SI Characters?

Tantamount is ZaharaZhan's Familiar, a Manticore that she Wyld Shaped from chaos.

He has the head of a human, with blue eyes, the body of a red lion, and the tail of a scorpion, with poisonous spines at the tip that he can fling in any direction. Tanty has childlike intelligence, and can only speak in questions and riddles. He can hold 5 extra motes of Essence for Zahara to use. His riddles occasionally reveal the future, though it's nearly impossible to tell when.

str 12dex 5sta 10
int 1per 3wits 3
ath 2awa 3brawl 3

dodge 2, presence 5, survival 3

Lore 1, Specialty: Riddles 3

Bite:+2(10)+1(9)+5L(17)+1 (9)4

Dodge Pool: 7

  • Poison Spine/Sting attack:
    • diff 2 poison, 3B Success, 6B Failure, 4 hours/-3
    • diff is to reduce, the last two are how long the penalty lasts and what it is. This is a paralytic poison, which freezes all the major muscle groups, but not the mouth. This is so that the victim can properly continue to try answering Tantamount's riddles.


SI Characters?

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