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Summary: Luc and Birds discuss a pilgrimage.


Lucent The bedroom of Birds-of-Trinity... where Belladonnas, Sunflowers, Orchids, Camelias and White Roses can be seen all around. The flowers Lucent kept having the remaining Kashaen send, every day.. and then a knock on the door. "Birds? You there?"

Birds opens the door. She looks restless; her hair is dishevelled, there is a pile of papers in disarray on the table, empty plates and half-filled teacups littered on every surface.

Birds "Lucent."

Lucent blinks, ripples going through his golden eyes "... Birds? A... are you ok?"

Birds "I'm restless, Luc." Her eyes pass over the windows - all flung open, the curtains flying in the breeze - over the harpist podium and the gilmyne dais - empty.

Birds "It has been too long since I lived and walked under the sky."

Lucent "Why don't you, then?" He smiles, picking her hand and rushing to the window! "Why not live in the gardens? Outside the cascade? You can come here in a flash if needed anyway!"

Birds smiles a secret smile. Poor Luc. "Maybe I will, Luc."

Birds "Were you just visiting, or is there something?"

Lucent does not let go of her hand, looking up in her eyes "Oh, I... just wanted to talk to you! We have not really talked lately, what with all that's been going on..."

Lucent "And I never apologized for saying the fight was senseless, last time. You were... so right."

Birds hugs Luc. "It's okay. I'm glad you came."

Lucent becomes... speechless.. on her grasp, hugging her back, leaning his face on her and closing his eyes... "I've been missing you... we are all so distant now."

Birds "We have a lot on our minds."

Birds "Tell me, Luc, what happened when you went into the darkness?"

Lucent "I met Larquen Quen. I saw a Primordial dying. It hurt so much..."

Lucent picks up one of the half-filled teacups and tries to drink it

Birds The tea is cold.

Birds "Dying?"

Lucent makes an effort to swallow it and smile. "I saw when we killed him... maybe one of them was you. I know they used that Jade blade Zahara got once, and Kai's new blade... I saw it through his eyes, Birds. For them, we are as ants."

Birds "Are we black or red?"

Lucent "Gold, of course!"

Lucent "For crying out loud, Birds, we are not Dragonlings."

Lucent "You know, the Kashaen were a nomadic people when I first found them. Maybe... we can go look for a new land, after this is over. A pilgrimage through Creation, to help create something new, a new land. What do you think?"

Birds "Yes, we'll go on a pilgrimage."

Lucent looks up to her, the orbs of Mercury and Venus coming out and exploding in golden and azure glitter around them! "You... you... you like the idea? Really? REALLY?" He brightens, standing on the tips of his toes... and kissing her!

Birds kisses Luc back just a little bit and gently disentangles him. "We are not out of our obigations yet, though."

Lucent blushes a little... "Oh... um... sorry. I got carried away..."

Birds "Where do you want to go? Help me tidy this place up." She picks up a plate from underfoot and, noticing a bite of dried fruit on it, feeds it to Luc before stacking it on some other plates.

Lucent closes his eyes to eat from it, from her hands... and then his eyes pop open, and he seems a bit... uncertain. "Um, me? Clean things by... myself? I... guess."

Lucent begins to go after the teacups, thinking, making a tower of them on his hands. "Hmmm... we could go from the East to the South first? Through the Southeast... then to Gem... then maybe to other planes? It's been awhile since I was in odd places..."

Lucent "... aside from Netheos, and Netheos DOESN'T COUNT."

Birds finishes gathering the china, takes the cups from Luc, and puts them in an armoire. "Don't worry about the papers."

Lucent "Wasirru, maybe? Alahwi had... history with Wasirru, didn't she? Or Elysion..."

Lucent picks a comb, handling it to her, "And the hair

Lucent !"

Birds pushes her hair out of her eyes to give Luc a funny look, and then notices what she is doing. She falls on her bed laughing.

Birds "This war has driven me to distraction. I think, perhaps, the worlds are not enough."

Birds "But I would like to see...the remains of Gem."

Birds "Perhaps we can find the lost cities of the ancient world, fallen into the Wyld..."

Lucent blinks. "Did I do anything wrong...?"

Birds "Not at all. Give me that comb."

Lucent handles it to her... "Hmmm, pilgrimage into the Wyld? I would... love it! Amika misses home."

Birds "Then it is settled. That's what we'll do."

Lucent "Right!" He steps away, sitting down and looking for something to eat while he watches her... "I wonder, now... I sure hope the Kashaen can keep pace with you, flying... maybe I'll need some wings. Biiiiggg copper wings."

Lucent makes expansive gestures

Birds giggles. "What should I do with my hair?"

Lucent looks around Birds, pacing around her five times. "Hm!"

Lucent "Braid it? With.. feathers?"

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