Summary:Varanim has her own brief conversation with the Solars' Deathlord prisoner.



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Varanim Varanim's po, which had previously been assigned a menial bone-sorting task far beneath the dignity of its shadowy body, stirs itself with the arrival of her consciousness and walks down to visit the Mask in his cell.

She finds the figure sitting in his pyramidal cell, tinted faintly blue by the energy screen that separates him from where she stands, his arms to his sides in a casual meditation pose.

Varanim "I was going to bring you a puzzle, like a cellwarming gift, except I thought it would be weird and I just couldn't find the perfect one. But then I thought of it: what would you do with a Deathlord if you caught one?"

The Mask rises up and walks -- floats? it's not like anyone can see what's going on underneath those giant black robes -- over towards Varanim. "That... is a good question," he says. "It would depend quite a bit on... what one's goals were," he says, rolling the words around in his mouth.

"The last time I had the opportunity to choose, I extracted pieces of information I had sought for centuries, brainwashed him, and stole his most precious possessions." Somehow that sounds particularly dirty.

Varanim "Well, sure, but what about after? Is it a catch-and-release thing, do you send them on their way with an awkward pat on the head and a promise to write, build a little Deathlord-sized house with no doors..." she shrugs irritably. then looks curious. "What kind of possessions?"

MaskOfWinters "I let him out the back door, and assumed he could find his way home." He shrugs. "The sort of 'possessions' one cannot replace, or live without."

Varanim "Oh, that kind." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "How did it turn out?"

MaskOfWinters The Mask's expressionless face seems almost to glimmer for a moment. "Perfectly."

Varanim "Would you expect the same approach to work on you?"

MaskOfWinters laughs. "Not particularly, no."

Varanim "Any particular reason, or does it just not suit to picture yourself in the bitch spot?"

MaskOfWinters "I am not so easily manipulable," he says, "nor am I likely to divulge any information you might desire." He shakes his head. "Unlike the Walker in Darkness, I am much too dangerous for such a routine."

Varanim "Mm. Going from history, they'll probably reach the same conclusion here." She shrugs. "But I'm curious, will this get me out of paying my tuition?"

MaskOfWinters chuckles. "No, I am afraid that particular bill will come due regardless of your particular preferences."

Varanim smirks. "I mostly don't have preferences, just a busy social calendar." She pauses, then straightens from her slouch near the door. "Oops, time to drive my meat body for a while. We should talk more, best to the kids, all that."

MaskOfWinters "Of course," he says. "I'll be here," and he laughs again.

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