Summary:Spring and Zahara visit the Sphere of Thunder and Lightning. - INCOMPLETE

XP:S1, Z1


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Spring "After you." Spring shows Zahara into the royal box.

Zahara nods to him and steps inside, taking a seat on the comfortable, if relatively austere seats inside

Spring "As you see, the Sphere of Thunder and Lightning has become a very popular Solarian attraction," Spring notes, gesturing towards the packed house below.

Zahara "It never ceases to amaze me, the human capacity for violence - even with the edge taken off."

Spring "They cannot help it, I think. Their fear of violence drives them to it -- they seek to master that which they cannot control."

Spring shrugs.

Zahara "Or perhaps they just enjoy it."

Spring shrugs again.

Spring "Don't we all?"

Zahara "But of course. It is quite enjoyable to do violence."

Spring "If only our pleasures and our responsibilities always coincided."

Zahara smiles a little, and gazes out over the crowd, suppressing the memory of the last time she'd gone to a "show" with Lucent. "Do you think any of them will Exalt?"

Spring gestures slightly towards one of the higher boxes. "We have a few visitors from the Blessed Isle this month. Their bloodline suggests that Terrestrial power lies in the future of at least one of them, though none of them possess it now."

Spring "Whether any will be chosen. though, is harder to say." Spring surveys the crowd thoughtfully, then points. "Maybe...that one," he says, indicating a bright-eyed mortal near the front row.

Zahara looks him up and down. "He is pretty cute." She leans forward for a better look.

Spring "I suppose that is as good an indicator as any."

Zahara rests her chin in her hands, falling silent and simply watching.

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