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Summary: Spring discusses his current pondering topic -- corruption of essence.

XP:S1, Z1

zahara enters the newly-built school, inspecting it for any flaws she may have missed in the chaos of building. She makes a few unnecessary adjustments to a wall here or there, straightens a minutely crooked painting, and finally comes to the door labeled "Glorious Headmaster of Perfect Instruction." She knocks politely.

Spring Nothing happens.

zahara eyes the door for a moment, and then shrugs and opens it, stepping in as if she owned the place.

Spring Behind the door is a nicely enameled desk, from the sides of which padded bars rise up, giving it the appearance of a makeshift bassinet. Inside lies a small baby, laboriously crawling over to a small lever which seems to be attached to some machinery above the door. It stops its movement for a moment as Zahara enters.

zahara pauses, startled at the sight. She raises her brow at the baby, considers the lever, and shakes her head a little. "I take it you're not just a normal baby. You must be one of the Sidereals." She sniffs. "Babies all look alike."

Spring The baby places his (her?) their hand on a small piece of parchment within the bassinet, and words appear. "CAN I HELP YOU"

zahara Fighting the urge to just brush past the tiny thing and go into his office herself, she sticks to polite protocol. "I am here to see Spring." a pause. "The Glorious Headmaster of Perfect Instruction, Long-Awaited Spring." By this point she's trying not to laugh.


Spring In about half a moment, Spring's door opens and he sticks his head out. "Zahara. Please come in. Excuse me."

zahara looks up at him, wide-eyed. "Oh, but your secretary hasn't made an appointment for me yet."

Spring looks puzzled, then embarrassed, and just waves her in again.

zahara grins and saunters in.

Spring closes the door behind her. "Please excuse Glory in Wisdom. She is new to service positions, and still learning."

Spring If Zahara bothers to look, she can see, on Spring's desk, several of Cerin's sketches, showing the Essence patterns of both the Unconquered Sun (with focus on his blackened arm) and Varanim the Last.

Spring And some sketches of Lucent!

zahara "New to everything, I would imagine." She seats herself in one of the guest chairs and folds her hands in her lap. "Are you entirely sure it was a good idea to have a baby as a secretary?"

Spring "Glory helps me keep in touch with the rest of the Infantry, but she does not like feeling useless. This helps her develop her motor reflexes and communication. She is also very good at getting rid of people she does not think I need to see."

zahara "...how does she manage that?"

Spring "Send a mortal to try it sometime, and see." Spring smiles.

zahara "Hm, perhaps I shall." She glances down at his desk, "Studying Essence problems?"

Spring "Ah. Yes."

Spring "There seems to be a medical question that is occupying my attention of late."

Spring "Specifically, the corruption of Essence."

zahara "That is a very timely question to find the answers to."

zahara "Have you had any luck so far?"

Spring "Not yet."

Spring "I need a direct examination of affected targets."

Spring "I have some plans I intend to pursue to make that possible -- for instance, I intend to recover Varanim's arm as soon as it is convenient -- but there is one in particular I will need your help with."

zahara "Well, I'm assuming the trouble is not in tracking down Lucent to stare at his forehead."

Spring chuckles. "No, it is not difficult to convince Lucent that one wants to look at him."

Spring "I propose we pay a visit to the Unconquered Sun."

zahara cocks her head to one side. "Calibration is over."

Spring "Doctors keep all hours. If He is sick, then I must cure Him."

zahara "You wish to knock on the Sun's door and cure his illness?"

Spring "That is the plan as I might outline it, yet. There may be some fine details yet to deal with. That is why I ask the help of the most powerful Eclipse I know."

Spring "Surely your diplomatic skill will be enough to gain us admission."

zahara "I am flattered, however I fear you will need more authority than mine to get through the doors of Heaven. Cerin, however, has a position over the Terrestrial Bureaucracy. I propose that his credentials will be of more use in this situation. However, I will certainly come along to use my skills to get us to the right place after he has opened the door."

Spring "Cerin, unfortunately, is the only one among us specifically requested not to return to the Jade Pleasure Dome."

Spring "If we are to show good will, we must practice obedience."

zahara "Certainly, however the Gates to Yu Shan themselves are barred to us on all days not during Calibration. We must enter Yu Shan to reach the Dome."

zahara gazes contemplatively out the window. "I would like to see Selonis again. Perhaps Nesula would like to come with us."

Spring "Hm."

Spring "That is not a bad idea."

Spring "I agree that Cerin will be of help to us in penetrating Yu-Shan. I shall certainly seek him out."

zahara "I wonder why he has not had his hand treated already, by one of the Gods of medicine..."

Spring "They are not as good as I am."


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