Summary:Varanim and Zahara continue an earlier conversation.

XP:V1, Z1


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zahara crests a small rise, seeking the small pool Rio had told her about. Just a little ways ahead, it sparkles in the dawning sun. "Hmmm... not bad at all."

Varanim A long, salacious whistle is the advance warning that Varanim, hiking back to the Cascade along the rise, has seen Zahara. "Breakfast?" she calls, holding up and wiggling a flask.

zahara turns to see Varanim's approach. "Not quite a picnic, but it'll do I suppose." She waves her down

Varanim tosses Zahara the flask--by weight already more than half empty, and as she approaches it doesn't look like she's been to bed yet. "Are you trying to escape before the accountants are awake? I'm not sure that'll work."

zahara "I'm contemplating taking a year off." She hefts the flask, and then unscrews the top, taking a long drink. "Sounds nice, right?"

Varanim snorts. "You can barely manage an evening off. I was thinking about graduating you to a full day, soon." It's the higher-quality stuff Varanim drinks these days, not as strong on the breath.

Varanim "Of course," she adds without looking over as they keep walking, "I'm not sure you still feel like drinking with me, so this was sort of a test."

zahara "Yeah, the world just can't seem to stay flat without me to stomp on it a little." She shrugs. "We'll see how long I make it. And I see you're at least drinking the better stuff these days, so that helps."

Varanim "What I said to you about Akuna," she seems to be picking her words carefully, "it wasn't personal."

zahara "I got that." She takes another swig. "My battle isn't everyone's battle, Red Lily thing aside."

Varanim "It's not that." She scowls, too distracted to notice Zahara and the further dwindling alcohol supply. "I'm... upset about what happened to you."

zahara leans up against a tree, sliding down to sit among the roots. "Why should you be? It's only what I've done to hundreds of other people. In the grand scheme of things, I probably deserved it."

Varanim looks down at Zahara a little strangely. "'Deserve?' What was rectified by it being done to you?" Then she waves her hand, frowning a bit. "Look, that's not the point. I know you didn't like telling me all that. I... answered the way I did because I don't mix work with personal business."

zahara shrugs, and smiles in a detached fashion. "I can't imagine knowing where one ends and the other begins anymore."

Varanim "It's easy--you take one set of things and put them in one box, and the other set in another box, and you can't open one until the other is closed." She half-smirks, looking a little over Zahara's shoulder as if avoiding her eyes. "I wanted you to know that it's not you. I can't do it for anyone."

zahara "Well, maybe he'll join another war across Creation or something, then he'll be in the right box. He could jion the hundredfold this time"

zahara (join)

Varanim "Oh, it's too late for him. I've already started on it, and I have one of those jobs where once you go looking for something wrong, you always find it." She smiles faintly. "There's no guarantee anyone will like what I do about it, but that's also a comfy work habit."

Varanim Then she looks away. "I just wanted to know if we're still... whatever we are."

zahara "Close enough, I think." She tosses the flask back to her. "Care for a swim?"

Varanim catches it, digs in her bag for a moment, and tosses back a wrapped package holding several little cakes stolen from the kitchen. "Sure, nothing like icy water in the morning to make me forget my petty problems and focus on hating life."

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