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Summary: Serenal the Lunar returns and the Solars follow her to Lachu Atapis, home of the Silver Pact.


25 Descending Air

The remainder of the Circle, upon returning from their trip to the Sea of Icons, find Kai eating a casual breakfast within the Cascade.

  • Kai looks up. "Hello, all. Where have you been off to?"

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Marku wanted to talk to a cat."

  • Zahara laughs, "A Celestial Lion, really."

<Cerin?> "One of the guardians of Heaven."

<Kai?> "Oh. That sounds eventful."

<Cerin?> "In many ways it was. It was also ... vexing."

  • Zahara sighs, "Vexing indeed. One might wonder if worship is all it's stacked up to be."

<Cerin?> "The Sun, that is to say Sol Invictus, has forbidden all of Heaven from aiding us in this fight. He has given no indication as to why, he will not talk with us and indeed, has censured the spirit, the celestial lion, who conveyed the request."

<Kai?> "Hm. Are they just forbidden from aiding us, or our enemies, as well?"

  • Birds blinks.

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "I don't think we asked that question."

<Zahara?> "I suppose it is more fair if they interfere not at all."

<Cerin?> "We did not. That was absent minded of us. Perhaps we should have been less distracted by making cows ..."

<Kai?> "Making cows? Also, does anyone want some of these sauteed bananas?"

<Zahara?> "I made a hundred-and-one-fold, not a cow."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Ooh, bananas. Yes, we made cows. And other stuff."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Marku's thing is in a box somewhere..."

  • Kai serves a bowl for Birds.

<Kai?> "His 'thing'?"

  • Birds blushes, "No, not that one."

<Cerin?> "They were playing with unformed concepts. Things that might be."

<Kai?> "Oh. So 'thing' in the most literal sense."

<Zahara?> "Indeed."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "How have affairs been at the Cascade?"

  • Birds looks out the window to see how the wheat is doing.

<Kai?> "I would say 'nothing unusual', but that would kinda cut out everything that normally goes on here..."

<Zahara?> "You get used to it after a while."

Zahara thinks she notices something slightly odd in the rafter.

  • Zahara blinks as something catches her eye, and she says, "Just a moment..." then walks up into the air to see what it is.
  • Kai watches curiously.

There's an empty spot; nothing seems to be there at the moment.

  • Cerin looks up too.
  • Zahara looks through the eyes of Essence


It's difficult to make out anything useful with Essence sight here, due to the huge flows of Essence that fill every wall of the Manse, but there does seem to be some minor disturbance behind the wall.

<Zahara?> "Hmmm.. something is wrong.. There seems to be something behind the wall, perhaps." she prods at it with her Daiklave

  • Kai draws.

Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be moving. Neither, however, does the wall.

  • Zahara decides discretion is the better part of masonry, and jabs the blade through the wall to extract whatever is behind it.

<Cerin?> [The slate! Will no one think of the slate?!]

  • Birds sighs and scribbles a note to the caretaker.

There's a flash of Essence as a slight portion of the Manse's Essence flow is disrupted by Zahara's action, then a single rock falls out of the wall. Something skitters down further in the wall's recess as soon as it is revealed, too quick to get a good glimpse.

<Zahara?> "Ah hah! see, there it was."

<Cerin?> "How curious. One of Luna's Children."

<Kai?> "I'm not sure I want to know what kind of freakish rats you people have."

  • Zahara sends one of the sesseljae after it

<Cerin?> "That, while it wore the form of one, was no rat."

A stomach bottle bug bursts outwards from Zahara's bosom and begins to clatter down into the wall. A shrill shriek is heard, followed by more clattering.

  • Birds stabs some bananas with a fork and brandishes it gallantly.
  • Cerin concentrates on the sound of the fleeing lunar and the sesselje, banishing other distractions

With concentration, Cerin can observe the progress behind the wall, as the Lunar repeatedly flees from the bug.

  • Zahara sends in the other two, in a pattern to catch it unawares!
  • Cerin walks very carefully over to a thin patch in the wall, then he waits. 23 seconds later, an arc of gold flashes in his hand, blocks of stone pushed into the recess to block the lunar.

