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Summary: Marku meets with Selonis in an Isle of Glass, and comes away with an unformed concept.


Even after Selonis told Markuran that their meeting place would be "unusual," he did not quite expect to find himself sitting astride some sort of strange sky-turtle, swimming through a field of strangely pulsating pale objects awash in a sea of burgundy and green.

A pale throbbing, humming noise fills the barbarian's ears as his turtle companion slowly swims towards the appointed meeting place.

  • Markuran walks to the front of the turtle and peers down at its eyes, making sure it's a real turtle. Then the confused barbarian returns to watching the sea and the pale objects. At one point, Marku sticks a finger in the odd-colored water and ponders swimming out to catch a pale, pulsating object.

The strange water is warm to the touch, and oddly thick.

It has a smell like evening primroses and fresh melons.

  • Markuran strips down to his undergarments and dives into the sweet-smelling ocean, making strong strokes toward a pale, pulsating object.

The water is thicker than any Markuran is used to, and he finds it sticking to his skin as his arms pull out to paddle forward. Once he pulls himself onto the object -- this one is maybe ten feet across and shaped like a cube with the corners shaved off -- the pale yellow light it emits intensifies a little bit.

The turtle looks over to Markuran with seeming exasperation.

After a few moments, he hears a roar from some distance to his left.

  • Markuran carefully taps the object...then spins in the water, raising a great splash, as he tries to locate the roaring Selonis

Marku makes out the silhouette of the lion astride a large, trapezoidal object, silhouetted against the shiny water and the setting of the orange sun.

  • Markuran waves to Selonis and bellows across the water. "JUST A MOMENT!"
  • Markuran prods the object again.

It rocks back and forth in the water slightly, and its glow begins to ebb again.

  • Markuran starts dragging it with him toward the turtle.

The object resists mightily but has no real recourse against Markuran's brute strength; it slowly begins to be pulled through the strange, thick water.

  • Markuran holds on to the edge of the turtle's shell, unwilling to relinquish his prize, but willing to let it stay in the strange water until it's time to leave. He wonders if he can find a way to take the water with him, so it will not lack its natural environment...

The turtle's exasperated expression intensifies, but it drags Markuran -- and his object -- over to where the lion sits astride a much larger object.

<Markuran?> "Thank you, Giant Turtle Being."

The turtle submerges itself.

  • Markuran climbs to the top of the object where Selonis waits after securing his cube to it with a strip of cloth torn from his shirt.

<Markuran?> "Greetings Selonis. I have missed speaking with you."

  • Selonis nods his head downward. "I was pleased to find the opportunity to meet with you, Markuran."

<Selonis?> "What brings you to the Sea of Icons to speak with me today?"

<Markuran?> "The invasion grows closer, Selonis. We are mustering all the forces we have and those we can find from our allies and the ancient places in our lands. But we need help. I spoke with you before about this, I must know if more has developed. And if there is anything my Circle and I can do to gain your help."

  • Selonis sighs. "You know I have told you I cannot assist you, though I wish it were otherwise."

<Markuran?> "How do we make it otherwise? We must. There is no other option."

  • Selonis looks to each side as if checking for observers. "I am afraid that will be very, very difficult."
  • Selonis looks sadly at Marku.

<Markuran?> "We do many difficult things. We are Solar Exalted."

<Selonis?> "That is precisely why I believe it will be so difficult."

  • Markuran looks clearly confused.

<Selonis?> "Marku, I have been ordered directly not to interfere with this situation."

<Markuran?> "This specific situation?"

<Selonis?> "Yes."

<Markuran?> "By whom? Who would forbid you to help us save Creation? Are they blind?"

  • Selonis pauses for a moment, then turns around to watch the last glimmer of the sunset fall below the strange horizon.

<Selonis?> When the very last light disappears, he turns back to face Marku.

  • Markuran looks utterly nonplussed.

<Selonis?> "The Sun himself ordered this of me."

  • Markuran stares blankly. "But..why? Why would he allow the destruction of his own children?"

<Selonis?> "That I do not know the answer to."

  • Selonis settles down into a lower position atop his object.

<Markuran?> "I do not understand. It makes no sense. He returned us to the world to bring his Light back. He told me so. I had a vision and heard his voice. Why will he not support us when the Gods turn against us? Why forbid you to help?"

<Markuran?> "I have prayed to him and he has not answered. I have seen no visions since the first." Turning to the massive golden Lion, Marku's eyes light up. "You can take me to him!"

  • Selonis shakes his head. His mane blows in the light breeze. "None can enter the Jade Pleasure Dome without invitation."

<Markuran?> "Selonis, I must see him. I must understand all this or how can I do as I have been bidden, how can I even save the world? I beg you to help me, Selonis. There must be a way."


<Markuran?> "Selonis, I must see him. I must understand all this or how can I do as I have been bidden, how can I even save the world? I beg you to help me, Selonis. There must be a way."

<Selonis?> "I could petition for him to grant you an audience, but I do not know that it would have any effect...."

<Markuran?> "Is there nothing I can do to help?"

<Selonis?> "Hmm...." The great golden lion ponders the matter for a moment.

<Selonis?> "I..." He stops for a moment. "I might be able to help you, if you can help me in return."

  • Markuran nods. "What do you need?"

<Selonis?> "I am bound to my celestial position. No matter how I try, I cannot journey from the celestial realms to the world of Creation. However, I might be able to provide some of the assistance you require from Yu-Shan."

  • Selonis lowers his head and begins to whisper.
  • Markuran listens carefully.

<Selonis?> "In order to do so, however, I will need to be impeccably covered. The Sun knows that I speak with you. He may very well expect for me to guide you down a certain path. If the situation comes to it, I may need you to cover for my actions."

<Markuran?> "I will do all I can, Selonis. What cover would you need?"

<Selonis?> "I am uncertain. I can be sure that he will speak to me about this conversation very soon, however. When he does, I shall know what I will need."

  • Markuran ponders. "How does he speak with you?"

<Selonis?> "Through an avatar, always."

  • Selonis shakes his mane. "I have never set foot within the Dome."

<Markuran?> "If I stayed with you, would the Avatar come so that I could speak with him through it?"

<Selonis?> "I doubt he will send the messenger until I am alone." He looks around again.

  • Markuran shakes his head, annoyed. "I thank you deeply for all you have done Selonis. I will return the favor in any way you deem necessary. Before I leave...what is this thing I found?" he indicates his glowing cube.

<Selonis?> "I am sorry this is all I can do for you, Markuran. You have impressed me in the short time I have known you." He nods to the object. "That? That is the Essence of a concept yet to be shaped, ready for the act of creation to bring it into the world. Such things are occasionally useful to those of us who dwell in the heavenly sphere."

<Markuran?> "Will it die if I take it with me?"

<Selonis?> "Not if you take some of the water with you to keep it in."

<Markuran?> "..well. Then I need a way to carry water."

<Markuran?> "I don't suppose you could hold it in your mouth until I can fetch a jar at the Gate. Maybe the turtle would oblige."

<Selonis?> "I imagine the turtle will do it. He enjoys being put upon."

<Markuran?> "oh! Good. Thank you, Selonis. If you send a message with instructions on where to meet you, I will come as soon as possible."

  • Selonis nods. "I hope no occasion will darken our next meeting. Go swiftly, son of Creation."
  • Markuran raises his head to the Lion, his smile catching rays of the sun, even from beyond the horizon. "I am also a son of Heaven, in my own way."
  • Selonis nods.

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