Summary: Varanim shares with Zahara on another trip out amongst the common folk.

XP:V1, Z1

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Varanim "There's got to be someplace to get meat on a stick around here."

zahara chuckles. "I'm sure we can find something interesting on a stick. Last time I was here I didn't see much as mundane as meat though." She leads them through Yu Shan, past wonders unheard of, towards the central market

Varanim "Pity, I'm not sure my delicate constitution can handle too much heaven." She follows, absorbing the magnificent cascade of color and geometry with the gradually deepening crease of a frown between her brows.

Varanim "Are you sure you know where we're going?"

zahara "Are you that worried about getting lost?"

Varanim "No, but I am feeling generally cranky from chewing a hole in my tongue, and you're an easy target." She beams at Zahara. "Aren't girls' nights out great?"

zahara "Gosh, whatever did I do before you showed up?" She pauses at a jewelry stand, admiring the sparkling...things. "I have no idea what this is, but I want one."

Varanim "I'd assume it involved Cerin and a dress, but you can keep your filthy bedroom business to yourself." She leans in to inspect the jewelry stand, herself. "Hm, I think it's a tesseract."

zahara smirks, "Hmmmm... maybe." Her answer is somewhat ambiguous as to which comment she is addressing.

Varanim "Come on, let's find a spot to sit. This place gives me the willies."

zahara looks over the market, spots a somewhat empty table and perches on the edge of the bench

Varanim seats herself on the other side of the bench, so the two of them flank the chiming flow of crystal-clear water that glistens down the center of the bench, falling through a lattice of crystals at the bottom to loop around to the top again. "Tell me about while I was gone," she says after a few moments of silence.

zahara frowns, and drums her fingers against the table, producing a staccatto counterpoint to the chiming. "It was...dark. Tense. False. But you know how some falsehoods illuminate the truth? I think that the false fights we set up were... letting some real things out."

Varanim laces her fingers together, tilting her head back a bit to look at the opalescent sky. "I came back, in part, because I heard that Cerin and Lucent had nearly killed each other."

zahara "Lucent was different after you left. I didn't talk to him much, and I was glad for it with the stories I'd heard. I think he snapped. Part of the reason for the plan to lock him up was to see if he'd cool down on his own. But yes... the plan called for them to fight, and I'm sorry we couldn't let you in on it..." she wiggles her ring finger, "but like I said before, it went further than it was supposed to."

Varanim "How much of the maid staff did he work his way through, anyway?"

zahara grimaces. "Apparently it takes a lot to forget you. We had some talks about his behavior... "

Varanim "Kids these days, don't they know what booze is for?" Varanim smirks, then it fades. "It was almost him, at the edge."

zahara "The edge?"

Varanim makes a little tossing motion with her hand, as if dropping a ball or a piece of fruit, then shrugs. "Never mind, it's not important." She scowls across the scintillating plaza. "Why am I bothering you with this, anyway?"

zahara "Because your tongue hurts and I'm an easy target?" she offers, with an easy smile but a penetratingly curious look at her brushoff.

Varanim "Oh, that's right." Her eyes warm briefly in a smirk, then she sighs. "Ah, Lucent, such a problem for me. D'you think I could convince you to replace the entire palace staff with strapping young lads, maybe from that monastery by the market?"

zahara tilts her head to the side, "Oh I could replace MY staff, but his is his own. However, they're all quite depressed since you came back." She gives Varanim an arch look. "Apparently they can't compete."


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