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Summary: Zahara and Cerin have the Talk with Marku.

XP:C1, M1, Z1

  • Zahara and Cerin move softly down the corridors of the Cascade, Zahara casting glances his way every once in a while to watch the way his hair shines in the Essence lights. "I hope this goes well," she murmurs shortly before rapping on the door to Marku's 'lair'

<Markuran?> "Who's there?" the deep voice sounds tired and annoyed.

<Cerin?> "It is us. We need to talk."

<Zahara?> "It's me, Zahara. I brought you some dinner since you didn't show up at the table tonight."

  • Markuran opens the door and peers out. Nodding, he lets the two in, moving back to sit at his worktable. "I was busy." Idly scratching at his back, the big man returns to his work on a massive collection of glass, orichalcum and..salt?
  • Cerin finds a chest to perch on.
  • Zahara motions to the servants who deposit several heavily laden trays of steaming food, and depart. "What are you making?"

<Markuran?> "Balance. That isn't important. Do you see my good shirt?"

  • Zahara looks around at the various piles, "The black fur one or the brown fur one?"

<Markuran?> "Brown."

  • Markuran must have been looking for his shirt for some time, as his room is fairly ill-organized and he himself is not wearing one.
  • Zahara digs a bit and deftly pulls out the best looking shirt from a large stack. "Here you go."
  • Markuran nods thanks, his mouth full of food.
  • Markuran mutters between bites. "What did you want?"

<Zahara?> "We need to talk." she glances at Cerin.

  • Cerin nods. His hair shimmers pleasantly. "We need to talk."

<Cerin?> "About your behavoir. And your attitude to almost anything that isnt you."

  • Zahara nods solemnly
  • Markuran blinks. "Hmm?'

<Zahara?> "You have this way of seeing everyone and everything else as being beneath you. And telling them so. Now the first part isn't as big a problem as the second, really."

  • Markuran frowns. "I do not see everyone below me. Why would you say something like that?"

<Cerin?> "Because that is what it seems like to us, seeing you talk to everyone else."

<Zahara?> "Even when you convert people to our cause, you seem to belittle them."

  • Markuran lowers his head to his chest, considering. "I do not intend to..well. Not unless they have betrayed the Hierarchy or happen to be evil."

<Zahara?> "Even those, you should couch your words toward. They do not KNOW about the Hierarchy, and honestly, if you were in their place, how would you feel if you were the Prince of Creation, and someone suddenly told you, that you were their servant because that's how it was thousands of years ago?"

<Markuran?> "But that's how it *should* be."

<Zahara?> "This is a *new* Age, Markuran. Things take TIME to change."

<Zahara?> "And, from what I remember on occasion, there is a *reason* our kind were destroyed in the First Age. Remember what became of you?"

  • Cerin nods to Zahara, then looks back at Marku "You need to change your path Marku. We will not lock you away in some soulsteel change in this age."
  • Markuran nods faintly. "I remember. I..need to think."

<Zahara?> "We can restore the Celestial Hierarchy... but slowly. Forcing it on people who know nothing about it, nor do not know the reasons behind it, just makes for angry subjects, and they will inevitably rise up against us again."

<Zahara?> "You understand, we are only bringing this to your attention because we care about you."

  • Markuran nods. "I understand. I need to think."
  • Cerin nods "Please, do." he rises off the chest he sat on and moves over to Zahara.

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