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Update Imrama Stormfound

Imrama StormfoundParagonEclipse
Idealistic Sky CaptainVanileth's HermitageA flock of the Birds of Vanileth
CodexSol Invictus468 total, 44 unspent, 424 spent
Last XP Update: Today Is the Day
Archery6 Endurance2 Craft  
Brawl  Performance  Investigation  
Martial Arts  Presence6 Lore5 
Melee  Resistance6 Medicine  
Thrown  Survival  Occult2 
Night   Eclipse   Specialties 
Athletics5 Bureaucracy  AbilitySpecialty
Awareness2 Linguistics5 ArcheryFirewands (x3)
Dodge  Ride  LoreThe First Age (x3)
Larceny  Sail6 SailAir Ships (x3)
Stealth  Socialize6   
Linguistics: Old Realm; High Holy Speech, High Realm, Skytongue, Riverspeak, Firetongue
Tempers Essence***** Virtues
Willpower10Personal:28 totalCompassionX X X X X
X X X X X | X X X X X  28 freeConvictionX X X
Regain Willpower When Peripheral:67 totalTemperanceX X
You accomplish a significant task for the greater good.52 freeValorX X X X X
Limit Break  5+3+7 committed
- - - - - | - - - - -  Kilauea & Pentecost, Belt of Aerial Mobility, Mantle of the Sky Captain
Combat Statistics
Initiative:15Mobility:0Fatigue Vaule:0
Natural Soak (L/B):(8/13)Armored Soak (L/B):(9/12) Total Soak (L/B):(17/25)
K&P Attack:13 (22[2])Damage:14[1]L
Feat of Grace:10Feat of Might:7Feat of Mettle:10
Essence Regain8/Hour4/Hour0/Hour
W/ Hearthstone18/Hour14/Hour10/Hour
Health Levels (13)0124Incapacitated
Personal Weapons
Anima Banner:
Imrama's anima banner is a flock of the birds of Vanileth. These clockwork, semi-transparent birds swirl about Imrama in long, spiralling chains. Most hang low around his body while a smaller number swing up overhead circling over his position from a 1/4 mile up in the air.
0 MotesNo display.
1-3 MotesAs he begins to spend Peripheral Essence, Imrama's Castemark appears and begins to flicker with otherworldly luminosity. Anyone who can see him can make a Perception + Awareness roll at standard difficulty to notice it.
4-7 MotesAt this level of display, Imrama's Castemark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesNow metal and crystal feathers, edged by golden light, begin to flutter up from Imrama's feat, spiraling around his body. His caste mark fills the area around him with light bright enough to read by.
11-15 motesImrama glows like a bonfire, giving off light for miles. The feathers begin to rise and swirl higher overhead, and the air begins to fill with the calling of tinny, mechanical birds.
16+ motesThe storm of feathers bursts into a flock of mechanical birds, engulfing Imrama in their fluttering mass and swirling far overhead. The crowing and cawing of the flock becomes incessent, and the beating of their wings produces enough wind to disturb papers, chimes and other delicate objects.
Virtue FlawThe Red Rage of Compassion
Limit Break Condition:The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.
Allies******Vanileth, Shogun of Artificial Flight Once the a god of great importance, overseeing all powered flight in the Old Realm. Vanileth lost his palace and position in heaven with the destruction and loss of wisdom following the Great Contagion, and became a hermit living in exhile in the far North. Though addled by centuries of isolation, Vanileth retains much wisdom and secret knowledge with regards to powered flight, and much personal power besides. Because he raised Imrama from a foundling, Vanileth is the only parent Imrama has ever known.
Artifact*****Mantle of the Sky Captain Orichalcum-reinforced buff jacket worn by the Admiral of the Transcendant Armada. Reduces the cost of Sail charms by 5 (to a minimum of 1) and allows them to be maintained without investing Essence. Attunement: 7.
Artifact****Kilauea and Pentecost The Lovers Forged in Lightless Depths - A matched pair of Plasma Tongue Repeaters dating to the early First Age. Accuracy: +3 Damage: 11L Rate: 3 Range: 70 Ammo: Unbounded Attunement: 5.
Artifact***Belt of Aerial Mobility A belt of interlinking segments which allows its wearer to walk on air. Its buckle serves as a hearthstone setting, and currently contains the Gem of Wind's Secrets. 3 motes to activate for one scene. Attunement: 3.
Artifact***Oculi of the Radiant Ban (Once, long ago, the Great Unshaped known as the Radiant Ban was a scourge upon the Southern Deep Wyld. It manifested as living taboo, setting strange and fickle restrictions on all other beings, and burning those who dared trespass its law. In the end, the Radiant Ban was betrayed by two of its fellow Unshaped, Forge-breaking Flame and the 1,000 Year Drought. Together, those two jealous cousins struck a deal witht the Rain Princes, who lured the Radiant Ban into the midst of an unrepentant twilight baccanal, and broke its power there. Ever since, tiny fragments of its nature have drifted on the swirls and eddies of the Southern Wyld, most floating out past the bounds of all reason, into the realm of Pure Chaos.) The Oculi of the Radiant Ban are twin suns in miniature, spheres the size of a single koku. As willed by their user, they form themselves into lenses of solar fire that float freely before the wearer's face like frameless glasses. While worn, the Oculi grant the following benefits: 1. +3 to all Perception rolls. 2. The ability to see in darkness, ignoring all penalties for the absence of light. 3. Wheresoever the wearer casts her gaze, she knows instantly the full name and title of any person, any place, or any thing that she beholds. In the case of things with multiple names, she is aware of all of them, and also which is the most "true."