Cerin pushes in the block, and there's another, even more unhappy screech.

  • Cerin cuts another block in, trapping lunar between the two.

As Cerin reaches in, the entire wall suddenly explodes outward as a gigantic rhinoceros bursts through it and into the room, charging towards the far wall.

<Zahara?> "My slate!"

<Zahara?> "You bastard!"

<Kai?> "Oh dear."

  • Cerin sighs. "Stop, Chosen of Lunar." A glittering sunlight bow appears in his hand.
  • Birds covers her eyes. -}}> *chanserv* op #SolInvictus Markuran
  • Zahara growls, brandishing her daiklave. "You stop tearing up my Manse THIS INSTANT!"

The Lunar continues to charge, not at anyone within the room, but merely at the window on the opposite wall -- and freedom, sweet freedom!

  • Cerin looks over to Zahara, tiping his bow slightly.
  • Zahara lunges for the rhino, pushing off the bottom of the rafter and diving down from midair, to interpose herself between the interloper and the window
  • Birds dives across the table and after the rhino. "And do NOT leave the breakfast room without excusing yourself, you barbarian!"

The rhino screeches to avoid Zahara, drastically slowing in the process, and allowing Birds to get a firm grip on her.

  • Birds grabs onto the rhino's ear and steers it back into the room.

The rhino, defeated, transforms into a slender, silver-haired woman, wearing the pelt of a tyrant lizard and chains of bright silver. Thin black patterns are traced over her skin.

  • Zahara clips a collar onto her before she can react. From my neck, to yours.

"Let me go, or the wrath of the Pact shall be upon you!"

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Welcome to the Labryinthine Cascade, stranger. May i introduce our gracious host, Zahara?"

  • Kai snickers quietly at "garcious".
  • Cerin keeps his bow half raised, a mote of sunlight drawn across it. "Perhaps you would care to explain what you were doing here, first."
  • Serenal glares sullenly at Zahara.
  • Zahara smiles sweetly.

<Cerin?> "And indeed, who you are."

<Serenal?> "I am observing your so-called nation, to determine whether you should be crushed by the might of the Pact! I will speak only to the one known as Markuran."

  • Birds bites back a grin. "I am he."

<Zahara?> "I could probably change your mind, but please, go ahead." she gestures towards Birds.

  • Cerin sighs softly. "Didn't you know there was queue?"
  • Serenal glares at Birds now, even more squinty-eyedly than at Zahara. "You are not him! You are not loutish enough."

<Kai?> "I wish I was more loutish..."

  • Birds twirls around, looking for louts.

<Serenal?> "Bring me to Markuran, I will speak to him."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Huh, I guess not. Where -is- Markuran, anyway?"

  • Zahara chuckles.

<Zahara?> "I like your bravado, girl. It's quite adorable."

<Cerin?> "Who are you?" -}}> *chanserv* op #SolInvictus Telgar

<Serenal?> "I am Serenal of the Pact!" she answers defiantly.

<Cerin?> "Ah. And how do you know Markuran?"

<Serenal?> "He spoke to me, two months ago."

<Cerin?> "I see."

<Cerin?> "Markuran is not here at present. So I suppose we will have to find him. Or take you to him."

<Zahara?> "Ah, I remember you. Well, he will be back soon."

<Serenal?> "Bring me."

<Cerin?> "Well, let us find Marku then."

Later, in the Sea.

The Solars are reunited with their turtle.

<Serenal?> seems extremely perplexed and boggled by the entire process -- from using the gate to boarding the turtle -- but remains silent.

  • Cerin looks about him, paying no particular attention to any of the people on the turtle. "He went that way.", he annouces after a moments contemplation.
  • Zahara has, by this time, attached a filigreed leash to the poor lunar

The turtle brings them precisely to Markuran's location; they find him bobbing in the Sea.

  • Markuran sputters, spitting thick water out of his mouth through a beaming smile. From slight scratches and bruises across his bare body, the big Solar has been wrestling Selonis, who is standing atop the larger of a pair of turtles, looking as if he too is enjoying himself.

<Markuran?> "You're back? Is something wrong?"

