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A Different Perspective
Thirteen talks with Belladonna on the loss of friends and countries. (Book11.Log001)
Where is here?
Imrama sets out to find his bearings in the Sunlands, conversing with Ejava and Relovia. (Book11.Log002)
Write Your Name Across My Heart
The Ebon Dragon forges Cerin into an Infernal. (Book11.Log003)
Cleansing of Sunlit Chaos
Zahara reforges herself in the the wyld with dedication anew. Healing of a sort... (Book11.Log004)
The Nightshade Revealed
Cerin and Marku journey to the Nightshade and meet with Qian Mian. (Book11.Log005)
New Past And Future
Imrama and Thirteen talk of the future and the past. (Book11.Log006)
Falling Into Oblivion
Lucent and the Malfean Glimpse of Night are introduced. (Book11.Log007)
A Wanderer Returns
Lucent returns, bringing with him both darkness and light. (Book11.Log008)
The Secret Is Ours
Marku and Cerin perform errands: fetching the secret of Immortality, Azure Wind's bracers, and Tepet Arada. (Book11.Log009)
A Taste of Strawberries
Lucent teaches Crow about fun. (Book11.Log010)
Promises Exchanged
Birds and Lucent exchange promises. (Book11.Log011)
You Are Lucent Copper Haze
But who is he? (Book11.Log012)
Apologises And Encouragement
Luc brings some comfort to Zahara. (Book11.Log013)
Flock Of Birds
Birds talks of rising from the ashes. (Book11.Log014)
A Bold Plan
Zahara has a bold new plan for her love's return. (Book11.Log015)
Even A Monster Can Do The Right Thing
Zahara is honest with Luc. (Book11.Log016)
Tulips Are For Forgiveness
Birds and Zahara talk in the garden. (Book11.Log017)
A Flaw in the Heart
Imrama and Luc stumble upon a worrisome problem with their kind. (Book11.Log018)
What Hangs Over the World
Cerin meets Surkha, the Scarlet Empress... and her retinue. (Book11.Log019)
Plans and Negotiations
Imrama plots with Belladonna; the Circle has a tense negotiation with Lai, and arranges a meeting with Cerin. (Book11.Log020)
Meanwhile, Concerns
The others fret while Zee completes her negotiations elsewhere. (Book11.Log021)
Suns Past and Future
Zahara and Imrama discuss history and the Faith Ecliptic. (Book11.Log022)
Let the Rain Fall
Discussing the Faith Ecliptic and the Exaltation of humanity -- via weather. (Book11.Log023)
A Face In The Twilight
Cerin and Sarifen have a brief chat. (Book11.Log024)
Faerie Dust
Luc discovers Zahara and Tevezst's shocking secret. (Book11.Log025)
Shards of the Past
Preparing for the meeting with Cerin, the Solars rescue Ssithumi from death, and learn of the Threefold Breaking. (Book11.Log026)
Take to the Sky
Imrama meets with a long-abandoned satrap of his father's "kingdom." (Book11.Log027)
Nethos Doesn't Count
Luc and Birds discuss a pilgrimage. (Book11.Log028)
Sometimes Thirteen's Plans Are Painful
Birds and Zahara prepare, and discuss pain. (Book11.Log029)
Prelude To Darkness
The Thousand-Faced Man sends Cerin and Marku off to their meeting. (Book11.Log030)
The Worst Possible Thing A Chosen Can Do Is Fail
The meeting with the lost Solars starts out okay -- but in the end, Cerin kills Marku and escapes. (Book11.Log031)
Waiting In The Wings
The other Solars wait nervously to enter the meeting with Cerin. (Book11.Log032)
I Cannot Answer To That Name
Imrama suggests an idea for the faith to Luc. (Book11.Log033)
Visions of Red
Cerin and Surkha are alone. (Book11.Log034)
Mr. Iggles-lux We Have A Very Important Guest Aboard Ship
A vision quest into the Wyld, searching for answers... (Book11.Log035)
We Were Graced With An Answer
The Circle discusses the vision quest. (Book11.Log036)
Cerin The Wolf, And A World Left To Love Him In
Zahara regains her heart. (Book11.Log037)
In The Overgrown Garden
Birds undergoes a transformation. (Book11.Log038)
Find the Monsters
With her new heart, Zahara goes looking for Lucent. (Book11.Log039)
A Gift of Eyes
Zahara grants Thirteen a great gift. (Book11.Log040)
Have You Considered Dating First?
Lucent comes to Zahara with his troubles with Birds. (Book11.Log041)
So Much Has Been Lost
Stolen, broken, forgotten; a funeral for lost friends. (Book11.Log042)
In the Dark With Ashes
People talk to, and about, new arrival Phoenix. (Book11.Log043)
Becoming the Pillar
Lucent and Thirteen discuss their issues with each other. (Book11.Log044)
I Just Get So Angry Sometimes
Imrama calls in on Bertrand. (Book11.Log045)
Xara's Reconstruction
... and then on Ikara. (Book11.Log046)
The World Around Us is far too important. (Book11.Log047)
A Geomantic Trap
Imrama and Phoenix discuss things, including their mutual enemy - the Manse. (Book11.Log048)
Phoenix visits Lucent, who apologises. (Book11.Log049)
Bearing A Gift Basket
Imrama brings convalescent gifts for Ssithumi. (Book11.Log050)
Plucked From A Flower...
...which blossomed in Hell. (Book11.Log051)
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