a little more of his past from Ssithumi. (L1)
    • Don't Go Back In The Flower - Varanim investigates Remembrance's flower bomb in more detail, and frees the souls that were trapped within. (V1)
    • All I Can Ask For - Lucent and Zahara chat on Herons' Island (L1, Z1)
    • A Sentiment to Drink To - Phoenix journeys to the Xiyi mountains, and finds that others have preceded her there. (P8)
  • A Flower Opens - Following up leads on the Broken Suns Rebellion, the Solars discover Remembrance's plot to enslave their Elementalist allies. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • A Tear in the Fabric - The Solars journey to the site of the Second Herald battle, to see what can be done to repair the damage left behind. (C1, I1, L1, S1, V1, Z1)
    • All That Matters Is What You Do - Lucent addresses the army his men have gathered, and introduces Crow to them. (L1)
    • An Ill Wind Blows - Cerin follows a strange storm brewing to the south, where he tangles with spectres. (C1)
    • A Blackened Rose - Spring engages in single combat with the mind-controlled Roseblack. (S1)
    • A Fiery Orchid - Meanwhile, the rest of the Solars corral Karal Linwei. (I1, L1, V1, Z1)
  • A Good Accord - Varanim forges a bond with Endu and the dead of Hezed. (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Star of Strangling Ivy - The Solars journey to Therembold, to confront Remembrance and end the Strangling Ivy threat once and for all. (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • A Savoury Maiden - Phoenix journeys to the Ikish peoples, and learns of a mysterious disappearance amongst them. (P8)
    • A Pyramid of Gold - Phoenix explores the underground cavern at the spot of Omir's Exaltation. (P8)
    • We Always Hurt The Ones We Love - Lucent and Zahara discuss the nature of love, to the backdrop of Eden's newly-birthed splendors. (L1, Z1)
    • The Heart of Night - The Essence of Alveua is summoned out into Zahara's body, with... interesting results. (L1, V1, Z1)
    • Don't Be So Sentiemental - Lucent and Varanim share stories of painful pasts. (L1, V1)
    • The Root of Beginnings - The Solars arrest Remembrance and dispense of her allies. (I1, L1, S1, V1, Z1)
  • A Night At the Theater - In the midst of a planned evening of relaxation, many things go wrong at once. (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Eos-Se-Ala - Imrama, Lucent, and Varanim call upon Lytek to answer some nagging questions. (I1, L1, V1)
    • A Hidden Pyramid - Phoenix and Tia descend into the underground tomb beneath the Ikish lands. (P8)
    • No Boys in Oblivion - Lucent and Varanim learn what they can from ex-sleeper agent Jena. (L1, V1)
    • To Speak With The Gray - Phoenix and Tia encounter the natives of Arcontan -- and an unexpected friend. (P8)
    • A Spot of Tea - Zahara hangs out by herself (Z1)
    • You're Missing the Point - Varanim pays another visit to Lucent's subconscious. (L1, V1)
    • To Catch a Thief - Cerin and Varanim chase after her dream thief (C1, V1)
    • Lines of Communication - Spring meets with Harel, under deep cover, to learn of the Lion's plan. (S4)
  • Tales of Darkest Night - The Solars meet with Injara, and learn of the genocidal source of the Ija's rage. (I1, L1, V1, Z1)
  • There's More Darkness Coming - Spring intercepts Thorn of Night in the underworld's Nexus. (S4)
  • To Ashes - Varanim and Zahara seal the Lord's Crossing shadowland, and encounter a horrifying hekaton. (I4, V4, Z4)
  • Rotting and Death - Lucent and Phoenix halt the Lion's spectre group, but discover their goal was not to raise Abadis... (L4, P4)
    • Planning for Doom - Phoenix and Lucent prepare a plan for their last-ditch assault on Abadis. (L1, P1)
    • Unfelicitous Behaviors - Varanim meets with Injara about the Deliberative, as well as other, more humorous matters. (V1)
    • Eternal Springs - Fresh from closing the Shadowland, Varanim, Zahara, and Imrama leave to join the battle against Abadis. ()
  • The Fall of Abadis - The Solars unite in a desperate strike on the deadly Abadis -- at great personal cost. (I4, L4, P4, V4, Z4)

