Summary:Zahara and Spring share somewhat different interpretations of Innocence's nature.

XP:S1, Z1


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zahara It is late afternoon by the time Zahara emerges from the Cascade. She walks down the winding pathway towards the school, the shadowed sun warm against her skin. She gives the school buildings her usual critical once-over before heading inside, towards the dormitories.

Spring stands in the entryway of the dormitory, speaking with a couple of mortal doctors. He looks up as Zahara approaches, and quickly bids them farewell.

Spring "Hello, Zahara. How are you today?"

zahara "Fine, thank you Spring." She glances at the doctors as they hurry away. "And yourself?"

Spring "I am well. There are always things to worry about."

Spring "Do you need my assistance with something?"

zahara "Always," she agrees. "No, I should be fine on my own. I'm sure I can find the girl easily enough."

Spring "The...girl?"

zahara "Yes, that one that used to be an abyssal. Loss or something. I just have a few..questions for her."

Spring "Innocence."

Spring regards Zahara with some wariness.

zahara "Ah..yes. Ironic name, is it not?"

Spring "Not ironic so much as accurate."

Spring "She has lost everything that came before this life, for her. She is, indeed, purely innocent."

zahara "Only until she remembers."

Spring "What makes you think she will?"

zahara "Sooner or later, everyone does."

Spring frowns, and sits on the lobby couch. "Then perhaps you ought to leave that conversation until she does remember."

zahara "It has not occurred to you that perhaps she already does, and is hiding it from you?"

Spring "Cerin would have known if that were the case."

zahara "Why are you trying to keep me from her?"

Spring "What do you want to do to her?"

zahara A hard glint comes to Zahara's eyes. "Jog her memory. Surely he would be pleased to meet what he aspired to create."

Spring "Then you already know the answer to your question."

Spring "I am not trying to keep you from her. I am trying to protect her from you."

zahara "Why?"

Spring "Because I do not believe in torture, and I do believe in forgiveness."

zahara "Our beliefs do not overlap much."

Spring "I have remarked on this."

Spring "I believe with earnest discussion and respect we may come to a mutual understanding."

zahara "By which you no doubt mean that you will give up your belief that torture is never called for, and forgiveness not always warranted, yes?"

Spring "Zahara, have I interfered with your dungeons? Have I hectored you about your desire for vengeance? Have I forced my beliefs on you before this?"

zahara "Well, you took her out of them. And have tried to convince me that not killing is the best way."

Spring "I have expressed what I think. But I have not prevented you from doing as you saw fit."

Spring "But this girl is under my protection."

zahara narrows her eyes, then takes a step back and nods. "As you wish."

Spring glances up, if possible even warier.

Spring "This is acceptable to you?"

zahara "I will respect your claim on her."

Spring nods, slowly.

Spring "If, in the future, circumstances change, I will inform you."

zahara "In the meantime, I will seek you out if I have questions for her."

Spring "Certainly."

Spring "Do you still wish to...speak with her?"

zahara "Hmm. Yes, I think so."

Spring "Let us call upon her, then."

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