Oath****The Gunslinger's Creed Description goes here.
Manse*****Gem of the Winds Secrets On command, this diamond projects a hologramatic map of the vicinity and all units there in, identifying them by size, speed and direction, to a range of 100 miles in all directions of the gem's location. The user may adjust the image to screen out unwanted detections (such as small animals) and can magnify can magnify any particular contact or area of the map. Dematerialized spirits are noted on the map, though persons or objects sheilded by effects equal to or greater than Celestial Circle Sorcery or Charms of Essence 4 cannot be detected. The gem's "sight" is bounded by the free flow of air between its location and all other locations in range. If used under the open sky, the gem can see very far, but cannot peer inside enclosures. If used inside an enclosure, the range is necessarilly much smaller, and vision is still blocked by closed doors and the like.
  The Gem of Wind's Secrets is produced by The Terminal Aerie of the Transcendant Armada a Manse that sits on a tiny island of stability well beyond the curren Northern border between Creation and the Wyld. This was once the northernmost holding of the Deliberative's air command during the First Age.
Charm Descriptions
CharmCostTypeNon-Instant Duration
Wise Firebolt1m/dieSupp
Blossom of Inevitable Demise Technique3mSupp
Lightning Draw Stance2mRef
Twin Salamander Fist3mRefScene
Lightning-Silouette Procedure7m 1wSimpleScene
Caress of 1,000 Hells7m 1wSuppVaries
Heaven and Earth Ammunition Approach (Fire)NoneSpecPerm
Heaven and Earth Ammunition Approach (Earth)NoneSpecPerm
Heaven and Earth Ammunition Approach (Water)NoneSpecPerm
Heaven and Earth Ammunition Approach (Air)NoneSpecPerm
Heaven and Earth Ammunition Approach (Sun)NoneSpecPerm
World Is My Weapon4mRefScene
Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings Attack6mSupp
Azure Abacus Meditation4m 1wSupp
Ox Body Technique (x2)NoneSpecPerm
Harmonious Presence Meditation6mSimpleHour
Listener-Swaying Argument2m/die 1wSupp
Unearthly Countenance8mSimpleScene
Trustworthy Companion Stance3mSimpleScene
Respected General's Stance8mSimpleScene
Beloved Visitor Stance10m 1wSimpleScene
Righteous Exemplar Stance15m 1wSimpleScene
Durability of Oak Meditation1m/2BSimpleScene
Essence-Hardened FormNoneSpecPerm
Crystalline Essence PranaNoneSpecPerm
Iron Skin Concentration3mRef
Spirit Strengthens the Skin2m 1wRefScene
Adamant Skin Technique5m 1wRef
Perfected Golden Body5m 1wRefScene
Transcendent Auric FormNoneSpecPerm
Unflinching Diamond Meditation8m 1wRefSpec
Unconquered Orichalcum Approach6m 1wRef
Unimpeachable Form Methodology8m 1w 1lhlRefTurn
Integrity-Protecting Prana5m 1wSimpleDay
Wyld-Looting Method13m 1wSimple
Sagacious Reading of Intent6mSimple
Author-Comprehending InsightNoneSpecPerm
Salty Dog Method3mRefDay
Perfect Reckoning Technique4mSimple
Incomparable Navigation Technique10mSimpleVaries
Wyld-Navigating Fugue10mSpecJourney
Golden Essence Sails6m 1wSimpleDay
Phantom Crew Method8m 1wSimpleDay
Glorious Solar Ship15m 1wSimpleDay
Unequalled Solar VesselNoneSpecPerm
Sun-Drenched Airship Style20m 1wSimpleDay
Swift Journey Spirit10m 1wSimpleDay
Ignore the Wind's Course Technique10mSimpleScene
Out-of-Nowhere Maneuver5mSupp
Harden the Hull Practice3m + 2m/[E]LRefScene
Hull-Preserving Technique6m 1wRefTurn
Golden Essence Cannons10m 1wSimpleDay
Unequaled Solar CannonryNoneSpecialPerm
Fleet of Sol Invictus20m 2wSimpleDay
Radiant Solar Sailors Technique15m 1wSimpleDay
Cloud-Tilling Flotilla Approach25m 2wSimpleDay
Artillery of the Unconquered Sun15m 1wSimpleDay
Wise-Eyed Courtier Method3mSimple
Motive-Discerning Technique6mSimple
Reading the Heart10m 1wSimple
Heart's Secrets Extraction15m 1wSimple
Understanding the Court20m 1wSimple
Lovers and Friends Approach6m, 1wSimpleDay
Friend of a Friend Style10m, 1wSimpleDay
Shrewd Maven's InsightNoneSpecPerm
Sidereal - Sail
Stone Skipping Spirit5mSimpleScene
Mirror Shattering Method5mSimple5 Days
Spirit - Compassion
Measure the Wind3mSimple
Meticulous Census of Auspicious Election3mSimple
Aboard 1,000 Ships7mSimpleIndef
Shogun's Manifold Presence7mSimpleIndef
Principle of Glory3m 1wSimpleIndef
Spirit - Valor
Unremitting Calculus of Thought3mRefVaries
Principle of Motion3m 1wSimpleIndef
Alchemical - Embodiments
Jade Puzzle EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Moonsilver Mystery EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Starmetal Paradox EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Stoulsteel Riddle EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Orichalcum Parable EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Adamant Enigma EmbodimentNoneSpecPerm
Equipment And Other Gear



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