Summary:Varanim and Lucent take a moment in the middle of the meeting to collect themselves.



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Lucent runs after Varanim, cursing under his breath for a thousand different reasons

Varanim has gone only as far as one of the outer rooms, taking a seat on the rubble of a collapsed wall and scooping up a palmful of sand blown in from the outside. She sits very still except for her soulsteel hand, which shakes slightly as the grains run out between her fingers.

Lucent walks up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders, silent.

Varanim leans back against him for a long moment, then the last of the sand trickles away and she seems to return to herself, standing up and pulling away from him. "It's not important," she says without turning around. "Nothing to interrupt your shiny time for."

Lucent slides his arms around her from behind. "Yes, it is. You always say that when it IS."

Lucent "If it was unimportant you would be cracking bad jokes. Involving alcohol."

Varanim "Heh. Clever boy," she murmurs, reaching back to ruffle his hair. "I just don't like missing pieces, that's all. They vex me." She's quiet for a moment, then she says, "The crazy boy with the glasses and the coat, he was there in his old name. There but for the grace of crazy shard exes go I."

Lucent "Beyond. He was a Solar? He was... infected, as well?"

Lucent allows his presence to cover her like a warm blanket. Like being protected from the world.

Varanim "Looks that way." She closes her eyes, playing the stream of images again. "Ah, well," she says after a moment with a sigh, laying her hand over his to squeeze briefly. "It doesn't matter now. Give it a day, it'll interest me as little as the rest of my past."

Varanim "But thank you."

Lucent holds her tight. "Why does it? Because you lost something? Because you were manipulated? Or because you were powerless?" He stops, then. "I am never going to let you lose anything else, you know. As long as I live."

Varanim "Hmm. It was... a complicated week. And I hate it when my memory goes missing, much more than the arm." She smirks a bit at his promise, patting his arm. "That can't be helped, kiddo, it's life. Like trying to stop the rain."

Lucent All the dust kicks around them, rising to the sky... and forming clouds before falling - much like rain. However, none of it touches Lucent or Varanim. The rain stops inches from them. "Life is very much like the rain, yes." He smiles, planting a kiss on her neck.

Varanim "That's enough of that," she sniffs, her normal impatience returning. "Come on, let's go see what Spring and ol' Peerless have been doing playing doctor with each other."

Lucent "Yes, we do have some Deathknights to convert. Do I have to respect THEIR choice of Void-taint too?"

Varanim "Why start now?" she snorts, walking back toward the main room.

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