Summary:Cerin reveals a commissioned painting to Lucent.

XP:C1, L1


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Lucent was on his room playing a most exquisite flute melody. Maids outside and groundskeepers on the gardens below danced and hummed to its tune, their days brightened by their very existence, the Sisters of the Empty Sand leaving his room after singing along with him for an afternoon... and now he was just finishing, as a prayer, to the setting sun.

Cerin There comes a rap from the door, just a few moments after the last note fades from the flute. "Lucent, are you busy?"

Lucent finishes the note and waits for a moment, the fae-tinted music hanging ominously in the air for another moment... and then gone. "No, I was just finishing up." He sets the flute down close to the editor's version of Sol Invictus Book Five, which he had also been sent, together with Spring. "And I am never busy to my friends."

Cerin steps into the rooms, followed by three servents, one carrying a smaller black rectangle on his own, the other two carrying a larger one between them. "Ah, that is good."

Lucent peeks behind Cerin like a eager boy on his name day. "... are those...?"

Cerin "... those?" he smiles mysteriously, indicating that the servents should set them down.

Lucent "Those, those!" He points, eyes shining! So bright they could blind. Literally.

Cerin makes a little gesture, that might be interpretable as 'yes, those', followed by another one which seems to invite Lucent to remove the covering on the smaller painting.

Lucent snaps his fingers, walking to the painting, making discreet apologies to the servant as he places them down... and opening it, managing not to rip it in the least, to see...!

Cerin The painting which is unveiled is just the one that Lucent has asked for. There is the monument which Zahara crafted, the tapestry of stories. There was Kestral's feather, picked out in delicate green shades. The ruby of Ravi shone from the center of it all, Lucent and Zahara's reflections as they worked on the painting visible in its depths. The fragments of the Infinite Sky were worked around it, hilighted in the feathers of her mate.

Cerin The monument itself almost seems to fill the painting, very little of the desert or the sky showing, but enough to give it context.

Lucent looks at that painting, his mouth agape, almost touching... but not. The way Zahara and Lucent's reflections were worked on, as mere background details and yet with such feeling, the monument to his friends, to their last stand. A tear shone in his eye, and he brushed it off. "It is just..."

Lucent "Thank you, Cerin. Thank you very much."

Cerin "I am glad that you appreciate it," he says with a smile.

Lucent "Ravi's Third Eye sees all. An excellent artistic choice... he really, really did." He almost chokes out. "I always thought he would be the one to chronicle it, that it would be through his eye that all would learn of us... writing things down is what Sidereals do, after all, right...?"

Cerin "Some of them seem to, yes," he nods. "I'm not sure I have met enough to know, but ..." he gestures to the second, larger, painting.

Lucent blinks. "I only asked for one..."

Cerin gives a small, mysterious, shrug.

Lucent walks carefully to it, pulling the covers to reveal...!

Cerin The reason for the size quickly becomes apparent, for it is a painting of two halves. On the right, there is the darkness, and in the sky there is The Maw Of Nine Dark Truths. It is painted in shades of black and dispair, lidless eye of red and malice and it's great Sky-Devouring Teeth of hunger itself. And then on the right, is light, there is Lucent Copper Haze riding atop Amika, his anima rising up above both of them, painted in gold,

Cerin sunlight and bravery. Beside him flies Kestral, green wings gleaming, highlighted with the joy of spring. Ravi is beside him too, ruby eye gleaming, blazing. Above them flies Tamara, atop her mate, almost impossible details woven into his feathers. Her Daiklave is leveled at the eye, slicing the air with determination as she charges forward. There are others alongside Lucent too. Anediros, a young twilight dressed head to toe in

Cerin purple silks was shaping reality with a spell, getting read to unleash it. An'hato, lunar of a totem which no longer existed in this age, was beside them, bounding along as she readied her long moonsilver claws, each one carved with the name of a demon she had defeated. These, and a dozen more, and a dozen again. Those who had ridden with him on that day. Those that had rallied for the final charge.

Lucent looks at in shock, and surprise, far, far greater than merely seeing himself and zahara in the reflection of the other painting. Seeing his old friends, seeing himself as seen by Cerin, and the monster, and... "How..." He whispers, "How do you even know..."

Cerin smiles mysteriously. "Magic, of course."

Lucent laughs, embarassed. Looking into the sunlight, the real sunlight. The paintings he had given Cerin, drawing emotions from him... emotions that are almost too much. His eyes fill with tears, although he remains tall and statuesque as they do so. "... I have no words..."

Cerin "I shall leave you with the paintings, then," he says with a nod.

Lucent turns around, then, and before Cerin can go away... he hugs Cerin. Tight.

Cerin , a little unsure, wraps his arms briefly around Lucent, with what eventually becomes a smile and then he departs.

Lucent watches him go with a smile, turning back with tear-filled eyes. "Thank you."

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