<Zahara?> "We brought you a moon-child."

<Serenal?> "Markuran! I demand to speak with you!"

  • Markuran blinks. "Ah. Isn't your name Serenal?"

<Serenal?> "Yes."

<Zahara?> "By the way, Next time I recommend coming via knocking on the front door. It makes a better impression."

<Markuran?> "What is of such great importance that you come all the way to another world to interrupt my wrestling match?"

<Serenal?> "You must come with me. The elders of the Pact have demanded to speak to you."

<Markuran?> "Now?"

<Markuran?> "Why?"

  • Serenal looks puzzled for a moment.

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "And who are the elders of the Pact? Do they have names? Have we heard of their exploits in songs and stories?"

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Who are they to demand an audience?"

<Serenal?> "They are the great warriors of Luna! They are the true masters of this land!"

  • Serenal looks defiantly proud.
  • Birds sniggers.

<Markuran?> "Lunars haven't walked the Sunlands as masters since the First Realm fell."

<Markuran?> "And *this* land is an ocean of unformed concepts."

<Zahara?> "You were spying on us, Serenal, how did you suppose you would approach us to give us this message?"

<Serenal?> "I was to speak to Markuran. It is he who bid me to observe your nation in secret."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Anyway, here's Marku. I guess your quarrel is with him."

  • Birds sets to making another cow. She gives this one a head at each end!
  • Zahara gives Markuran a sidelong look. "He has been known to speak rashly before. But Birds is correct."
  • Markuran sighs and heaves himself out of the thick, sticky water in a splash. Smelling far, far nicer then usual, the big warlord nods absently to that comment and begins gathering and replacing his clothing. Once dressed, he turns to Selonis and gives the massive god a brotherly hug. "I should see about this matter with the Lunars, my friend. I am sorry I can not keep you company until you return to duty. Perhapse after this."

<Serenal?> "Yes! Markuran, come immediately to Lachu Atapis and address the elders."

  • Markuran glowers over his shoulder at the young Lunar. "You have much to learn of dealing with people."

Selonis nods at Marku. "Understandable. I have enjoyed your company for this time. I shall continue to ponder the topics we have talked of while you are gone...."

<Zahara?> "I suppose we have your word that it will not be a trap, young Serenal?"

  • Serenal spits. "People are worthless."

<Markuran?> "You are a person."

  • Serenal nods. Cerin detects no lie in this.

<Markuran?> "Your elders are people. Is this how you address the elders of your Pact?"

<Zahara?> "Markuran, would you go alone, or would you rather have our company?"

<Markuran?> "I think I should go alone, or take Cerin. You might try to put a leash one someone important."

  • Zahara smirks. "Only if they try to sneak into my manse."

<Serenal?> "We are not people! We are the chosen of Luna!" The black marks upon her skin glimmer silver for a moment.

<Markuran?> "Ah-huh."

<Zahara?> "In that case, Serenal can remain behind as our guest until your return."

  • Birds carves a little moon crescent on the ambicow and hands it to Serenal.

<Markuran?> "Be well until our next meeting, Selonis." Marku shakes arms with the lion and heads off with the others.

<Cerin?> "Serenal may as well come with us. If they wish to kill us, loosing her will not be much of a deterrant."

  • Zahara shrugs, "If I am not going to go, I must have something to do in the meantime."

<Serenal?> "You may come with us, to bask in the glory of the Pact."

<Zahara?> "Indeed."

<Markuran?> "I hope your elders are smarter then you are, Serenal."

  • Serenal glowers.

<Markuran?> "Well, they must be. They're "elders". You're not going to be around long enough at this rate."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Can we stop poking the caged bird now?"

  • Birds adds another tentacle to her cow.

After some poking and prodding, Serenal directs the Solars towards their destination: a location deep, deep in the Eastern jungle, many miles from the nearest gate.

  • Zahara follows along.
  • Cerin rides behind zahara.
  • Markuran works on pounding at his Icon as he moves along, occasionally stuffing it back into its jar of water.

<Serenal?> The journey takes some time, but eventually the Solars arrive in Lachu Atapis.

