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Discovering Rathess
A huge explosion draws the circle to Rathess. (Book02.Log001)
Meeting With Ssithumi
Cerin meets with Ssithumi to discuss his previous life and other topics. (Book02.Log002)
Garden Conversation
Rannath and Birds talk about subverting the faiths of the world with their own, new faith. (Book02.Log003)
Tomb Raiding
Cerin, Markuran and Zahara learn of the great Necropolis of Rathess and happily go off to desecrate Zahara's tomb. (Book02.Log004)
A Revelation
Cerin reveals his complicity with Lai Misuna to Zahara. (Book02.Log005)
I Haven't Died Yet
Cerin, Markuran and Zahara fight against an Abyssal to gather more information and return home with a new guest. (Book02.Log006)
The Red Dagger
Cerin uses a laboratory in Rathess to investigate the strange weapon given to him by Lai. (Book02.Log007)
The Abyssal has beeen captured and now Cerin and Zahara are working on his prison..arrangements. (Book02.Log008)
When Yeddim Attack
Cerin and Markuran respond to pleas from villagers to hunt down some nasty Yeddim. (Book02.Log009)
Actually Summoning Lucien
Zahara summons Lucien once more, to unearth traitors within the Sunlands. (Book02.Log010)
Greater Lipid Mass
Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran investigate an Alchemical demesne -- and bargain with its bizarre inhabitants. (Book02.Log011)
A Romantic Dinner
Cerin and Zahara plot further, over a nice meal of roast yeddim. (Book02.Log012)
He Has Repented
Cerin and Zahara reveal Bertrand to Rannath, who reacts with rage. (Book02.Log013)
War With Lookshy
The Mask of Winters uses the oaths sworn by his new ally nations to bring them into war with Lookshy; the Circle seeks to undo the damage. (Book02.Log014)
A Search for Fellow Lizards
Cerin speaks to Ssithumi again, and she gives him a task. (Book02.Log015)
Meeting With Grala
Cerin speaks to Grala, Mistress of the Hunt, in search of clues. (Book02.Log016)
Island Hopping
Cerin, Zahara, and Markuran examine the gate which Seven Herons Leaping used, and after getting a little lost, learn how to control it. (Book02.Log017)
What didn't happen in this session? rumours, sidereals, new Exalts and a call to duel! (Book02.Log018)
Rathess Promise
Cerin and Zahara talk with Ssithumi about the Aalorai. Cerin makes a promise. (Book02.Log019)
Talk At Dawn
Zahara and Cerin speak with Markuran regarding the impending duel with Birds. (Book02.Log020)
Damsel in Distress
A flashback to their first trip to the Cascade, Zahara, Cerin and Markuran deal with a Lunar who as kidnapped a young woman. (Book02.Log021)
The Duel at Dawn
Markuran and Birds have it out, but with kindness and understanding! (Book02.Log022)
Exalt Chitchat
Cerin talks with Birds about his theories on the new Exalts (Book02.Log023)
Revelations of Many Kinds
Cerin's background comes to light as the Circle plans to deal with the Aalorai. Markuran gets a new look. No one seems interested about anything. (Book02.Log024)
Marku and Zahara Craft
Marku and Zahara set to work making weapons of incrediable lethality to all beings who wield essence. (Book02.Log025)
Rathess Library
Zahara and Cerin go seeking ancient lore, and find it in a library in rathess. (Book02.Log026)
Markuran's Tomb
Markuran, Cerin and Zahara explore the tomb of Kiraith the Deceiver. Markuran unleashes a great evil on the world. (Book02.Log027)
Island of the Aalorai
Birds and Cerin continue their scouting. (Book02.Log028)
Markuran's Tomb Revisited
Markuran and Zahara return to his tomb, to see what the ..spirit left behind. (Book02.Log029)
Carnival Fever
The Circle travels to Yu-Shan, for the Carnival of Meeting. (Book02.Log030)
Lion Wrestling
Markuran and Selonis have their wrestling match and after an embarassing start, the fun ensues! (Book02.Log031)
After the Match
Marku and Selonis enjoy Celestial Wine and other fine dining as they converse about weird and arcane matters. (Book02.Log032)
Iallu the Ten-Faceted
Birds joins Marku as he follows up a suggestion from Selonis. They learn much of the Hundredfold from a freaky-deaky crystal goddess. Birds makes a friend. (Book02.Log033)
Talking With the Pterok
Cerin has a discussion with some of the Heaven-bound Dragon-Kings and gains their help for Rathess. (Book02.Log034)
A Series of Conversations
Cerin talks with Marku, they are joined by Birds. Later, Zahara, Cerin and Marku find Birds face down in the punch. Cerin and Zahara are informed of the deal with Iallu. (Book02.Log035)
The Tomb of Ymir
Cerin, Zahara and Marku go to find the tomb of Ymir, the bearer of Cerin's spark in the previous age. What they find is ...unusual and somewhat disturbing. (Book02.Log036)
City Underground
Cerin takes Zahara to a city below the ground, where Cerin once travelled with Lai. Its almost entirely looted, except for one small room... (Book02.Log037)
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