Book Seventeen - Plutonic Umbra - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos ()

After months of searching, the Solars find Lucent in chains, suffering from amnesia. They visit Lachu-Atapis, and learn more of Akuna's past and Raksi's dark secret. During a diplomatic meeting with the Mask of Winters, his magically-enforced truce is broken, and the Circle captures him. A vast horde of undead attack the Palace of the Deliberative in retribution, and the rest of the Circle must rescue Varanim from the Thousand when her infiltration of the Lion's fortress goes awry. Having finally completed their bizarre shopping list, the Solars attain the next level of Essence-enlightenment. They consult the ancient Lunar Lilith about her running conflict with Seven-Leaping-Herons. The cities of Thorns and Lookshy are liberated, the Mask publically put to "death", and plans for a decisive campaign against the Lion begun. After journeying to the plane of Atomnos to heal its eponymous Primordial ruler, and visiting Letheon to create an entirely new form of being: a Brightlord, the Deliberative musters its forces and prepares to assault the Thousand.
  • A King in Rags - Cerin brings his recently acquired staff to Varanim, and learns a bit more about the Crownless King. (C1, V1)
  • Rather Occupied - In a dream meeting, Cerin and Zahara explore the ninja's memories of the past. (C1, V1)
  • The Gray - Phoenix and Tia confer with The Gray and walk away with a present. (P4)
  • A Sightseeing Tour - As Imrama flies them through a tour of recently-appeared landmarks in expanded Creation, Lucent and Zahara discuss Luc's personality shifts. (I1, L1, Z1)
  • If Only We Had A Zenith - Messengers' arrival in the Sunlands sets the Solars on a fateful course towards recovering a companion. (I4, L4, P4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Violence is Enjoyable - Spring and Zahara visit the Sphere of Thunder and Lightning. - INCOMPLETE (S1, Z1)
  • The Sunset Order - The Solars speak to Lucent and his fellow prisoner, and discover the birthplace of the Maw. (I4, L4, P4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Ancient History - Varanim speaks with Vojec about the Sunset Order and his plans for the future. (V1)
    • Day Thirty-Seven - Spring converses with his jailer, hoping to reverse her conversion to Abyssalhood. (S1)
    • Why I Am Still Alive - Lucent and Varanim talk for the first time after his return. (L1, V1)
    • An Hour of Clockwork - Cerin visits Netheos-Varang's clockwork machines, and encounters the Green Lady there. (C2)
    • Dreams of Ash and Cinnamon - Cerin journeys into Varanim's subconscious, finding the source of her lost nightmares and what that loss was intended to disguise. (C2, V2)
  • Truth or Dare - A discussion of the Circle's status degenerates into something slightly more juvenile. (I4, L4, P4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Traces of Moonshine - A visit to Lachu Atapis reveals some interesting details regarding Raksi and Akuna. (I4, P4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Uncomfortable Truths - At a coffeeshop meeting with the Mask of Winters, the Solars probe his actions for mistakes. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • So Underhanded - The Solars battle the Mask of Winters in the remnants of the Roseate Iris (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Difficult Prisoner - The Solars plot what to do with their unexpected prisoner, while informing those who most vitally need to know of his capture. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Plague of Skeletons - The Solars announce their captive to the Deliberative, but an undead attack cuts the meeting short. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Tough Job, I Guess - Zahara has a chat with Bertrand regarding job satisfaction and the state of the Sunlands. (Z1)
  • An Explosion of Bones - The Solars fight off the undead menace that's suddenly struck, then race off to rescue a companion. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • A Fiery Interlude - Varanim sneaks around in the Thousand hoping to cause some problems. (V1)