  • Cerin looks about from the back of Tanty, very curious

<Serenal?> The jungle splits open and reveals the city to them -- a great metropolis, carved entirely of crude grey stone, and well-overgrown with jungle vegetation, built into a deep crack in a sharp mountain.

  • Markuran whistles through his teeth.

<Serenal?> Animals move freely about the city -- snakes slither up pillars, hawks alight on outcroppings of rock, jungle cats prowl through the streets. None seem to notice the Solars' presence.

<Zahara?> "So there are no people here, then?" she asks Serenal idly.

<Serenal?> "No." She spits again.

<Zahara?> "And you define them as non-people because they are chosen of the gods?"

  • Serenal leads the Solars to an entrance, which brings them into the mountain proper. A sharp stone stairway begins to wind downwards into the rock.

<Serenal?> "When Luna chooses one of us, she destroys the inferior soul that fills the body and replaces it with a new, nobler essence."

  • Markuran smiles as he finally finishes the totem. Three feet tall, the totem is that of a stunning human figure with long hair, smooth features and brilliant silver eyes. Due to the slightly translucent nature of the material it seems as if the totem is made of shaped moonlight. Leaving it intentionally unfinished, Marku allowed the mind of the viewer to alter the form of Luna's body and face slightly, making her male or female
  • Cerin looks down the passageway, then starts to descend, red ribbons flapping idly. Interesting idea that. He'd have to kill a lunar and find out if it were true.

<Zahara?> "Really? So you have nothing left of your old life? No memories, no emotions, no thoughts of the people you grew up with?"

<Serenal?> "None." Her eyes flash as she says this.

<Zahara?> "So your mother, your father, they are worthless, dead to you?"

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "My. It must be awfully strange, to live in a stolen body, to fight with feet and hands so unfamiliar to your warrior spirit."

<Markuran?> The jar itself is made of diamond-hard glass Zahara Shaped some time ago, held together with fine silverwork. Tinted just so that the red-green color of the water disappears, the totem is the perfect visage of Luna for anyone who looks upon it, held forever in a shard of moonlight and silver.

  • Birds 's voice catches with pity.

<Serenal?> "I have no parents, besides Luna the beast-mother."

<Markuran?> "If Luna gave you birth she must be very disappointed."

  • Serenal sneers at Markuran.
  • Cerin continues his descent.

<Zahara?> "She is young, Marku. She will learn if she grows up."

<Serenal?> The stairway continues downward for a great distance, before leading the Solars into a great, stone chamber, lit only by carefully placed torches around its circumference. At one end, three great chairs of stone sit, empty.

<Zahara?> "Perhaps she will bear her own children, who will then leave her for their ideals."

  • Markuran sets the totem-jar in front of the three chairs and stands behind it, arms crossed over his chest. Having bathed so much in the strange water of the Sea of Icons, Marku is immaculately clean and smells really nice. His hair is under control, his beard nicely unstained by food or drink and the plates of Shining Visage gleam.

<Markuran?> "How? She's too busy calling all the eligable fathers non-people."

<Markuran?> "Or people. Which she hates."

<Serenal?> "Wait here. The Elders will come."

  • Cerin waits easily at Zahara's side. He checks the time.
  • Zahara regards Markuran, "Perhaps she is only yearning for the respect of an equal, or a superior. Do not dismiss her so lightly. She has much potential."
  • Zahara removes the leash from the collar and tucks it back in her pocket.

<Serenal?> The Solars find themselves waiting for some minutes. Just as it seems that nothing is happening, the torches dim to nothing, and a slithering, skittering sound fills the room.

  • Markuran waits silently.
  • Kai fidgets.

<Markuran?> The light of Marku's golden Castemark provides faint, but noticable, illumination in the dimness of the meeting hall.

  • Cerin follows the skittering sounds as they cross the hallway.

<Zahara?> "It seems our hosts have arrived." Zahara observes.

A huge quantity of animals -- snakes, bats, and birds -- speed into the room filling the floor and the air; their sounds are incredibly loud.

<Markuran?> The pulsing silvery glow of the totem in its crystalline jar shines on the skittering, flying, screeching animals. A full moon might as well have been placed in the dark chamber.

