Summary:Phoenix learns of the Aeliar's vision of the future.



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Phoenix` "Also my friend gave me a secret map that said I should stop by."

Doctor The decorated Aeliar... nods? Perhaps? "It... is the... labor of... Ael," it says, after a long pause, clearly referring back to the purple object. "The... answer to... a question, asked... long ago."

Phoenix` nods.

Phoenix` "What was the question?"

Doctor "What... shall we do... when the great... calamity strikes?" The words sound practiced, yet forced; the human mode of speech is clearly very unusual for this race.

Phoenix` tilts her head. "That is...a decidedly odd question. Can you tell me anything more about the 'great calamity'?"

Phoenix` takes out Iallu's map and a multi-colored erasable pen. She makes some notes on it in blue.

Doctor "It is... coming," he says. "We... know that a... cloud hangs over... our future." One of its hands waves upwards as if to illustrate. "It will begin here... but... it will... not end here."

Phoenix` shakes her head. "There are too many questions for me to even BEGIN, and you seem uncomfortable with human speech. Perhaps..."

Phoenix` "Will you teach me how to speak as one of you?"

Doctor The Aeliar waits for a long moment, as if in thought, and then, seemingly satisfied, nods. "...yes."

Doctor It extends its hand to Phoenix, the knowledge she seeks gripped in captured Essence within.

Phoenix` takes its hand in her own, and says haltingly, >>It is my honor to accept this gift.<<

Doctor The Aeliar looks at Phoenix with curiosity and admiration. >>You speak in the ways of our kind now,<< it says. >>Welcome to Ael.<<

Phoenix` >>Thank you. You have a beautiful home. I believe I've neglected to introduce myself---my name is Phoenix of Ashes.<<

Doctor >>I am known as Eare,<< it says. >>Walk with me, if you would.<<

Phoenix` nods and follows Eare.

Phoenix` >>You know,<< she chatters, >>All you Hundredfold sorts are extremely friendly. The Yul-Adr even threw me a party for some reason. I suppose it gets sort of quiet on these remote islands all forgotten in time?<<

Doctor >>The war was long,<< it said, >>and we know that there may be another. For now, for as long as we can... we do not wish to fight, yet.<< Eare leads Phoenix into the city, up the winding amethyst walkways, onwards and upwards towards the sky that hangs high above.

Phoenix` >>There is always another war, it seems. But you needn't fight. Isn't that what the servitors were created for?"

Phoenix` <<

Doctor >>When war is truly necessary,<< it says, >>there are none who can escape its touch. Here we are.<< They arrive on a balcony, high above the ground, from which one can look out to see the whole of the vast island.

Phoenix` glances around before responding. >>I find it helps if you touch war first. Maybe in does one put this delicately? its restricted-access areas.<<

Doctor Eare does something odd with its body... it might be laughing. >>Perhaps,<< the Aeliar says. >>Our kind, we do not... see the future, exactly, but... a part of us is there. I am speaking to you, looking out on our forest, and yet -- I am seeing the forest destroyed and wilting, and fires burning in the sky.<<

Phoenix` >>That is a sad thing to hear, but then, it must also be glorious sometimes. To see the sunrise glinting on a city's rooftops as you lay the first stones...<<

Doctor Eare nods again. >>It is. I would not be rid of it.<< It looks out over the forest with what might possibly be a wistful expression. >>But what we see in the future now is... dark. Very dark.<<

Phoenix` >>What DO you see, exactly? Who is fighting this war?<<

Doctor >>We are,<< Eare says. >>Our cousins. Humans. Spirits. Even the dead.<< He looks out over the broad vista. >>The skies tear, and the ground buckles.<<

Phoenix` nods.

Doctor >>We know this even when we first strode these shores,<< it says, >>and so we set into motion the process that would tell us what we must do to prepare.<< Eare points to a spot far off on the horizon. >>And now our answer has flown away.<<

Phoenix` >>Have no fear. It is the Iron Wolf's dharma to give chase, and our new friend is not the ONLY one with the gift of wings. I will bring your answer back.<<

Doctor Eare nods. >>Then for now, let us look out on the view, in peace.<<

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