SI Characters?

In The Entrance Hall

There are 5 large paintings in the entrance hall to the Cascade. The first is a view of Heaven, the Carnival of Meeting in full swing, lights dancing in the sky above packed streets of gods and men and fae. The second shows a great plain, a savana of unparralled beauty. Low trees may be seen in the distance and in the foreground, lions play, though these are no earthly beasts, seeming to possess a life far beyond anything in Creation. The Third painting shows the water pole, in all it's glory, strange hieroglyphics twisting around it, and then, curling about it too, an immense, beautiful dragon. The Dragon of Water. Daanda. Sleeping. The forth shows a simple orchard at first glance, painted from within the high walls. Nothing too odd. Until one notices the gardens, strange many limbed gods. And then the fruit on the trees. The Peaches of Immortality. The fifth and final painting shows the Labyrinth Cascade, and atop of it, a small but fantastically detailed figure stands. She is Zahara Zhan and she stands trimuphant, red dress blowing in the winds of her power, a solar circle spell corousucating around her, and lighting up all of the sky in brillant light.

Other Paintings

  • Gem burning
  • Atomnos' Anatomy
  • Xara'n Ball
  • Montage of scenes from Atomnos. Starts with the quippan, ends in stealing the seal.
  • Selonis standing in the sunset.
  • A stream running down the soul font.
  • Looking down into the great ash of Laerad, tiny point of light falling.
  • Crystal in full on war mode.

SI Characters?

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