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Summary: Cerin converses with Ssithumi about the past.


  • Cerin steps out of the rathess gate, wearing his crimson armour, taking a good luck at the city, before stepping down from the manse to try and find Ssithumi.

The Rathess Cerin emerges into is not quite like the one he remembers. In many places, there are signs of activity -- small portions of buildings cleaned or refurbished, tiny gardens of unusual plants, freshly painted signs and images adorning the rocks.

  • Cerin smiles widely as he takes this in, stepping down from the gate, listening carefully for the sound of Ssithumi's voice, following it to where she is supervising the clearing out of one of the housing blocks.

Ssithumi stands atop a particularly large rock, overseeing a group of Dragon-Kings who are currently moving large chunks of rubble out into the street, where other DKs bear it away.

<Cerin?> "Greetings to you, Ssithumi, I hope the day finds you well?"

<Ssithumi?> "Indeed, Cerin! Just today we have cleared another five buildings."

<Cerin?> "That is excellent news. I am sorry I do not get to spend more time here."

<Ssithumi?> "Do not be concerned. What brings you to Rathess today?"

<Cerin?> "I was wondering if I might talk with you somewhere private, please, I have several things to tell you, and to ask of you."

Ssithumi nods, and hops up to an alcove perhaps 70 feet up within the current building.

  • Cerin runs up the still uncleared vines.

The room is small and narrow, with only enough room for the two to sit.

  • Cerin takes a seat. "Thank you. Now, where to start...ah, yes..." he eases the glove off his hand, showing the dull gray ring, as he gets out and flips open the case with his badges in "I would like to know more about the final days of Ymir, please. And the events just after."
  • Ssithumi lowers her head a little. "I know few details. She was accused of murder; she fled. There was a great search for her, though I do not believe it had any success. It is unlikely that anyone but Ymir had the skills needed to find her."
  • Cerin nods "Do you remember anything about what might have happened to her weapons and other artifacts?"

<Ssithumi?> "I believe she would have brought many of them with her when she disappeared. It is possible some were taken by the Deliberative."

<Cerin?> "I know where she left some of them. That is where I found this ring, amongst others. But I remember a blade too."

<Ssithumi?> "Of what sort?"

<Cerin?> "I am not sure. It was called the Evening's Vengeful Shadow. I know that."

<Ssithumi?> Ssithumi scrunches up her reptilian face. "I do not believe Ymir ever carried a blade, besides a simple pocketknife."

<Cerin?> "...that is puzzling."

<Ssithumi?> "It is."

<Cerin?> "Though, given how Zahara hides her blades, perhaps not. It is possible she only called the blade when she killed." he shrugs "Do you know anything of the other artifacts she was rumoured to carry?"

<Ssithumi?> "She had a few possessions that she never parted with -- a small book, a set of pins, the Night seal... little else."

<Cerin?> "What did the Seal do, what was it for...I would guess a badge of office but..."

<Ssithumi?> "They bound the temporal power of the Solar Deliberative. As long as the Solars held those Seals, the authority of the Deliberatve remained."

  • Cerin 's eyes twinkle slightly and he nods. "Thank you for that information on Ymir, it was a help." he smiles "Is the Dragon King known as Reginus amongst you?"

<Ssithumi?> "Rexinus... hmmm. I have not seen him. Do you have reason to speak with him?"

<Cerin?> "We have found a part of his taxonomy. It would be most interesting to speak with the author, I think. Also, the details he might be able to supply would be useful for my thesis."

<Ssithumi?> "Hmmm. I shall keep an open eye."

<Cerin?> "Thank you. I do not suppose you recall the location of the mountains of Xiyi?"

  • Ssithumi blinks one or twice. "They were far, far to the north. I do not believe they stand any longer."

<Cerin?> "Do you know what happened to the Fa'la'tarena?"

<Ssithumi?> "I do not believe any remain, with the world shrunk to its current borders."

<Cerin?> "That is sad news. Another thing we have lost...from the Taxonomy they sounded like they might be very interesting to talk too."

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