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Summary: Markuran meets with Selonis to ask his aid. The answer is ...disquieting


  • Markuran steps through the gateway and grabs hold of the closest danging rope that ascends into infinity and do likewise into the opposite direction. Swinging his way toward the single solid ground in this small realm, Marku bellows a greeting. Selonis should be here, Zahara said she sent a messenger-spirit-thing.

Waiting for Markuran is the sizeable lion, basking and yawning in the warm light.

  • Markuran drops to the ground with a thud. "Hello Selonis. I wouldn't have thought you'd pick a rope-world."

<Selonis?> "There is ample sunlight here, and pleasant wind, to blow through my mane." He yawns with a mouth large enough to swallow children whole.

  • Markuran smiles. "I hope your wait was pleasant. I am afraid that I don't have time to wrestle, I asked you to meet me because my Circle needs your help."
  • Selonis raises one giant, shaggy, golden eyebrow curiously.

<Markuran?> "Are we alone in this realm?"

<Selonis?> "I see no one for miles."

<Markuran?> "...alright. Then we need your help to defeat the evil army of ten million god-Exalted monsters that are going to rampage across Creation and destroy all chance for the preservation of Creation itself and humanity."

  • Selonis looks sad.
  • Markuran keeps his arms crossed carefully, one hand close to the sack that holds the Reminder, in case Selonis decides to try eating him rather then helping

<Selonis?> "I cannot help you, Markuran."

<Markuran?> "Why? Just so that this geas won't be reawakened? Do you think we'd let someone enslave the gods? We just don't want humanity enslaved and the world destroyed. It will be. They won't hold the line against the Fae, the Dead. They'll fall to fighting eachother, god army vs god army. Then the new Exalted will turn against you, ill-used as they are."

<Markuran?> "Help me, Selonis. You have honor, you're a good Lion. Show that your heart is as great as your muscles."

  • Selonis 's face is a mirror of infinite sadness. "I wish to help you, Markuran. You are a noble soul, and your purposes are just. But it is not possible."

<Markuran?> "Why?"

<Selonis?> "I cannot answer that question."

  • Markuran glowers at the Lion, folded arms now more anger then deception. "Grala said that. But she answered. Are you concerned about being a traitor to those who betray you and everything you stand for?"

<Markuran?> "You support their dishonor by your silence! You support their evil and their malice!"

<Selonis?> "No, Markuran. I do not protect those who you oppose. I am not of a kind to them, similar though we may be to your eyes. But the Celestial spirits cannot become involved in this matter. It is ordained."

<Markuran?> "We have obtained the devices they use to fashion their false Exalted. You can not even do this for us?"

  • Selonis shakes his head slowly. His golden mane rustles in the wind.

<Markuran?> "What help *can* you offer? You can't be bound beyond all help."

  • Selonis stands unmoving for a full minute before responding.

<Selonis?> "I would risk my very existence to do this, you must understand. And should I be discovered, I will have no new incarnation to look forward to."

  • Markuran pauses. "Your help will shape the fate of Creation, Selonis. Rules can be changed. We will find a way to do this.

<Markuran?> And keep you in existance."

  • Selonis nods sadly. "I do not believe you. But you believe yourself, and that is admirable." He stands up, and nearby ropes shake. "I will contact you in one month, Markuran. Be prepared."
  • Markuran puts a hand on the big lion's shoulder. "You will have faith as well. Tell me what the ban is and who enforces it."
  • Selonis turns away from Markuran and walks perhaps ten feet. He turns his head and looks at the Solar. "Who enforces it? Sol Invictus." And as his head turns back, he disappears.
  • Markuran is stumped for several moments before putting this in a category of things beyond his understanding and making a note to ask Cerin about it.

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