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Summary: Cerin talks with Kai, about things.

XP:C1, K1

  • Kai is sitting in the Gilmyne room the next afternoon, alone, playing her mandolin for the mysterious dancing thing. She is sitting crosslegged on a table, plucking absently.
  • Cerin walks into the gilmyne room, smiling to Kai before taking a seat on the cushions across from her "Hello Kai, did you sleep well?"

<Kai?> "I did. You're home is quite amazing."

<Cerin?> "My thanks, though I had no hand in its design. Not finding it too hard to navigate?"

<Kai?> "Oh, it's definitely... challenging. Mostly I've figured out hot to get from here to my room, and back. Mishkin seems to enjoy exploring the place, though."

  • Cerin nods with a smile "I'm glad I found you anyway..I'd like to ask you certain questions about things...though not with that creature watching.."

<Kai?> "All right."

<Cerin?> "If you don't mind of course. I'm sorry to interupt your playing."

<Kai?> "Oh, it's fine. I've had plenty of practice over the past few months." She lays the mandolin down on the table.

  • Cerin nods "Please follow me then." he flows to his feet and leads her out of the room
  • Kai follows.
  • Cerin leads her down through some of the most twisting passages to a small series of rooms. After unlocking the door [a fairly complex process], he leads her inside. The room is set up as a study, with a large desk and several chairs. There are a great deal of bookshelves too, as well as several small stacks of paper. "Please, take a seat.." he gestures to the chairs before taking one himself.
  • Kai sits, crosslegged.

<Cerin?> "Now, what can you tell me about that rather impressive sword of yours...?"

  • Kai pulls the blade from its sheath, and lays it across her legs. The blade is narrow, made of dakr metal with dark red runes on it. It is clearly very old, and worn, full of nicks and gouges. "Not much, really. It's definitely old. I think... I think it's bound to me by my father's blood. That... seemed to stir the connection."
  • Cerin leans to study the blade more closely, studying the runes on the surface and the essence flows within it. He nods "That could do so, yes."

<Kai?> "I'm afraid I don't know where we ever got it... All of the records were burned up with the shop. As far as I remember, it was just in with a lot we bought. I don't think the seller knew anything about it, either."

<Cerin?> "To think such a powerful blade could have gone unrecognised.." he shakes his head slightly

<Kai?> "Well... It was fairly unassuming..."

  • Cerin nods "It is at that."

<Cerin?> "It appears in your anima, so it evidently belongs or is important to you, or the you that once was."

<Kai?> "Well... It's certainly mine now, I guess."

  • Cerin nods "And has been for how long..since you exalted I mean?"

<Kai?> "Yes. We has it in the shop for maybe a couple weeks beforehand, and I've had it for maybe six months since."

<Cerin?> "Do you know what the runes on it mean?"

<Cerin?> "And did you know it is made of soulsteel?"

  • Kai indicates the runes nearest the tip. "I know these just say 'Daybreaker'. The others I'm not too sure of."
  • Cerin nods "These" he points to the ones running down the middle of the blade "say 'Scourge of Mortal Hope' and this cluster" he points to close to the hilt says it is the 'Tooth of Netheos'"

<Kai?> "'Netheos'?"

<Cerin?> "It is not a name I have heard before. It is possible it is mentioned in one of the books Zahara has here."

<Kai?> "Hm."

<Cerin?> "Did you know it was crafted of soulsteel?"

<Kai?> "No. Soulsteel is.... Has something to do with spirits, right?"

<Cerin?> "Soulsteel is assosociated with with the dead, and well, with souls. It is mostly used by the Deathlords and the Abyssal Exalted that serve them."

  • Kai turns the blade over in her hands, contemplating it. "Hm. I guess it is fairly unusual, then."

<Cerin?> "You could say that. I am fairly certain that it is unique in all of Creation."

<Kai?> "I wonder how long it's been drifting about unidentified..."

<Cerin?> "A few thousand years, probably. The power within it surpasses the capabilities of most in this age to even contemplate crafting."

<Kai?> "I mean, I wonder when people forgot what it was..."

  • Cerin nods "A few thousand years ago, when we, as Solars, ceased walking the world I would think. Perhaps the knowledge lasted a few more centauries, but.."
  • Kai holds the blade up one last time, then slides it back into the sheath. "Is there anything else you want to know?"

<Cerin?> "The other question I have for you is...you have been Exalted just 6 months, yet your command of essence matches my own. Do you have any idea how you grew so fast? And would you let myself and Zahara study the flows of essence within you, to see if we can understand this?"

<Kai?> "I don't know. Until you mentioned it before, I wasn't aware this was unusual... I mean, at least not in terms of... Exaltation?"

<Kai?> "And what exactly do you mean when you say 'study'?"

<Cerin?> "No need for concern...we can see the flows of essence in the world, and we will just ask you to use charms and channel essence, and watch how it flows within you."

<Kai?> "... All right."

<Cerin?> "As to how unusual it is...many Exalts could not expect to have even half your power this soon after their Exaltation."

<Cerin?> "My thanks. It is possible we can use the knowledge from that to raise us all up to the next level, something that should normally take a mortal lifetime of soaking up the essence of the world and understanding it."

<Kai?> "Well, I'm happy to help."

  • Cerin seems slightly relieved at that for some reason "Well, unless there is anything I can help you with, I'll walk you back up to your mandolin..?"
  • Kai smiles. "That would be fine, thank you."
  • Cerin nods and leads her back up to the red silk room. "Thank you once more for your time."

<Kai?> "Well, you've offered me so much. Time is something I can happily offer in return."

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