  • A Visit to the Mountains - The Solars fly to the Thousand to rescue Varanim and try to cause a little damage along the way. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Half Dead - Spring debriefs Harel on his recent experiences undercover in the Thousand. (S1)
    • Chocolates and Glory - Lucent and Zahara talk relationships. (L1, Z1)
  • Something Went Right - The Solars finally assemble the ingredients needed to enhance their Essence capabilities, and (with one minor exception for Lucent) it goes off without a hitch. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Madam - Spring and Varanim take a trip to the Refuge and hassle the butler for clues. (S1, V1)
    • Bad at Riddles - Cerin provides Varanim with some information about his recent conversation with Zinnobia. (C1, V1)
  • The Perfect Place - The Solars journey to an unusual location to take a moment and... relax. (C4, I4, L4, V4, Z4)
    • I Only Said It Was Dangerous - Lucent and Varanim have a little discussion about... external interests. (L1, V1)
    • I Will Save You - Spring finally makes good on his escape from Thorn of Night's clutches, and drags the Abyssal back with him. (S1)
  • A Great Lie - The Solars journey to speak with Rebe, the reincarnation of a Lunar who once had dealings with Akuna. (C4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Congruence of Hearts - The Solars travel to Estoc in pursuit of the evasive Lilith. (C4, I4, L4, Z4)
  • The Greatest Hunter of This Age - The Solars confront Lilith, and with effort extract some information regarding her conflict with Herons. (C4, I4, L4, Z4)
  • Anything to Piss Him Off - The Solars decide what, exactly, to do with their captive Deathlord. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • What Would You Do - Varanim has her own brief conversation with the Solars' Deathlord prisoner. (V1)
  • Destiny Is For Suckers - The Solars complete their liberation of Lookshy, and Varanim engages in a spat with the Green Lady. (C4, I4, L4, V4, Z4)
  • Distant Relatives - The Solars go to liberate Thorns, and discover two unusual impediments. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Breaking the Mask - The execution of the Mask of Winters. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Dream Conspiracies - Spring and Lucent investigate further the source of the leak at the Sublime Refuge. (S1, V1)
    • Looking for Something - Lucent and Varanim discuss the Mask of Winters. (L1, V1)
  • How to Dismantle a Bomb - The Solars work to eliminate the necromantic booby-trap left behind by the Mask of Winters in occupied Lookshy. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4)
  • Slim to Nothingness - With one Deathlord dealt with, the Solars turn their attentions to the looming threat of the Lion. (C4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Shadows and Statues - Varanim pays her hometown an unwanted visit, and then meets an interesting figure in Letheon. (V1)
  • What About Atomnos? - To deal with their Lethe issue, the Solars settle on a wild gambit -- rescue the crippled Primordial Atomnos. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • The Dead Animal in the Well - The Solars travel to Atomnos, where they discover the true source of the Primordial's affliction. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • We Have Stopped The Poison - With great effort, the Solars eliminate the source of Atomnos' malady. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • The Great Work - With great effort, Imrama, Zahara and Lucent convince Atomnos to aid them in their cause. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • A Web of Rebirth - Varanim and Cerin journey with Imrama in search of the best way to utilize the plane of Letheon. () lump values for quin's non-attendence (C15, I15, L15, S15, V15, Z15)
  • It Waited For You - The Solars encounter the ultimate result of Varanim's plan -- the Brightlord Amaya. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Today is the Day - On the eve of battle against the First and Forsaken Lion, many old debts are called in. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)

