Summary:Fresh from closing the Shadowland, Varanim, Zahara, and Imrama leave to join the battle against Abadis.



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zahara pauses for a moment, leaning on the staff, then paces to the border of the once-shadowland, tracing out the definition of new life and abundance. She honors each of the poles in turn, and in her wake a gentle breeze blows, picking up the ashes of the past and toying with them playfully.

Imrama "'From out the maw of festering death, new life, like hope, eternal springs.'" Imrama quotes from a poet three thousand years dead.

Varanim "Well sure, but most people aren't that excited about maggots."

zahara stretches tiredly, having completed the Benediction of Archgenesis, and looks back over her handiwork smugly. The green tendrils of young ivy have begun to climb upon the walls of the ruins, the scent of flowers tints the air, mixing with that of the sun-warmed earth, and all about her the bonfire of her anima glows with blinding light.

Imrama cocks an eyebrow at Varanim. "I have heard that there are many who find them quite exciting. You have been to Sijan, have you not?"

In the distance, there is a faint rumbling.

Varanim looks offended. "Been there? I was expelled with honors from the Resplendent Lotus College of Thanotic Studies." Then she cocks her head to listen.

zahara is too busy admiring herself to bother with any stupid rumbling.

The rumbling continues to grow louder and louder.

Varanim frowns, bends to put a hand against the earth to check for vibrations, and looks to the other side of the Shroud to make sure nobody is tracking mud on her nice clean floor.

Varanim's glance over across the veil suggests that their action came just in time: for she sees an army of ghosts, moving angrily back and forth in the now once-again quieted streets of the Netheos-side Lord's Crossing, uncertain what, precisely, to do.

Then, a moment later, two things happen: another vibration, far larger than the first, shakes the earth beneath her, and across the Shroud in Netheos, the army of ghosts freezes, time itself stolen from them by the thefted machinery of Setesh's Calendar.

Varanim "Huh." So interested by the time freeze that she forgets to snigger at the ghosts, Varanim calls up to the others, "Tick."

zahara looks down to Varanim, confused for the moment, then her eyes clear and she nods. "Tock will have to wait."

Varanim "Where to next?" she asks, distracted by turning her Essence sight on something she may never see again.

From the side of the vast Imperial Mountain, quite some distance away, a cloud of dust rises up from the slope, visible even here, and begins to fill the air.

zahara points "Looks like thataway."

Imrama "I suspect that Lucent may be having a harder time of it than we did." Imrama swoops the Fable nearer to his companions, that they might jump aboard.

Varanim does, looking briefly tired.

zahara "I'm not sure how much use I'll be after this stunt, but I can always serve as a shiny distraction." She grins briefly, and hauls herself on board.

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