Summary:Zahara asks Cerin about purpose.

XP:C1, Z1


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zahara palms the door to her bedroom open, absently undoing the braid binding her long blue hair.

Cerin is sitting on the middle of the bed, hiar falling loose over his shoulders. He's reading something, though he looks up as Zahara enters the room, smiling. It's a smile which doesn't conceal concern in his eyes.

zahara smiles in return, "Hello, my Love." She joins him on the bed and glances down at his reading material, "What's wrong?"

Cerin The reading material is something Zahara herself wrote some time ago, in the middle of a collection of artefact notes and ritual diagrams. "What of hope?" he asks her very softly.

zahara scans the page briefly with a frown. "Hope?" She brushes a finger across the word, "Hope was a vision, a path. Back to you."

Cerin "And now?" he asks, as his hand captures her finger

zahara "Now? Now I have you back. And I've changed more than I thought possible. But I don't know what's left to hope for."

Cerin looks down, brieftly, and then he closes the book.

Cerin "Truely?" he asks, after some time.

zahara "Do you remember when you told me, that everything you thought was true, was a lie?"

Cerin nods "I remember"

zahara looks down at her hand, still caught beneath his. Softly, she says, "Then you know what it felt like when I got my... parting gift from Tevezst."

Cerin "I ..." Cerin looks a little unsure. Then he nods "I think I have some idea, yes."

zahara sighs. "I am sorry, Cerin. I didn't mean to burden you with my" she waves her free hand, "problems."

Cerin raises the hand he has to his lips, kissing the finger tips tenderly. "If you could not burden me, who would you burden?"

zahara smiles a little. "You're too good to me."

Cerin moved up to the knuckles. "No, you deserve it all."

zahara "There are many things I deserve Cerin, and few of them involve anything but pain." She tugs her hand away, and turns to face the wall, staring through it vacantly.

Cerin wraps his arms around her, kneeling on the bed behind her.

Cerin "I suppose at least you are consistent in yourself," he says softly, sadly.

zahara lets out a short laugh, then leans back into his embrace after a moment of stiffness. "You should have... should have killed me. In Halta."

Cerin "I couldn't have done that, not without dying inside."

zahara reaches up to touch his face, blinking suspiciously shiny eyes. "I know, my Love. And I live for you."

Cerin "You have to live for more than me," he kissed the side of her face.

zahara "Is it not enough that I am alive? I rule the empire, and the Broken Suns rise up to destroy me. I am part of the Deliberative, but am bound by its rules as well. Where is there to go from here? There are enemies all around, and each step I move forward I make more of them - some who were once friends."

Cerin "No, never enough for you."

zahara shivers a little. "I will find a new purpose, perhaps, in time."

Cerin wraps her tighter, kissing the side of her face more. "You must."

zahara "What is it that you live for?" She turns in his arms, to face him and return his embrace.

Cerin "For you. For the things I could not do were I dead. For the things I do not yet know. But for you."

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