Book Eighteen - Winter Solstice - Try Not To Breathe ()

A tale yet to be told in this Age.
  • Some People are Just Skittish - Varanim asks Cerin to perform a somewhat invasive favor for her when the time is right. (C1,V1)
    • Onset of Winter - The Exalts deal with Bertrand's Essence disease, but the situation finally deteriorates into outright conflict with the corrupted Winter. (C4, L4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • You Are Now A Villain - The Circle is forced to defeat Winter as he attempts to turn their own resources against them. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Disarming Procedure - The Solars beat the corruption out of Winter, and use Varanim's arm as a disposal mechanism -- but it has unforeseen consequences. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • My Time For Death Is Not Yet Over - While his body is beaten, Spring's mind shares an illuminating conversation with Winter in the deeper recesses of his mind. ()
    • You Should Have Foretold It - Spring cleansed of his corruption, the Solars come together to determine their next steps. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • Stay Fresh - Varanim journeys to Letheon in pursuit of a new, more constructive form of necromancy. (V1)
  • The Obon Principle - The Solars further investigate Brigid's connections to their current situations, and an obscure connection to the Mask of Winters emerges. (S4, V4, Z4)
    • I Was Extremely Unkind - Spring goes to apologize to Varanim. (S1, V1)
    • A Great Deal of Enthusiasm - The Solars forge an agreement for further assistance from Atomnos, and receive an adorable emissary. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • One in Ten - The Solars investigate the God-Exalt plague further, and discover the nature of the disease: a vector to allow the Ija to reproduce themselves. (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Across Trackless Sands - Varanim susses out the history of the knife Cerin carries and its connection to the Crownless King. (C1, V1)
  • The Necessity of Killing - Spring and Varanim journey within Spring's subconscious to converse with the remnants of Winter within. (S1, V1)
    • A Ripe Hour for the Unexpected - The Solars plan for the upcoming Calibration and take note of an artifact of particular significance to Varanim. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • The Dark Star Rises - The Solars journey to the Tabernacle where the Pallium of the Dark Star rests, and Varanim claims it for her own. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Vision of Darkest Night - Cerin and Varanim visit the Scar and learn the truth of what happened to the Ija during the Darkest Night. (C1, V1)
  • The Stars Are Right - Spring dreams of speaking once more with Winter. (S1)
  • The Slate Chamber - One by one, the Solars become trapped inside a secret room as they tick away the final moments of the year. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Zahara Zhan and the Malevolently Malicious Malefactor's Malady - The Solars investigate the Sperimin library and learn of the nature of Zahara's curse. (C4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Relatives - Zahara gathers her living relatives in order to divine the location of the voodoo doll. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Plots that Span Centuries - The circle journey into the heart of Stygia -- and discover the ghost of Brigid, the source of the curse. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Dip in the Void - The Solars battle to rescue the remnants of Brigid, while Spring takes an unexpected dive into the mouth of the Void. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • Everything Went As We Intended It To - The Solars retrieve Spring from his unusual decision, and decide to hire the Doctor to fix Zahara's curse. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • That Fight Is Still In You - The circle consider Spring's new malady, discover Bertrand's illness, attempt to contact the Doctor -- and finally, Imrama and Brigid have a heart-to-heart. (C4, I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • I Am Aware of Your Perfidy - The Doctor comes to take a look at Winter -- who turns out to be quite paranoid about the process. (C4, I4, S4, V4, C4)
  • Rat-Kings - The Solars discuss Winter's transformation, and he chooses to make trouble. (C4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • I Confess Myself Unsurprised - Lucent attempts to heal Bertrand's illness, and an unfortunate omen appears in the sky. (C4, I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)

Book Nineteen - Calibration - Each Coming Night ()

A tale yet to be told in this Age.
  • A Threefold Summoning - At the beginning of Calibration, Zahara makes use of Third Circle Summoning -- but something unexpected happens. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • The Liberator of Netheos - The Solars journey to the court of the Dual Monarchy to present Varanim in her new role. (I4, S4, V4, Z4)
    • The Eldest Rock - Spring and Varanim take a moment to interrogate Zahara's newly-summoned malakim. (S1, V1)


Book Alpha - Crimson Blossom - One World, One Vision ()

The tale of the Order of the Red Lily.

Book Beta - Black Sea - To The Ends of the World ()

The tale of the Western Circle.

Book Gamma - Azure Dreams - On The Thin Ice of the New Day ()

The tale of Varanim the Younger.

Book Delta - Fading to Gray - Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell ()

The tale of the First Herald.
  • The Doom That Came To Varex - In the First Age, a circle of Solars travel to Varex and discover that something isn't quite right there... (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)
  • A Schism - The Solars confront Vhuel, while, the First Herald's arrival brings strife amongst their ranks. (I4, L4, S4, V4, Z4)

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