Summary:Cerin asks Zahara for help with an unusually simple task.

XP:C1, Z1


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Cerin ::Zahara, are you busy?::

zahara ::I always have time for you, my love.::

Cerin ::Where might I find you?::

zahara ::In the garden with the black and white flowers::

Cerin is soon walking through the garden, looking for Zahara.

zahara is slowly stripping petals from the flowers and letting them drift down into an intricate pattern of chaos and order near her feet.

Cerin approaches her with a smile, kissing her lips, before he looks down at the pile.

zahara kisses back warmly, and scoots over on the bench so he can sit

Cerin seats himself next to her, leaning on her lightly.

zahara tips her head onto his shoulder, "How have you been? We don't get to talk so much anymore."

Cerin "I have been ... well," he says, after some thought. "But busy, I'm sorry. You?"

zahara "I am well enough. I cannot claim that my schedule has helped either though."

zahara lets the stem drop onto the pile, a few lonely petals still clinging to it.

Cerin "I don't suppose it has," he kisses her cheek. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

zahara "Oh?" she takes his hand in hers, running her thumb lightly against the back of his hand

Cerin "I was considering, perhaps, asking you for help with some of the gardening."

zahara raises a brow. "with the gardening?"

Cerin "Well, with some of the more esoteric aspects thereof"

zahara "Of course, I'll help however I can."

Cerin "There is a demon," he says. "I've spoken with her on a number of occasions."

zahara "You're not going to ask me to let her possess me are you?"

Cerin "..." Cerin isn't surprised of course. He just still has no idea how to answer that.

Cerin "... No? Should I?"

zahara "Not in the slightest. It's rather uncomfortable."

Cerin raises an eyebrow

zahara "About your gardener.... what is it that you would have me do?"

Cerin "Summon her."

zahara "That should be easy enough, what circle is she?"

Cerin "The Second. I'd like to offer her a job."

zahara "Gardening at the Cascade? Why her?"

Cerin "It is she who tends to the garden I brought your blooms from."

zahara Understanding dawns on her face, and she nods thoughtfully. She thinks of Lucent and his time in the darkness, and she searches his eyes for signs that she is one he has loved and lost. "I will summon her for you, tonight if you wish it."

Cerin There are no such signs, that she can see. He seems to simply respect her gardenning accumen.

zahara *some time later... *

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