Summary:Varanim learns details about her arm's purpose and origins.


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`Varanim In between chill sniping with Spring and possibly some sort of screaming match with Lucent, Varanim takes a hike to a gloomy overgrown shrine in the forest and sets out her usual ritual supplies. Rolling back her sleeve, she uncorks ritual supply type one with her teeth, takes a swig, and runs discerning fingertips along her soulsteel arm. The first question she asks of it: Who made it?

`Bertrand After a career of putting herself through all the most mentally grueling and unpleasant processes to discover the histories of unpleasant and hideous objects, Varanim finds her first efforts with her new technique almost underwhelming. With little fanfare and similarly little horrific imagery and suffering, an answer returns to her: "Li."

`Varanim scowls briefly, possibly in disappointment for the lack of psychic trauma, then moves on to the next one for the moment: Did the Mask of Winters ever own it?

`Bertrand "Yes."

`Varanim perks up triumphantly, as if scenting a possible victory over the forces of ignorance and confusing clues. The next two questions: For how long did the Mask own it, and under what circumstances?

"For two hundred and forty-seven years" and "in his role as Curator of the Most Unparalleled Gathering of Wonders" are the respective answers.

`Varanim "Nice work, if you can get it." She thinks a moment, then continues: for whom was it originally made?

The question answer seems to take a bit longer this time, although it is nonetheless delivered with no greater fanfare. "Hyacinth."

`Varanim frowns, files that away, and moves on to slightly more current affairs: How did the arm come to be in the Doctor's possession?

"It was given to him by the First and Forsaken Lion."

`Varanim And the next: Was it given for any specific purpose, or a general use sort of gift for your favorite necrosurgeon employee?

"For a specific purpose."

`Varanim Bending her gaze on the arm as if warning it not to get cute, Varanim inquires as to what that purpose was.

"To be attached to a suitable individual."

`Varanim And what qualities, other than existing or induced armlessness, constitute suitability?

"A Solar of the Twilight Caste, or near Essence-pattern equivalent, of sufficient power and capability."

`Varanim frowns at that specificity. Would the arm work any long-term change upon the person who wore it, aside from a renewed ability to open tricky jars?


`Varanim And returning to the past: How did the First and Forsaken Lion come to possess it?

"He acquired it by looting the treasures of the Realm."

`Varanim Also good work, if you can get it. And finally, does the arm possess any powers that Varanim has not yet seen?

"There is an ultimate purpose encoded in the arm's very structure whose time is fast approaching, at which time its full capabilities will come into being."

`Varanim Finally finally: Is that time, by any conceivable chance, Calibration?


`Varanim "We'll see about that," Varanim mutters, and then spends a while using the arm for its ultimate purpose of lifting a bottle to her mouth.


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