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Some People are Just Skittish
Varanim asks Cerin to perform a somewhat invasive favor for her when the time is right. (Book18.Log001)
Onset of Winter
The Exalts deal with Bertrand's Essence disease, but the situation finally deteriorates into outright conflict with the corrupted Winter. (Book18.Log002)
You Are Now A Villain
The Circle is forced to defeat Winter as he attempts to turn their own resources against them. (Book18.Log003)
A Disarming Procedure
The Solars beat the corruption out of Winter, and use Varanim's arm as a disposal mechanism -- but it has unforeseen consequences. (Book18.Log004)
My Time For Death Is Not Yet Over
While his body is beaten, Spring's mind shares an illuminating conversation with Winter in the deeper recesses of his mind. (Book18.Log005)
You Should Have Foretold It
Spring cleansed of his corruption, the Solars come together to determine their next steps. (Book18.Log006)
Stay Fresh
Varanim journeys to Letheon in pursuit of a new, more constructive form of necromancy. (Book18.Log007)
The Obon Principle
The Solars further investigate Brigid's connections to their current situations, and an obscure connection to the Mask of Winters emerges. (Book18.Log008)
I Was Extremely Unkind
Spring goes to apologize to Varanim. (Book18.Log009)
A Great Deal of Enthusiasm
The Solars forge an agreement for further assistance from Atomnos, and receive an adorable emissary. (Book18.Log010)
One in Ten
The Solars investigate the God-Exalt plague further, and discover the nature of the disease: a vector to allow the Ija to reproduce themselves. (Book18.Log011)
Across Trackless Sands
Varanim susses out the history of the knife Cerin carries and its connection to the Crownless King. (Book18.Log012)
How Have You Been Feeling?
The Solars travel to Yu-Shan to treat the Sun's illness -- by force if necessary. (Book18.Log013)
Take Two and Call Me In The Morning
The Solars confront the Sun inside the Seraglio and force him into treatment. (Book18.Log014)
The Necessity of Killing
Spring and Varanim journey within Spring's subconscious to converse with the remnants of Winter within. (Book18.Log015)
A Ripe Hour for the Unexpected
The Solars plan for the upcoming Calibration and take note of an artifact of particular significance to Varanim. (Book18.Log016)
The Dark Star Rises
The Solars journey to the Tabernacle where the Pallium of the Dark Star rests, and Varanim claims it for her own. (Book18.Log017)
A Vision of Darkest Night
Cerin and Varanim visit the Scar and learn the truth of what happened to the Ija during the Darkest Night. (Book18.Log018)
The Stars Are Right
Spring dreams of speaking once more with Winter. (Book18.Log019)
I'm Going To Live Forever
Spring probes Winter in an attempt to discover his secret weakness. (Book18.Log020)
The Slate Chamber
One by one, the Solars become trapped inside a secret room as they tick away the final moments of the year. (Book18.Log021)
Zahara Zhan and the Malevolently Malicious Malefactor's Malady
The Solars investigate the Sperimin library and learn of the nature of Zahara's curse. (Book18.Log022)
It Shall Be Forged Anew
Cerin journeys to meet with the cleansed, but lessened, Atomos. (Book18.Log023)
Where's The Fun In Research?
Varanim gets more details from Vojec about the Maw of Nine Dark Truths. (Book18.Log024)
We Are Always Traditionalists
Spring cooks up a plan to unite the Silver Pact and brings Varanim in on the details. (Book18.Log025)
They Believe They Are Immortal
Spring and Imrama take an unusual approach to resolving the diplomatic impasse with Varang. (Book18.Log026)
Zahara gathers her living relatives in order to divine the location of the voodoo doll. (Book18.Log027)
Plots that Span Centuries
The circle journey into the heart of Stygia -- and discover the ghost of Brigid, the source of the curse. (Book18.Log028)
A Dip in the Void
The Solars battle to rescue the remnants of Brigid, while Spring takes an unexpected dive into the mouth of the Void. (Book18.Log029)
Everything Went As We Intended It To
The Solars retrieve Spring from his unusual decision, and decide to hire the Doctor to fix Zahara's curse. (Book18.Log030)
That Fight Is Still In You
The circle consider Spring's new malady, discover Bertrand's illness, attempt to contact the Doctor -- and finally, Imrama and Brigid have a heart-to-heart. (Book18.Log031)
May the Branches Bend to Shade Your Path
Lucent goes to visit the Dragon of Wood, in search of medicine to heal the innumerable necrotic diseases now confronting the circle. (Book18.Log032)
Don't Forget Your Annual Checkup
Varanim gets in touch with the Doctor and works out a plan for him to look "Winter" over. (Book18.Log033)
I Am Aware of Your Perfidy
The Doctor comes to take a look at Winter -- who turns out to be quite paranoid about the process. (Book18.Log034)
We Certainly Were Married
Lucent falls asleep, and has an unusual dream -- of the woman Varanim saw preparing his tomb. (Book18.Log035)
You Secretly Suspect I Might
Lucent returns home and tells Varanim of his most recent exploits. (Book18.Log036)
The Solars discuss Winter's transformation, and he chooses to make trouble. (Book18.Log037)
I Confess Myself Unsurprised
Lucent attempts to heal Bertrand's illness, and an unfortunate omen appears in the sky. (Book18.Log038)
An Ultimate Purpose
Varanim learns details about her arm's purpose and origins. (Book18.Log039)
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