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Summary: Lucent gets Zahara to upgrade his Orbs.

XP:L1, Z1

Lucent walks with Zahara out of the theater, "So, speaking of goals... there is one favor I need of you. Well, in fact, quite a few. But I figure it's better to start small."

zahara walks with her hands clasped behind her back, presumably paying attention to where she is going since she has not yet run into anything or anyone. "A favor, hmmm? Well I did say I would help. What is it?"

Lucent lets the Coronal spread out, globes of crystal around her, like little playing marbles, in a way, with the essence burning and ever-spreading within them, the symbol of their incarna flaring out. They... fall close to Zahara, all around her. "Remember when I asked you to fix them?"

zahara "Of course." She lifts one out of the air, rubbing her thumb over the seam - so fine that only she could tell it was there.

Lucent "They were made in the First Age. Before the Spring." He touches it with her. "Before Pluto, before the Gentlemen. I am missing them, now. An incomplete Orrery." He smiled, "Could you help me complete it? To create the Orb of Pluto, to start with?"

zahara 's face darkens for a moment as she considers Pluto's awakening, and Markuran's revival of sorts. "What would you have it do? Awaken bad memories?"

Lucent "If it could incapacitated the enemy, then yes." He nods, "Not just inconvenience them."

zahara "So long as you never use it on me." She smiles crookedly

Lucent "Promise." He bows, "Not that I like that stupid Incarna either. He almost killed us."

zahara "He broke my SHIP" she says mournfully

Lucent "You can rebuild it..."

zahara "I'm not sure I ought to return to Stygia for a while."

Lucent "Build a better one, then?" He smiles, picking a fragment of black metal from his robes and placing it on Zahara's hand. Touching it feels like nostalgia, like the cold wind of the end and promises broken. "I got this while we were piecing him together. Extraneous matter... that spent a long time within Pluto. A good way to make the Orb."

zahara closes her fingers around it, a shiver passing up her arm at the feeling. "Fascinating. This should do well for it indeed."

Lucent "I could help you if you wish. Although I think Varanim might be better suited..."

zahara "Perhaps we can work together as a threesome," she says, turning over the piece in her hand, holding it up to examine it more closely.

Lucent blushed lightly, chuckling and shaking his head. "You know, she seems to like you more than she seems to. To identify with you."

zahara catches the glow of Luc's cheeks behind the stone and looks up, slightly surprised. "What makes you say that?"

Lucent "The way she acts towards you, and... things I have seen. She was hurt as well, and just... handles that differently. But she has been coming to you, right? I have heard of you two going out on your own..."

zahara tucks the shard away, flicking her fingers a few times after she has let go to clear the feeling from her skin. "Hmmm yes. I wasn't sure what caused her to look to me for the outings. But I enjoy them... it's good to get away."

Lucent The Orbs of the Coronal return to him, as he goes on to the Cascade, "Hopefully, she is taking you to safer places than I did."

zahara chuckles drily, "What is life without danger?"

Lucent tries to hide a smile, "What, indeed."

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