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Gossamer Flower
The curtain rises to see our heroes attacked by bizzare vegetation and confronted by a strange messenger... (Book01.Log001)
Marukani Plains
Rannath, Markuran and Birds Of Trinity make battle with the Mask's forces on the Marukani Plains (Book01.Log002)
Deathlord Diplomacy
The Circle receives a disturbing invitation, one of diplomacy from the Mask Of Winters... (Book01.Log003)
Summoning Lucien
Calling forth Lucien goes more than slightly wrong for Zahara and Markuran... (Book01.Log004)
Wyld Hunt Fight
Travelling to retrieve a meteorite, the circle is ambushed by a small wyld hunt... (Book01.Log005)
Underworld Battle
The undead horde attacks! (Book01.Log006)
Wyld Hunted
After finding a villiage destroyed, Cerin, Marku and Birds set out to track the remains of the Wyld Hunt. (Book01.Log007)
The Three Lights
Swift and terrible vengance is exercised upon gods who destroyed a villiage. (Book01.Log008)
Essence Flows
Cerin and Zahara (and Marku) investigate the essence flows in Relovia, to aid in the construction of essence blocking collars. (Book01.Log009)
The Moon's Test
Cerin, Rannath and Zahara track down a lunar and provoke it to fight, that Cerin might obvserve its essence flows. (Book01.Log010)
Loose Ends
A break-in at the Labyrinth Cascade is investigated (Book01.Log011)
Interior Decorating
Marku and Zahara start to plan Cerin's rooms, the Cerin and Zahara go to relax as the Gilmyne dances (Book01.Log012)
Birds Learns Something New
...and so does Zahara too. (Book01.Log013)
Meeting With Lai
Cerin meets with Lai Misuna, and receives instruction about what next to do. (Book01.Log014)
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