After what seems like many moments of undirected movement, they begin to all move towards the chairs; each of the three types of animals comes together in a single throne, where with a sudden swiftness they merge together into three humanoid beings.

  • Zahara applauds politely.

The three beings stand proudly for a moment; then each sits in his or her throne.

  • Markuran bows his head and slightly inclines his torso to each of the three in turn. The gesture is polite and respectful but not subservient. Marku waits for the elders to speak first, meeting each of their eyes as he does so.

The first is a huge, bulky man, of deep bluish-black complexion; a rhino-like horn juts from his forehead, and his skin shows evidence of scales along his arms and legs. Brilliant golden-red tattoos in the shape of sharp thorns cover his skin.

  • Zahara bows in similar fashion, with some flair.
  • Cerin inclines his head simply, golden circlet flashing in the silver light, badges on his armour shining too.

The second is a slender woman of pale white, with feathers for hair and great wings, and vicious talons upon each finger. She smiles cruelly and the bluish marks of swirling winds upon her skin seem to ripple and move.

The third is another man, of a much smaller build; he has a face like that of a cat. Rough green symbols are cut into his flesh.

All three bring their hands together and bow in unison to the Solars.

  • Kai bows awkwardly in return.
  • Birds bobs her head.
  • Zahara looks over the three and suspects she would get along best with the bird-woman.

"Welcome to the seat of Lachu Atapis, Chosen of the Sun. And welcome back, honored warrior Serenal, may Luna shine upon your deeds," speak the three.

  • Zahara nudges Markuran, who has been designated official speaker by the barbarians.

<Markuran?> "I thank you for your hospitality, Children of Luna. I have long wished to speak with you. From the Sea of Icons among the Isles of Glass, I have brought you a gift as a token of the respect the Sunlands and her ruling Circle has for your Pact and all the Children of Luna."

The woman steps forward to accept Markuran's gift. She takes the jar, examines the contents closely for a moment, then places it to the side of her throne and reseats herself. "We thank you for your gift, Markuran of the Sun."

<Markuran?> "You have summoned us for this meeting. I hope that you have decided to aid us in the plight that faces all those who would see Creation continue for the living."

  • Cerin makes a most subtle gesture, informing Marku and the others of this.

"Our agent Serenal has observed your nation for nearly two months now."

  • Zahara folds her hands behind her back, observing.
  • Markuran shifts his position slightly and as he settles into a new stance, he seems far more imposing then he did a moment ago. A perfectly natural alteration, raising himself to his full height and picking the posture that most emphasises the great strength of his body and puts his armor in place to catch the best rays of light. But overall, the result is that Markuran becomes more then a warlord of the barbarians, he is an avatar of the Sun's power and perfection.

<Marku?> "As I asked of her in our first meeting. No doubt she has seen the armies we are massing and heard of the threats we have faced. In a short time a far greater force of men and women Exalted by the Terrestrial Gods will march against not only us, but all Exalted of the Celestines. We gather the mortals of the Sunlands, the gods that remain loyal to their allies and the ancient artifacts of River Province. But we need more."

<Marku?> "We ask that the Children of Luna join us as well, that we can fight against those who would place the least gods of Creation above the sons and daughters of the Heavens."

<{{*ThreeLunarElders*}}> nod.

<{{*BirdLunar*}}> "We have heard that you ask this of us. However, we are not convinced that your cause merits our attention, nor that your nation is worthy of our respect."

<Zahara?> "What is it that you look for in a nation? What gives you cause to respect a person, or a nation?"

  • Marku waits for Zahara's question to be answered.

<{{*RhinoLunar*}}> "Strength. Honor. And clarity. We suspect that you lack two of these."

  • Birds decides to test the Lunars' mettle, and so, touching the Ecstatic Plume, she speaks in the language of birds. "Did we -ask- for your respect? I do not need the respect of a herd of cattle or a swarm of bees. What the Sunlanders ask is that you, warriors, mighty Chosen, stand beside us in defending the world against the Wyld, the usurpers, and the enemies forgotten for Ages that have returned to do war upon Creation. We all

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "What is that saying that people have, of a house divided against itself? This is not a time to be standing on ceremony and pride."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> We all must dwell in the world!"

