Summary:Lucent and Zahara chat on Herons' Island

XP:L1, Z1


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Lucent walks about Heron's island with Zahara, watching the trees and feeling each and every last one of them from afar. "So, tell me." He asks, just as he breathes in... and out, and the entire outcropping is rased from the ground all the way to their roots! "Was I... out of line, with the Sisters? Varanim... well, she got jealous."

zahara watches the energies flow between Lucent and the trees, the shape of his omnipresent touch. "Well, to be fair, you DID sleep with them, bring them to your home, keep them around, and smile at them a whole lot more than she ever smiled at the Doc."

Lucent breaks part of the trees. "Hmmm, good wood." He notes, bringing them all close to Zahara, all together, for her to make a gate! "Yes, but I also smiled at the leper that came bring me desert-flowers during the party! I smile at EVERYTHING!"

zahara "Go back to the other three points then."

Lucent "You DO realise I would kill the Doctor if she brought him home. Abyssals are not lost kittens."

zahara "Nor are Fae. You know what they can do."

zahara "Besides you brought home two Abyssals already." She sorts the wood into piles, and begins piecing them together into a sturdy gate.

Lucent "... if I say 'that was diffferent' you will just accuse me of double standards, right?"

zahara "Are you implying that you do not have them?"

Lucent "Do I?"

zahara "You do." She sets the gate aside, and moves along the marked-out foundation, calculating how much stone she will need. "Everyone does, have you not noticed?"

Lucent "So, what do you think we should use for stone - Coral, Seawater, or the Sky?" He ponders as he considers her question. "Everyone has their OWN standards. Some never touch each other. Some are fiercely loyal. Some can sleep around with half of Creation as long as they do not break some single rule. Some are, are... VARANIM!"

zahara "Then what are yours? Because it seems to be that you can sleep around with half of Creation, but she cannot even smile at a man."

Lucent "... I ONLY slept with them when we had broken up. And considering I have mine HANGING AROUND MY NECK, you would think I would be self-conscious about falling in love with captors who do horrible things to you. I do not get angry when she smiles at Imrama!"

zahara "I suppose her arm is similar to your pendant, except for the love part."

zahara decides not to mention that she has noticed Imrama checking Varanim out several times in the past.

Lucent "... the Doctor is inside it?" He looks suddenly TERRIFIED!

zahara "Yes, and baby Malfaens too," she says, deadpan.

Lucent "SERIOUS now."

zahara gives him a little smile over her shoulder. "No, Lucent. I have not noticed any other beings inside of her arm."

Lucent sighs in relief, starting to pace around, then SCREAMS, sending up pieces of wood to the sky and shattering a part of it, great slivers of the above falling on the shores. "Damn it ALL."

zahara looks up sharply, a piece of wood now carrying deep fingermarks in her hand. After a second, she notices they are not being attacked by monsters or sidereals, and turns to face him. "Love is never easy, but it's easier if you trust your partner."

Lucent "How can I trust her if she never... says something? Acts like it? How am I supposed to trust that something just IS...?"

zahara "You trust in the Sun."

zahara "You trust in ME, which is a much more difficult feat. Why not her?"

Lucent "That... that is..." He stops. "... I have said 'different' too many times, right?"

zahara shrugs a little. "Is there more to it than different?"

Lucent "Well, I... ah... see, she was right about me." He holds himself. "She has to stop being right."

zahara "Right about what?"

Lucent "It is about me."

zahara "Hmmm. Go on." She turns away from him to make it a bit easier to go on, carving windows from the sky.

Lucent "Xalat, Adiele, Eckardt. My teacher, his pupils, my friends. All fallen to the darkness." He nods. "So many of them, through the years, Larquen Quen among them. Malfeas, the Underworld, the Faerie, just plain madness. And you begin to think... what IS that? What is so seductive about it?"

zahara "And you as well, and I, Talmuda, was on my way. I feel it still... standing up to the darkness is so much harder than giving in."

Lucent "To kiss the Wyld and be kissed back, and be its sword as you were meant to?"

zahara "Is that what I was meant to be? The Sword of the Wyld?" She looks out over the ocean.

Lucent "Is that what Tevezt wanted you to be?" Lucent rips parts of the ocean, sliding it around them, holding it like he would hold so many other impossible weapons on his hand. Fishes floated on their future walls. "Of course, I believe others had their own plans in time."

zahara nods thoughtfully. "Yes, that was likely his intention. If not for Cerin, it may have come to pass." She encases the ocean within itself to form walls of solidified water with the liquid still flowing inside. "Who knows, it still may be my destiny to rip Creation apart."

Lucent sighs, forlorn. "I would have to stop you, if you tried."

zahara "Do you think you could do it?"

Lucent "I did it once." He nods. "All I had to do as to die."

zahara "Another incarnation?"

Lucent "No." He shakesh his head. "Not really." He looks about, arranging the sky and the water and the wood and the gate. "You know what we could have in the center? A deep coral bed."

zahara frowns, "I see..." She moves to the center, contemplating. "I think I could arrange that." She creates a space where the coral should go, more solid water to keep it in. "I thought you did not know whether you were in that Tomb or not."

Lucent "Well," he sighs. "Now I do."

zahara "How did you find out?"

Lucent "I had a dream."

zahara "Hnnnh. That must have been some dream."

Lucent "You have no idea..." Lucent looks at the horizon. "You will remember this, right?"

zahara "I expect that I will, yes."

Lucent arranges the walls, waiting only for her touch to make it... walls, proper, and not just amalgamations of sky and water and wood. But before she can move to them, he embraces her. "You were the best friend I could have asked for. Thank you, Dreambreaker. For everything."

zahara fails to dodge the sudden move, taken aback. After a moment she hugs him back, "I... you are welcome, Lucent. I will try not to break your trust in me."

Lucent "And that is all I can ask for." He nods, "Now, come on, let us leave our mark in the West!"

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