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Summary: Markuran and Selonis have their wrestling match and after an embarassing start, the fun ensues!

XP:C1, M1


When the second Midnight of Calibration strikes, Markuran and Selonis meet for their appointed match at the Place of Serene Consideration, a huge pond of flashing fish as large as the barbarian Solar and lilly pads steady as rock to stand upon. The brilliant golden glare of the Solar's anima stains the water bronze-gold like a sunset, reflecting off the Lion's hide and turning him into a shining beacon to rival the Exalt.

<Markuran?> "Do we begin, Selonis?"

  • Selonis stands across from the Solar, on his own lily for now. He bows to the solar "We Begin"
  • Markuran flicks the edge of the Armsbreaker through the calm water, testing its temperature as it sprays onto his face. He nods to himself.
  • Selonis goes back onto his haunches then leaps towards the solar, falling like the sun as the anima reflects off him, his mighty paws trapping the Solar
  • Markuran allows Selonis to close in before sweeping the Armsbreaker up in an arc to send sparks off the Lion's paws as it drives them away. Throwing himself into the motion, the big man swings up along the parry's curve and scrabbles for purches in the Lion's metallic mane.
  • Markuran feels Selonis's claws just graze his back..and then falls like a stone into the koi pond. One fish suffers a rather painful head injury as the frozen barbarian bounces off its head to land on the bottom of the pond, inert.
  • Markuran thinks to himself that the Lion was most unfair using his most powerful move in the first moment of the attack..

<KoiGod?> "Did you really have to do that, Selonis? He hurt!"

  • Markuran emits bubbles.

<Selonis?> "I did not think such a powerful solar would be so affected by my magic. Could I please ask you to retrive him?"

<KoiGod?> "Well, be more careful who your powerful Solars are falling on!" the affronted deity drags Marku's bulk up from the pond and deposits him on a lilly pad.

  • Markuran would be most embarassed if he could move his face. As he can not currently do so, his embarassment remains internal.
  • Selonis touches Marku, and wills the paralysing effect away from him, then bows apologetically "I apologise, Pillar Of Heaven, I did not realise my magic would have such an effect on you. I did not mean for our duel to end so swiftly."
  • Markuran nods, shaking his head and brushing wet hair from his eyes. "I underestimated you, and I should apologize for such an insult."
  • Markuran stands and jumps back onto his original lilly pad. "I would be willing to try again, if you would indulge me."

<Selonis?> "Of course, Markuran. You deserve more of a chance than that." he bounds away to his own lily pad "Let us begin afresh." he bows once more

  • Markuran returns the bow. "Now, we begin once more."
  • Markuran pauses only long enough for the Lion to acknowledge him before diving into the pond. The same Koi God who was assaulted by Markuran's falling body is once again pestered as the Solar leaps off his shimmering back to rocket through the slice at the rear of Selonis's lilly pad and slam full-force into the Lion's belly.
  • Selonis seems to sense the solar coming, leaping up away from flare as he bursts through the pad, bringing his hindpaws forward to bat the solars punches away
  • Markuran clings to the Lion's belly as he twists and brushes at the nuisance, slaming another two vicious kicks into the god's ribs as Selonis brings them into striking range with his contortions
  • Selonis rides the force of the kicks up into the air, the golden hammers of the solars legs drving him up, then he flips coming down with claws extended, raking them down Marku's breastplate

<Selonis?> Though Marku's arms move swiftly, the lion's orichalcum claws still cut him deeply.

  • Markuran catches the claws as they rake across his chest and, as Selonis kicks the paw to remove Marku, throws himself back onto the Lion's shoulders where the great bulk of the beast makes it hard for him to bite or claw at Markuran. Having no such difficulties himself, the big Solar lands heavily on the top of Selonis's head with a resounding CLANG as the metallic skull is impacted.
  • Markuran glowers at the tiny, barely-noticable blemish on the lion's furred head left by his ferocious attack.
  • Selonis flicks his great golden head up after the solar has finished his kicking, catching the Solar between his jaws as he lands agian, then spitting him out and swinging a paw, batting him off to another lily
  • Markuran swings free of the Lion's jaws before they can close around him, but Selonis still catches him in the back with his mightly paw
  • Markuran swings off the Lion's paw as it cuts lightly into his back and slides, feet first, into the just-closing jaws of Selonis. Before the lion can spit him back out, Mark grabs hold of the great god's teeth with his arms and gives a mighty THAWK to his upper jaw, from which he dives back into the water as his kick forces it open.
  • Selonis 's paw flys into the water after the solar in a great spray of water and reflected sunlight, snagging him and then pinning him to the lily
  • Markuran twists to bring the shining Armsbreaker between himself and the Lion's claws, dragging more shining droplets into the air so that even a Celestial Lion's eyes have trouble deciding where their target admist the shimmering drops.
  • Markuran goes limp when the Lion's paw, just barely finding him through the shining clouds, slams into his wounded chest.

<KoiGod?> "Are you two quite finished? All this racket and jumping about is disturbing the Pond. If you weren't a Lion, Selonis, I'd report you!"

<Selonis?> "Yes, God of the Koi, we are quiet finished. Now, if you could please use your healing magic to bring this fine Pillar around, that we might both walk off the field together."

  • Markuran staggers to his feet after having a draught of healing water forced down his throat by the annoyed Koi God. Blinking bleerily, Mark grins. "I fought well and lost well. Next time I will be a better challenge, great Lion."

<Selonis?> "I most certainly hope so, Markuran the Bear. But now, it is the Carnival Of Meeting, and I would very much like to drink with you and share tales of battlle and victory"

  • Markuran nods. "By all means. If the drink is half as good as the sweets, I will be the happiest man in the Sunlands."
  • Selonis pads off with Marku to one of the many tables around the plaza serving drinks, ordering a glass of Celestial Wine for the Solar from a passing servitor God, then settling down to swap tales with the Solar, long into the morning.


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