  • Marku gives Zahara a look when they mention a lack of honor.
  • Zahara gives Marku one right back.

<{{*CatLunar*}}> "A stirring speech, flighty one, but what cause do we have to believe you to be trustworthy? Your kind were ultimately treacherous once, and our agent tells us of deeds that give doubt to this council."

<Zahara?> "We have strength, as you know well. Our honor is also quite intact. We honor our vows, and the reason our lands have grown so is that we respect and aid our allies in times of need. Clarity of purpose, we also have. We are united to defend our lands from the threats that assail it, the most pressing of which is the betrayal of the lesser Gods."

<Marku?> "The people of nearly one eighth the land of the world trust in us. We have honored their ways and even when we could force them to bend to our will, we allow them to go their own ways in times of peace and guide them for the best end for all people in times of war."

<{{*BirdLunar*}}> "And yet in your haste you turn to the support of those lesser enemies. Or have you not entertained emissaries of the Wyld ones and the Deathlords within your citadel?"

<Marku?> "We have not accepted support from either. Only to deter conflict have I tolerated their presence."

<Zahara?> "Support?" she laughs. "We have come only to terms with them in that we will not outright attack eachother. They do nothing for us and we, in return, do nothing for them."

<Marku?> "We can not afford to battle the dead and the wyld, we must be at peace until the threat of the gods is dealt with. Only then can we turn against the alien forces that would destroy us all."

  • Birds considers a moment. "We consider it...how does one say...dishonourable to refuse the right of hospitality to travellers and emissaries. It is not right to mistrust one person for the mistake of others."

<{{*RhinoLunar*}}> "You accepted help from the one known as Mask of Winters."

<Marku?> "Do not forget that long ago, 10,000 Exalted drove you into hiding like frightened beasts and that was at the height of the Celestial Realm. What will 10,000,000 exalted do now?"

<Zahara?> ::Reaver nips Zahara's ear at an inopportune moment and she pushes him back down her shoulder a little ways, petting him."

<{{*BirdLunar*}}> "We will weather that storm. We are not part of the world of men; no such army will come to threaten our door."

<Zahara?> "You refer to the information we gained on how to defeat the Malfaens."

<{{*CatLunar*}}> "Yes."

<Zahara?> "Then you are correct in that we agreed not to attack them in return for the ability to defeat that which would have destroyed all of Creation."

  • Zahara smiles slightly. "Even this part, which is not of the world of men."

<Marku?> "You will weather a storm of ten million Exalted, driven by the gods that dwell here, right beside you in the wild. They seek all of Creation, not just the empires of men. They seek the death of all Celestial and Terrestrial Exalted. They seek to replace us forever and completely, not simply those that get in their way. We may feel their teeth first, but you WILL follow us into the maw."

  • BirdLunar* grins cruelly again. "And you think that threat would have come to its conclusion without your timely aid? You think the flowers pointed you towards it by accident?"

<Marku?> "They will sit in THIS hall, on THOSE chairs and use your moonsilver teeth to adorn their spears. My head may be on a pike long before, but I will have company before the century is out."

<{{*CatLunar*}}> "I think not."

  • Zahara nods in agreement with Marku

<Marku?> "Luna must grow as foolish as the Sun and her back is thrice as distant if her elders are so blind in the darkness of her absence. I will have words for her when I visit Heaven to argue with the Sun."

<{{*RhinoLunar*}}> "And yet you are not in control of your own destiny. You cannot see the factors that pull you in one direction then another."

<{{*BirdLunar*}}> "And worst... your own patron has deserted you."

<{{*CatLunar*}}> "We wish that you prove your honor to us. We cannot accept the naive pronouncements and shadowy half-truths of your flawed kind otherwise."

<Zahara?> "He has not, for we still weild his power. He is, however, testing us to see if we are strong enough to weather the storm."

<Marku?> "Nothing about us is cast in shadow, Night-Born."

<Marku?> "Except Birds."

