Summary:Lucent addresses the army his men have gathered, and introduces Crow to them.



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Lucent stands on a temple atop of Solaria, watching the army gather. Obsidian Heart and Diamond Dog Night had been tasked with gathering them... and Lucent had told the servants to direct any looking for him there. It was on a little plateau atop of a hill, a vision of Solaria at noon stretching golden before him.

The gathered forces stretch out in the central court, makeshift uniforms assembled hastily of black and gold clothing there to distinguish them from the random passerby until they might be more properly outfitted -- numerous citizens, Sunlanders who had proven themselves

in the Lily conflict, new immigrants come here to earn a truly valued place in the Sunlands, and others besides... a large, and impressive crew, all ready to become the newest weapon in the Sunlands' arsenal.

Lucent watches them all and smiles. He breaks his Hearthstone and he is Sangrael and Azuriphel once again, standard-bearers of Heaven and Hell. Azuriphel spreads his arms, and started a speech to them. Wishing them all grace and luck in their coming training, that they would all be the most powerful force against the darkness that this age had seen. Sealing, in that compromise, their existence in the eyes of heaven!

Lucent As he finished his wings spread, falling feathers like rain over them, each touched one blessed.

The audience is quite receptive: everyone here is someone who wanted completely to be a part of this effort, and the reaction speaks to this fact.

Lucent waves as the land behind him becomes tainted. One of the Sisters had sunk her heart on the temple, and it had become like the chaos... and from which, sprang wonders. "And the army of light needs tools fit to it! I have asked the endless forges of the Lapis Court to produce to us those wonders. Please, take good care of them."

Lucent They come out, Faerie mounts with chaos-forms clad to resist reality indefinetly... clad in Sunlight, Glory, and Hope. LITERAL Sunlight and Glory and Hope. The weapons were forged out of the same material, made real enough with gossamer, but for them it was like holding the Sunlight or Hope in their hands. Obsidian and Diamond received the greatest treasures, perfect gossamer investures that appeared made of the Brightland's Passions.

Lucent And the mounts! Wondrous creatures, some able to fly, others able to run tirelessly. Obsidian and Diamond, again, received two Dragons of the Brightlands, able to breath starlight and carry them in the skies.

Lucent "I hope those will serve you well."

The crowd stands proudly as they watch the lightshow. Lucent can sense the enthusiasm and dedication washing up from the gathered soldiers as the wonders dance before them.

CrowDevoursFlame As the Sisters of Empty Sand continue their lighted dance, holding the crowd's rapt attention, the Abyssal warrior steps up to the dais, though she places herself in such a way as to be largely hidden from those who might look up from below. "Lucent."

Lucent smiles brighter than the Sun overhead. "Crow! You DID show up! I... hoped so."

CrowDevoursFlame nods.

Lucent "So..." He looks back at them, "What have you decided? I thought your absence meant a no."

CrowDevoursFlame She pauses, considering her words before speaking. "My choice is to sit, useless, like a trophy on a shelf -- or to march into battle, to kill and destroy, as is my nature," she says. "Whatever resistance...." -- she looks down at the ground briefly before continuing -- "...I might have, the correct choice was clear."

Lucent smiled bright, eyes closed. "So good that you accepted it." Said the Azuriphel-Lucent.

Lucent "Even if it took you long enough," said the Sangrael-Lucent.

Lucent Azuriphel-Lucent waved out of the balcony, "What do you think of it, then? The army you are to lead?"

CrowDevoursFlame "They are alive," she says, looking out over to them, "and they will fight to remain so. Yet most of them will perish. That is the nature of war." Her hand sits idly by the hilt of a dagger at her belt -- an old habit, perhaps. "The men you have gathered know that, and submit to it. It is the only way that one can speak well of a soldier."

Lucent "It is your duty to keep most of them alive, right?" Azuriphel-Lucent asks.

CrowDevoursFlame "It is my duty to win," she says. "One does not often win with a decimated army," she continues, "and when one does, it is because there was no other option. But to struggle to keep them alive, even if the purpose of their fighting should be compromised? No soldier would wish to serve under such a commander."

Lucent "True victory is to win with them all alive, I imagined. But I know that you WILL keep them safe. You will allow them victory and glory that I have promised... for any other would just let them die, unable to fight what we will. This is why I TRUST you so." He nods, hoping that such compliments would make her think twice of their safety! "For your opponents will be those like you..."

CrowDevoursFlame "They will," she says. "And we shall be stronger, and crush them."

Lucent "Yes. We WILL." He nods with force, regarding them. "Oh. I had something that I wished to tell you. When that happenned... when you saw the Lie of Existence and how nothing matters... is when you decided to move as you do, right? That was your epiphany."

CrowDevoursFlame nods.

Lucent "I think you only perceived part of it, however. I... it is not what I believe in, I believe in Heaven... but there were many who realised similar things, in my age. Particularly Sorcerers. Those who realised the truth of the world, overtaken by ennui and nihilism... we knew theworld was just Essence, Fate, crystallized by the Primordials. But there is something else. The other half of it."

CrowDevoursFlame "That is how you see it," she says, quietly.

Lucent "Look at them," he sweeps at the men before him, and then, farther, to Solaria below. "The flowers blooming, the men training, the people selling fishes and sewing clothes and crafting chairs. None of this is real, right? None of what they do matters, right?"

CrowDevoursFlame "None of it."

Lucent "And yet, the flowers that bloom will affect those that see them. The dresses will be used, as will the chairs. Those men will fight, and each of their victories and losses will affect that, and everyone else. It will change THEIR lives, it will have an impact to THEM. If all higher standards to follow are lies, you are left with your own, to yourself."

Lucent "If nothing you do matters, Crow." He turns to her, "Then all that matters is what you do."

Lucent "If nothing causes this world to makes sense, if there is no point to all actions, the only sense it has is given by your actions, all the importance is on each and every one of them." He smiles, and it was clear: If the purpose of reality was a lie, all that they built - and did - was even more important in and of itself.

CrowDevoursFlame "Then we shall see what the results are, when this war is over," she says. "Then, perhaps, we will speak of this again."

Lucent "Yes, I suppose we will." He nods, walking down the temple with her, the myriad of steps as he beckons for Diamond and Obsidian to rise, "Crow-Devours-Flame, those are Diamond Dog Night and Obsidian Heart - they are my two most trusted warriors, and those that gathered this legion."

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