Summary:Phoenix explores the underground cavern at the spot of Omir's Exaltation.



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Tia, strapping on the traditional garments and carriers of the Ikish -- like all of their society, a strange melange between traditional tribal materials and bizarrely advaced Shogunate artifice -- leads Phoenix-of-Ice out towards the edge of the cliff -- the meeting point of land, sea and sky where Omir was last seen.

Phoenix-of-Ice takes a look around, surreptitiously jumping high up in the air when Tia isn't looking.

The place where Omir disappeared is quite clear -- for it's right at the very edge, the point of the cliff face that stands directly above the eternal waterfall.

At the spot in question, the ice is melted, in a circle almost five feet wide -- and in a bigger circle extending at least fifty feet beyond that, the rocks, the grass, even the dirt, are all bleached and whitened.

Phoenix-of-Ice examines the spot with some interest.

Phoenix-of-Ice: "So, you said there was a....flash of light...that lasted quite a long time?"

Tia nods. "Uh huh. From right over here."

Phoenix-of-Ice sits down right in the center of the circle, and motions Tia to take a seat beside her. "Tell me about Omir."

Tia sits down too. "He was still pretty young," she says, and sighs. "A little hot-tempered. Smooth as ice, though. He was always able to surprise the ladies with some flower he'd managed to find growing in the ice or some other nonsense."

Phoenix-of-Ice: "Oh yeah? I love flowers." Phoenix starts weaving something with strands of the white grass while they talk. "Did you fight very much?"

Phoenix-of-Ice left the room (quit: Ping timeout).

RemembranceOfSevenTears Tia looks at Phoenix with interest. "Sometimes," she says.

RemembranceOfSevenTears She smiles, a little. "He was irritating and charming at once."

Phoenix` fishes something out of her pocket and weaves it into the grass object. "Sounds...familiar." She stands up. "Tell me something, Tia. Do you trust me?"

RemembranceOfSevenTears Tia leans over with a slight bit of hesitation. "....yes. Yes, I trust you."

Phoenix` ties the grass bracelet around her wrist. Interwoven in the fibers are a number of small Sunlands coins, of the lesser denominations with a hole pierced through the centre. "Don't take this off. It will keep you safe." She then takes Tia's hand in her own and steps over the side of the cliff.

RemembranceOfSevenTears Tia surpresses a squeal as she feels herself pulled over the edge, and Phoenix finds herself falling through the ocean spray of the falling icy water, passing the rough rock of the mountainside -- and seeing what looks like a hole in the rock face, almost three hundred feet below.

Phoenix` grabs the side of the mountain with one clawed hand, wincing slightly. She shifts her weight slightly when she catches sight of the hole, steering both women toward it.

Phoenix` "Aha! Don't let go now. I promise I'm neither malicious nor crazy."

Phoenix` Taking in Tia's bewildered look, she revises this statement. "Okay, maybe a little crazy." Gold-and-black smoke rises from her feet as she skids to a stop, clinging precisely to a perfectly vertical segment of the mountainside.

RemembranceOfSevenTears Tia's eyes are wide with shock.

Phoenix` "Sorry, I was really expecting not to find anything until we hit the ground. Step carefully here, let's take the rest of the trip slowly. Not that root, it'll come out, see the crumbling dirt underneath?" Phoenix takes some care to talk down Tia so that she's somewhat re-combobulated by the time they reach the hole.

RemembranceOfSevenTears As Phoenix steps into the cave, Tia starts to calm down... a little bit. "Wha... wha... what was that?" Meanwhile, the cave itself is filled with glittering spots of ore and bits of exposed metal, and it curves downward into the earth.

Phoenix` "Bad planning, and the Spider-Foot Style. Here, stay behind me." Phoenix takes a few steps into the cave.

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