  • Birds smilingly demonstrates.

<Zahara?> "So you would attempt to put your hand in our destiny as well? Then so be it. What shall we do to prove ourselves to you, Elders?"

<Zahara?> "We are," she bows, "At your service. Of course." she says drily.

<Zahara?> ::Reaver squeaks and hops to keep her balance::

  • Marku shakes his head, snarling. "A Celestial Lion, as honest and true a spirit as lives in Heaven, would call me brother and risk his station on my word. But the slinking tricksters of the shadows doubt my honor. The children of the usurpers will find this story so amusing in a hundred years when we all lay dead for lack of cooperation and trust among the Children of the Highest Gods."
  • Zahara lays a hand on Markuran's shoulder, calmingly.

<{{*BirdLunar*}}> "Which of you will prove your honor? Choose your champion."

  • Zahara raises a brow at Marku, the obvious choice, sending a questioning, and a feeling of 'marku-ness' through the Unity
  • Birds seconds the loutish impulse.

<Marku?> "I will. Though no such thing should be required by any with eyes to see and ears to hear and brains to think with."

<{{*CatLunar*}}> "Very well. We must deliberate now. Serenal will lead you to a portion of the city where you may rest; a messenger will be sent for you."

  • Serenal* stands from her position on the ground and begins to lead the Solars out of the chamber.
  • Zahara follows, gazing around herself to see what structures and ideas she can swipe from them for home.
  • Cerin follows at Zahara's side, considering what he has seen.

<Marku?> As the Solars leave, some of the light from Markuran's Castemark glimmers angrily. Once the Lunar Elders are left behind in the room, the totem of Luna pulses starkly and her/his face bears a look of distinct disapproval for her Choosen, a stray reflection from Marku's anger touching the object of his creation...or the true face of the Goddess showing through?

  • Serenal,* looking somewhat more self-satisfied than before, leads the Solars to a stone chamber in an aboveground building, looking out over the city.
  • Marku roughly grasps the young Lunar's shoulder and hauls her around to face him. "Do not smirk so lightly, girl. You do not understand what your elders are doing. And though you may not consider them important, if you do not mourn for the millions that will die then you are unworthy of life, much less Exaltation by Luna. Many are better people then you have shown yourself to be."

<Marku?> "Show some of the honor you speak of so highly."

  • Serenal* snarls viciously. "I have honor! I will defend the Pact with my life! Not like your kind!" She turns tail and storms out.

<Kai?> "This visit does not seem to be going well."

<Zahara?> "That's Markuran for you." She leans back in her chair. "I hope he can prove his honor without biting any more undeserving heads off."

<Marku?> "She is not undeserving!"

<Zahara?> "She has a different perspective than you. That does not make her wrong."

<BirdsOfTrinity?> "Well, it's not like we should expect courtly manners and hospitality from talking cats and dogs."

  • Zahara shakes her head, "You should respect those you come to ask for help. It will make no friends to speak ill of them and berate them."

<Marku?> "They are being foolish." The big warlord grumbles.

<Kai?> "Uhm... You put a leash on her."

<Marku?> "Zahara puts a leash on anything magical that can't beat her up. And some things that can."

<Kai?> "I'm just saying... It doesn't seem to make much of an impression... Not positively, anyway..."

<Zahara?> "She was caught spying on me."

  • Zahara shrugs, "If she had come to the front door and asked, I would have treated her in kind."

<Kai?> "At Marku's behest."

<Cerin?> "She should have spied better then."

<Zahara?> "Marku says a lot of..rash.. things."

<Zahara?> "He would be better off consulting with the rest of us before telling someone to spy on us."

<Zahara?> "Either way, the Elders of this place deserve respect, and the rest should at least be treated with politeness while we are in their hospitality."

<Zahara?> "Fools they might be, but we are on their lands. Please, restrain yourself. Honor demands it."

<Markuran?> "hmph"

  • Zahara gives Markuran an encouraging whack on the back. "Go get 'em, Tiger."
  • Markuran snorts.
    • AMessenger* arrives. "The council summons you, Markuran. The others are free to stay within the city and explore as you like."

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