Summary:Lucent and Zahara talk relationships.

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Lucent steps into Zahara's office, Venus and Mars having a tug-of-war on each of his shoulders. "Empress? Have a minute?"

zahara looks up and smiles. "Lucent. For you? Always. Just as long as it's not something bad."

Lucent hands her a box of chocolates, and the newest volume of 'Sol Invictus.' "Chocolates and GLORY!"

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zahara chuckles and accepts the gifts. "Thank you. Are the books selling well?" She opens the box, selects one, and offers the open box to him

Lucent "Of course. We are persons of universal interest!" He smiles before leaning into her fingers and munching on it. "This is 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'... I wonder how many girls will be playing make-believe using bells to win fights next time you walk out."

zahara chuckles, "Hopefully none of them play with real artifacts without knowing how to control them properly." She pops a chocolate into her mouth.

Lucent "Only if you've been building Mortal-use artifacts and placing them on lollipop stands when I wasn't looking..."

Lucent leans closer, mouth open wanting another!

zahara shakes her head a little and drops another chocolate into his mouth. "Isn't Varanim supposed to be the one feeding you chocolates?"

Lucent blushes. "Well, you know her. She doesn't DO that." He turns around, looking past the window. "But we slept together, the other day."

zahara "You mean actually sleeping, or are you being polite?"

Lucent "I mean. Actually sleeping. All those nightmares... she never let anyone see her when she slept. Not even me. She was always going away... but she asked me to stay with her, and I held her... all night long." He wraps his arms around himself, closing his eyes, smiling. "It was something."

zahara smiles, "Indeed... quite a big step, I believe. She does care about you quite a bit."

Lucent "I just wish we could talk more."

zahara "What's stopping you?"

Lucent "Well, we are always... fighting. Arguing. It never just..." He stops for a moment. "Oh, geez."

Lucent "This is probably going to be on Spring's annotated truths volumes." He rubs his forehead.

zahara rises and walks over, giving him a quick hug. "It will work out, I am sure."

Lucent hugs Zahara back... tight. "You're too good a friend to me, Zee."

zahara "We have history together," She grins.

Lucent "LONG story!" He grins. "Hmmm. Isn't your time here up? We could go for a walk! Another swim! Or... something."

zahara "Hmmm shall we fly somewhere?"

Lucent "Hmmm. We already did the oceans... we could go lose ourselves in the eastern jungles! Or set up a sauna in the southern lava-seas!"

zahara "I'd...rather not go East. Let's go South."

Lucent "To the..." He points, then stops. "How DO we travel those days?"

zahara "Well, maybe we should go somewhere closer... My airship isn't as fast as the gates, or Imrama's.

Lucent "Hmmm." He ponders. "Know of any good places?"

zahara "Nothing that sounds as amusing as the lava-seas." She frowns a little.

Lucent "Some lake high above the mountains? Now nobody can walk in on us!"

Lucent "Um."

Lucent "Not that we were doing anything bad last time!"

zahara laughs. "Of course."

Lucent And not too long afterwards her airship was landing on a lake some two thousand feet high, a placid lake untouched by man since its creation. A place of utter calm and contemplating, a place of crystal-clear water where only fishes that swam upwards through underground tunnels could reach. Lucent stepped out of the airship, taking out his armor. "Hwaah."

zahara steps out after him, taking a deep breath. "Lovely. Have you been here before?"

Lucent "No, I swiped a list of Completely Harmless Secret Scenic Places from Nibbles' mouth."

Lucent "Traded it for a ball of shining yarn."

zahara laughs.

zahara "I remember when Nibbles was just a kitten."

Lucent "He must have been so cute!"

Lucent considers

Lucent "Maybe I should give Varanim a kitten?"

zahara "Um... "

zahara "She's got a crow. Do you think they'd get along?"

Lucent "Good point. I kind of forgot the crow." He rubs his chin. "... a puppy?"

Lucent "What kind of pet goes well with crows?"

zahara shrugs a little. "Maybe you should get a pet for yourself instead?" She checks around for any inhabitants and finding none, divests herself of her artifacts and ornaments

Lucent "According to Varanim, I have a crow myself already." He pouts.

zahara "You do?" She strips off most of her clothing, leaving only one piece, which she shifts into a strategically covering bathing suit. "Are you going to swim?"

Lucent "According to her, Crow-Devours-Flame is it. That kind of talk might make Crow angry..." Lucent himself finishes taking off the armor... and leaps into the water from their high point, going into the water like a spear!

zahara "She's sharing her familiar with you?" She ties her hair back, then dives in after Luc, surfacing a few feet away from him

Lucent "Abyssal. Dusk Caste. Red Hair. Learned to like Strawberries. Very Angry." He nods.

zahara "ohhh THAT crow. Why do you care if she's angry?"

Lucent "'cause then she might go back to Quen... or someone else? And she is a good general to the Lantern."

zahara "Hmmm. Maybe you need a strawberry-scented pet then." She strokes her way across the pool and back

Lucent "Strawberries?" He asks, curious

zahara "So Crow likes it"

Lucent "I'm not dating CROW."

zahara "Well you said you didn't want to get a pet because crow might get angry! Geez."

Lucent "Oh, no, sorry, I was just talking about Varanim's odd way to see the people who swear loyalty to me."

Lucent "I mean, do _I_ quip about the spirits she has bound to her? Do I?"

Lucent "... Necromantic concerns aside."

zahara shrugs expressively. "Spirits are somewhat different than women whom you've kissed before."

Lucent "We had JUST broken up!"

zahara shrugs again. "I'm not judging."

zahara swims a circle around Lucent.

Lucent pulls underwater and tries to catch Zahara's foot!

zahara squeaks as she goes under, grappling with her attacker!

Lucent tries to keep Zahara under.. and then, encloses them both in protection from water, so that, suddenly, they did not drown, and could still wrestle with each other amidst shocked, scared fish! ::I was trained in hand-to-hand by Spring, you know!::

zahara lets go for a moment, surprised by the bubble of protection. Then she grabs for him again. ::But I've been trained in wrestling by Cerin. grin ::

Lucent ::This is not THAT sort of wrestling!:: He swings around, pulling them both to the surface!

zahara laughs as they break the surface. "No, no it's not. But it worked!"

Lucent "Touch?. You win for today!" He smiles. "Hmmm, speaking of Spring. You've talked with him quite a bit, right?"

zahara "On and off, yes."

Lucent "Well... what would you give to him as a gift? Something to eat?"

Lucent "I have been wondering, since, you remember. He did save my life, when fighting Quen..."

Lucent "Having my essence twisted around and shattered into nothingness? NOT pleasant."

zahara "Oh, hmm. I'm not sure. I'm not sure I really understand him, no matter how often I speak with him."

Lucent "That makes two of us."

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