Summary:Zahara hangs out by herself



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zahara lays out several miniature teacups, along with their accompanying saucers and tiny spoons. To these, she adds her matching, regular-sized teacup and a steaming pot of Borean Sweetleaf.

zahara pulls out each of the three tiny chairs in succession, tucking a porcelain figure so lifelike as to fool the casual onlooker in them.

zahara After a few hours, each of the cleverly-jointed little figures have been animated with the spirit of a minor elemental, who all seem somewhat confused.

zahara "Everyone's gone," she tells them solemnly, "And this place echoes without them."

zahara reflects on the events of the past year as she pours the tea.

zahara "It's good to get a bit of peace, though. Everything is so overwhelmingly set against our continued existence. It's quite irritating." She sips at the steaming tea. "Sometimes I wonder..." She shakes her head and sighs.

zahara "Ah well," she watches them for a moment, then gestures. "Drink up, it won't stay hot forever."

zahara drums her fingers on the table, thinking. "Once I dreamed of conquering everything there is. But now I see the futility of such action. Each sentient creature seems to have the drive to rebel. To rise up and destroy their betters." She smirks a little. "I should know."

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