Summary:Lucent speaks to those who have gathered to journey to Eden, and learns a little more of his past from Ssithumi.



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Lucent steps out of the jungle in Amika and into Rathess, looking about for the Kashaen that Painted Wind and Laughing Heart had gathered, wondering wether they had managed to gather the Draconis as he strides to his meeting with Ssithumi-al-Hotep!

Innocence Lucent doesn't have to go far into the city before one of the elaborately outfitted Rathess guards finds him. "Lucent Copper Haze," he says, and bows, in a forgotten First Age gesture.

Lucent returns the gesture, not the same - he was greeted by a servant, he answered as a king. "Well met."

Innocence "An assembly is waiting for you," he says. "Many have gathered in the city for this event."

Lucent "Oh? The Sun smiles upon my endeavor, then." He gestures. "Please, lead on."

Innocence The Dragon-King leads the Solar down the long spoke boulevards of Rathess, though he cannot see the place he is being led, at first.

Innocence It is only when they turn down one of the circular hub roads and move past some particularly tall buildings that it comes into focus: an outdoor ampitheater, filled with hundreds of individuals, most of them human but with some Dragon-Kings amongst them, standing before a stage on which Ssithumi is flanked by Lucent's two attaches.

Lucent describes a most elaborate gesture of First Age procedence to Ssithumi, one given to high Dragon King envoys in Deliberative meetings. "Ssithumi-al-Hotep, you honor me with this audience. It brightens the sun in my heart that you have spoken to my envoys."

Innocence Ssithumi nods. "As the city of Rathess has risen once more to its ancient heights, there are many amongst my people who found the task of rebuilding a righteous and challenging task to set themselves to, in the absence of our ancient roles. The task your emissaries bring is well-suited to their talents."

Lucent "You have heard my request and spread the word. For that, Ssithumi, I shall be forever grateful." He smiles to her, and to Painted Wind and Laughing Heart. "And you have suceeded. Once again Draconis and Humanity shall work together to build a brighter future, thanks to you!" He declaims, drawing elation from the assembled! "Are those the Draconis who have chosen to accompany us?"

Innocence "Those who do not bear the decorations of Rathess' guards, yes." For many such stand at the borders of the crowd, as is their duty, but others mingle amongst the humans: almost all of them Anklok, many of them scarred or roughened by previous battles, each of them looking ready to dedicate themselves to raising a new nation in the south.

Lucent gazes about them. "I see those of you have great devotion for the Sun. That is good, for it shall shine inclement above us, and it shall grace us with light and purity unmatched!" He proclaims. "And you have lived on Rathess for some time, I imagine, which is also good... for the Dreambreaker shall make the desert into a forest, and we will need the talents only the Draconis have been given by Gaia to turn a forest into a great palace!"

Innocence The Dragon-Kings in the audience nod in agreement. Playing up their unique abilities definitely seems to be good at getting them fired up.

Innocence As Lucent looks out into the crowd, he notices quite a few Kashaen, but people of other extractions too -- Sunlanders, even some foreigners, who also seem to have committed to the effort.

Lucent smiles at that. "Further, I have talked to Kabeira, the Goddess of Southern Forge, Flame and Dolls. This reconstruction will be very dedicated to her, and she has said she is amiable to become Ochilik?... if a worthy Dragon King appears. I would like your greatest craftsmen, those who believe their kinship with making is grand enough, to step forth!"

Innocence "Come to the Pavillion of Great Works, if you wish to try your hand," Ssithumi announces. "Or tell those that you know to do so."

Lucent smiles to Ssithumi. She adapts FAST! "I am counting you! To once again show the world, the entire South of Creation, the great creation power of Gaia's most beloved children!" He shakes his fist into the air... and, after the acclamation, walks closer to Ssithumi.

Lucent "You have always been quick on your feet."

Innocence Ssithumi nods.

Lucent "What about the South? Any pockets of Draconis there it would be a good idea to talk to, that you know?"

Innocence "There is a place -- the Glitter-Flame Desert, where we have been hearing tales on the wind that some of our fellows might still survive. Those who accompany your people will know where to look."

Lucent "Thank you." He nods. "Is that far from my Tomb, you think?"

Innocence She gets a dark look on her face. "Not... that far," she says.

Lucent "You could have told me."

Innocence "I" -- she pauses as if the word is insufficient -- "...we didn't know exactly what had happened with you. We remember Lucent from long ago, and we knew you had reappeared now... but what you learned in the desert... that is a surprise to both of us."

Lucent "My memories stop when I fought the Maw. The Sky-devouring Eye." He nods. "I was frozen then. We know this almost for a fact. So... whoever was around for the centuries after that... it was likely not me."

Lucent "What was he like?"

Innocence "Much like you," she says. "Perhaps... more weary, but... more certain. It is not as if we were close. I spoke to you... to him, maybe thrice. I thought that perhaps just the darkness of the times had worn on you then, and the new possibilities of this era had reinvigorated you."

Lucent "No, we were not. And I was never Kiriath or Talmuda, under the watchful gaze of all. A perfect target to be substituted, of course..." He looks down at his feet for a moment. "... but do you know anyone that HAS talked to me? Most of my friends died that day, of course... this other Lucent would have a different Circle of friends."

Innocence "...yes," she says. "Yes." She thinks for a moment.

Innocence "Khajen, the one your friend Imrama asked about. The Southern Fires -- other Exalts that Khajen led, in the South." She thinks for a moment. "It is strange, I suppose, that Lucent-the-latter was not remarried."

Lucent "But Khajen was a Terrestrial. He is dead, now... was there any of them who could still be alive?"

Innocence "There was a Lunar -- Elegant Serpent," she says.

Innocence "And Khajen was one of the grander ones," she says, "Chosen of Juno."

Lucent "One of the questers?" Lucent blinks. All Elementalists in the First Age, those who have survived questing into the Wyld to become more than Terrestrials, commanded great honor in his age, for their very natures. "Do you think he is still...?"

Innocence "He could have returned," she says.

Lucent nods. "Do you have the location of the Southern Fire's old stronghold? I would like to pay a visit to it."

Innocence "I am certain I have a map somewhere with it," she says. "I will have someone take a look."

Lucent "Well, then, let us go." He smiles, "Can I have some quarters to wait for the contest of Craftsmen to be done? I need to prepare for a speech to bolster them for the hardships ahead... and would be better to do so around them. That, and," He looks at her, "I want to see the extent of the works you have done here. It was too brief a stay, last time."

Innocence "Of course," she says, and smiles. "I would be glad to have you."

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