Summary:Lucent returns home and tells Varanim of his most recent exploits.

XP:L1, V1

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`Lucent With the beating of wings-of-night, the last shard of the Ebon Dragon deposits Lucent on the Sunlands' tea-garden. Shaking. Looking around for any sign of the other members of the Circle...

`Varanim has some time previously commandeered one of the tables and spread out a scroll across it, an extremely dry and dubiously accurate catalog of soulsteel artifacts in one particular region of the Underworld. She's reading it with a low-power scowl, tapping her still-ringless fingers on the cup and saucer she insisted on retaining for their ability to make annoying noises.

`Lucent "VARANIM!" ... and she gets yanked out of the seat and through the air so Lucent can hold her, cup and catalog flying away!

`Varanim "Put me down. Where the hell have you been?" She sounds... annoyed, but not in the usual Varanim ways.

`Lucent holds for for, at least, a few moments, before doing so. "Did you send my not-ex-wife who-might-be-dead to haunt me?"

`Varanim doesn't actually hit him to make him let go, which is kind of like saying she wanted a hug. "Given the size of your pool of exes, you'll have to be more specific for me to answer that question."

`Varanim "But, no."

`Lucent "I saw Vovoka."

`Lucent will take what he can get. And so the hug lasts a little more.

`Varanim "...Okay, I wasn't expecting that one. Tell."

`Lucent "It was a dream! The most vivid dream! She said... I wasn't ready. And buried me in red sands. Which might have been symbolic. She had utter power over me, I just couldn't... move."

`Varanim "If you're not clear on how that last part is symbolic, I'm not going to explain it to you. Did she say what you weren't ready for?"

`Lucent "She said that it wasn't time yet. And that burying me was harder than she thought..."

`Lucent "Oh."

`Lucent "And she did not wield the blade that killed me."

`Varanim thinks for a minute, frowning. "Huh, I'd forgotten for a few days how annoying dream interpretation was. Thanks for reminding me."

`Varanim "I'm glad that your latest ex isn't the one who killed you, though you might have told her that'll decrease your interest in her."

`Lucent "YOU never killed me!"

`Varanim "But you secretly suspect that someday I might, right?"

`Lucent looks shifty-eyed. "... maybe."

`Varanim "If you want a dream doctor, try talking to Zahara, she has annoying connections like that. Spring is indisposed." She flicks a jasmine petal off his shoulder. "It's good that you're back."

`Lucent "Is he? I left to the Elemental Pole of Wood to talk to Sextes Jylis, because I was worried about him... running off into that pit and all. Where can I find him?"

`Lucent "And... thanks."

`Varanim "He's around, but I couldn't tell you where, since I'm trying to stay off idiots today." She's quiet a moment, then says, "Could we... go to your room? No questions because I can't talk about it, just yes or no."

`Lucent "Yes, of course!"

`Varanim "Good. Tell me about the rest of it later, then. I missed you." With that abnormal admission, she takes his hand to lead him inside.

`Lucent "That is great! Are we going to not-have another conceptual daughter?"


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