House Rules

The Rule of NAMES

Each character has listed in their NAMES a set of NPCs that they have identified as important to them, and purchased (at the standard going rate of 3xp per dot, after free points have been exhausted.)

If a player is interested in completing a task that cannot or should not draw their own PC's attention in-character, they can assign one of their NAMES to the task by identifying a free NAMES and declaring the task they are being set upon; the GM will provide a time estimate (in the form of "main game sessions") for the completion of this task, and upon agreement, that character will leave to attempt the task in question, returning after the suggested time frame to report their results and become open for future assignments.

The Rule of Stunts

Stunts in Sol Invictus are on a 4-point scale, rather than a three-point scale:

  • 1 die: Described in an interesting way.
  • 2 dice: Described in an interesting way, and uses the environment.
  • 3 dice: Described in an interesting way, uses the environment, and draws on the character or situation in an interesting way.
  • 4 dice: Another player spontaneously praises the stunt in the OOC window.

A four-die stunt provides the character with 8 motes, 4 motes and 1 willpower, or 2 willpower.

The Rule of Resells

Once per book, each player may make a single free "resell" on their character sheet. A resell lets you do one of the following things:

  • Remove a Charm from your sheet, and regain the xp spent on it.
  • Remove a Combo from your sheet, and regain the xp spent on it.
  • Remove favored status from a favored ability and any number of dots in it from your sheet, regaining the xp spent on the lost dots but paying the difference between the favored and non-favored costs of the remaining dots.

Unless modified by Charms, additional resells require a full day of downtime and a price of 1xp each.

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