Circle Cut from Chaos

By means of this Spell, a Sorcery binds together a Circle (usually all Solar Exalts, but not necessarily) into a Citadel of Common Dreams, a formless, placeless thing somewhat akin to a Freehold. Before the Spell can be cast, the Sorceror, and/or her Circle must capture an Unshaped Raksha from the deepest Wyld; this Spell reforges the entire chaos beast, dividing up its constituent parts and distributing them amongst the members of the Circle. In addition to a variety of significant relational effects, this Spell adds a unique Citadel to the dreamscape of each member - it will last there for as long as the Spell and the Circle endure and serves as a link by which the dreams of each member connect.

The caster posesses the Heart of the Circle, presiding over the Citadel's Arcane Redoubt, and assigns to each other member one Grace and its corresponding fortification.

  • Heart - Arcane Redoubt: As the living link between all other members of the Circle, the Heartkeeper's awareness, in fact her very presence, extends to all of her compatriots. For 5 motes, she may extend all of her senses to the location of any other member of her Circle for the duration of a scene. This establishes an arcane link with the Circlemate, and is considered scrying for the purpose of any Spell which may be transmited through such.

After the Heart, the most common Graces are:

  • Sword - Stronghold: The Swordwarden is chief of the Circle's defenses. She is innately aware of all physical threats to any of her companions (as though they were threats to her person directly) and may, for the cost of 5 motes per action, employ reflexive actions in response to those threats as though she were present for them.
  • Cup - Glory: The Cupbarer champions the Virtues of her Circlemates. She is innately aware of any instance when one of her companions' Virtues is brought actively into play (whenever a Valor roll is called for, or when Temperence is channeled). In such a case she may, at the cost of 5 motes, choose to use one of her own Virtue channels in support of her friend.
  • Ring - Fountainhead: The Ringwearer presides over the living system of the Circle, and those Citadels that contain a Fountainhead develop an intelligence and potency of their own. The Citadel's personification is an alien creature of dreams - the being is a Familiar with a rating equal to the number of members in the Circle. The creature is loyal to the Ringwearer, and should be designed by that character's player. The Familiar exists always as a voice in the head of the Ringbarer, and stalks the dreams of the entire Circle while they sleep. In addition, it may be called into physical form at the cost of 5 motes, arriving at the side of any member of the Circle chosen by the Ringbarer and acting on her instructions.
  • Staff - Thrown Room: The Staffholder holds authority over the social structure of the Circle, and the relationships between each member. This manifests itself as a power of reward and punishment by means of restorative justice. The Staffholder is innately aware her Circlemates reserves of Essence and Willpower and may, at the cost of 5 motes, remove up to [Staffholder's Essence x 5] motes or [1/2 Staffholder's Essence, rounded down] Willpower from one member and bestow it on any other. She may also witness any oath made between members of the Circle, and establish agreed upon penalties should the oath be broken, paying the Essence cost in advance.

In addition, at least two other possible Graces exist:

  • Way - Thoroughfare: The Wayfinder marks the distances and paths between her Circlemates. She is innately aware of the location of all of her companions at all times and may, for the cost of 5 motes, cause her next full-turn move action to take her to the side of any of her allies.
  • Mask - Hall of Mirrors: The Maskdonner has purview over the outward appearances of her Circlemates. She is innately aware of any time that any of her compatriots are being actively watched (or listened to, or touched, tasted or smelled) and may, at the cost of 5 motes, swap the outward forms of any two members of the Circle for the duration of one Scene. During this time, each character looks, sounds, smells, etc. exactly like the other (as may be modified by charms and other effects before the switch).

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